Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits Releasing Today!

I love music. Music has the ability to evoke many emotions. It can make you happy, sad, or nostalgic. If I had to choose my favorite type of music I’d probably say late 80s into the 90s. This would include both rock and country.

One of my favorite musical artists is Richard Marx, so when I heard he had a greatest hits cd/dvd coming out in February I hit YouTube and started listening to his songs. Oh, the memories it brought back. It definitely made me smile.

Richard has been in the music industry for over 20 years. He’s been a performer as well as a writer. He is best known for his singles “Don’t Mean Nothing”, “Hold On To The Nights”, and “Right Here Waiting”. Some of his other more popular songs include “Hazard” and “Now and Forever”.

Richard has written and recorded with the following artists: *NSYNC, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, Vince Gill, 98°, Luther Vandross, Kenny Rogers, Sister Hazel, SHeDAISY, Leann Rimes, Emerson Drive, Natalie Cole, Keith Urban, Paulina Rubio, Kenny Loggins, Chris Botti, Michael Bolton, Travis Tritt and actor Hugh Jackman. He also won a Grammy in 2004 for cowriting Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father”

The album,  Stories To Tell, is 2 CD, 1 DVD collection of his own hits and hits he has written for others – and it includes original recordings, acoustic versions, and a live DVD from Shepherd’s Bush in the UK. This is a wonderful collection if you are a Richard Marx fan. I can’t wait to get it!


Want to know what songs are on this cd/dvd set?


1. Endless Summer Nights
2. One Thing Left
3. Hazard
4. Over My Head
5. Angelia
6. Now and Forever
7. Keep Coming Back
8. This I Promise You
9. Loved
10. Should’ve Known Better
11. Right Here Waiting
12. When You Loved Me (new original material)

1. Don’t Mean Nothing
2. Should’ve Known Better
3. Endless Summer Nights
4. Keep Coming Back
5. Take This Heart
6. Hold On To The Nights
7. Angelia
8. Hazard
9. Too Late To Say Goodbye
10. Satisfied
11. Right Here Waiting
12. When You Loved Me

1. Endless Summer Nights
2. Take This Heart
3. One Thing Left
4. When You’re Gone
5. Hazard
6. Through My Veins
7. Always On Your Mind
8. Angelia
9. Everybody
10. Should’ve Known Better
11. Don’t Mean Nothing
12. Right Here Waiting

You can purchase Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits at the following sites:

Official Store –

iTunes –

About Richard Marx

Richard along with his wife Cynthia and their 3 sons live outside Chicago. They are very involved with many charitable organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which he organized an annual benefit concert that has raised over $3 million dollars for research.

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter, and his Official Website.

Be sure and watch later in the month as we are going to be having a giveaway for 5 sets of Richard’s Greatest Hits Album set, Stories to Tell.

This post is part of a promotional campaign for Richard Marx. All opinions are our own.




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    Thanks for sharing this. A few months ago I spent quite a bit of time on YouTube listening to Richard Marx. It was great fun remembering and reminiscing the songs I loved from high school. He was always one of my favorite artists.

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