PC and Mac – Not PC vs Mac (with Giveaway)

I get a kick out of asking people whether they use a Mac or PC. It often evokes an emotional response one way or the other.

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I remember back in the old days (think early 90’s) when the Mac and PC camps were very separated and nobody crossed from one to the other. I was a computer programmer, deeply immersed in the PC camp and I’d laugh at my graphic designer boyfriend who spent insane amounts of money for his Mac software and hardware. But I wasn’t laughing, I was cursing when he’d work on a graphics project for me and I couldn’t read his files on my machines.

I’ll be honest, I never thought anybody outside the artsy graphic design crowd would ever use a Mac.

Good thing I never placed any bets.

When Apple products starting spreading outside of the graphics folks, I started to wonder. But I still never thought I’d own any myself. Then the iPhone came out. And I made my first step into the other camp. Then a couple years later, curiosity took me a step further and I bought a MacBook Pro.

But I never would have bought a MacBook if it weren’t so easy to collaborate with the PC world. These two camps aren’t separated by the same walls that we had in the 90’s.

I honestly barely notice any issues having one MacBook within our office and remote network of PCs. Janice uses PCs 100% of the time and I divide my time between different PCs and my one MacBook Pro. We have assistants and writers using both PCs and Macs. And we ALL get along.


It’s so easy now. And with Office Web Apps, it’s even easier for us all to collaborate and work together whether we’re side by side, or across the world and whether we’re on PCs or Macs.

Using Windows Live and Office Web Apps, we can share files on SkyDrive, collaborate in real-time on proposals in Word, manage budgets in Excel, prepare presentations in Powerpoint and our newest favorite – research projects and take notes about everything in OneNote.

I’d love to tell the Susan from 1993 — as she programmed her Windows computer, laughed at her Mac-using, artist boyfriend and saved files to a floppy disk — that one day we’d really all get along and we’d send Gigabytes of data through the Cloud.

Enter to Win!

Microsoft is giving away a copy of Office to one 5 Minutes for Mom reader. To enter the giveaway, let us know how Microsoft Web Apps helps you.

This giveaway will end February 17th and a winner will be chosen by random.org and announced in our weekly Around the Blogosphere post.

This post is part of a promotional campaign with Microsoft. All opinions are our own.


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  1. shel says

    Oh how I adore Office; we have it at work. I love creating databases with Access and it would be fantastic to use PowerPoint at home and then bring it to work. I could update my Excel spreadsheet at home and then share it to my computer at work…fantastic! I could get so much more done at home, if I had a copy of Office on my home computer.

  2. Christina Gould says

    Office 365 could help me by allowing me to share files with coworkers at remote locations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. says

    Oh I love Office 365! I have a Macbook laptop and my husband has a PC and a laptop. My mom has an iMac and a PC. And yes we all get along!

    I used Access for databases for our wedding in October (so easy to update addresses or information and then print labels or envelopes -I’m permanently addicted to it). I love to use PowerPoint and Word every week for my classes. Sharing photos and videos is so very easy between the computers, I don’t know what I did without it before.

    Surprisingly I’ve never used OneNote (just always used the sticky notes programs that came loaded with the computer) but if I win I sure will check it out!

  4. Erin says

    I use both PCs and Macs and see pros & cons with both! I think the debate is amusing. Just like the iPhone vs. Android debate!

  5. Lynnette Watkins says

    Ever since I started Excel for my work at my Church’s pantry. I could update all of my Excel spreadsheet at home and then share it to my computer at work. It was made it much easier to keep our records together.

  6. says

    I would love to see what office could do for our house. I have an imac and macbook and one of my daughters has a pc laptop. My two other teens only use pc computers in school. We have a heck of a time when my teens have school projects/homework. It would be nice to have one program that can open files with no problems.

  7. Kimberly says

    Office 365 helps me out by offering so many different things to different family members. It would help my kids and husband organize their powerpoint presentations on, use Onenote to research their projects. It would help me stay organized with the budget and many other areas.

  8. says

    We always had a PC, because my Husband used them in his work, in the Medical profession. But I am an Art Teacher … and was alway interested in a Mac. My Husband’s got several Mac’s at work and when we went to buy a new computer … we got a Mac with the BIG screen… so he could cross over between both. I LOVE our Mac but there are still things we’d both like to office for. This would be Great!

  9. Patricia says

    I use an older version of Office to manage the activities of the local branch of a national walking club…would like to upgrade to the newer version for more useful features.

  10. Jessica says

    I like the Excel application to keep track of budgets. I find it very useful during the holidays to track gifts I bought and amount spent.

  11. Giant Sis says

    It lets me easily share info with my hubby (who loves his mac). It’s really great for when we are trip-planning and we can have everything in one place!

  12. renee walters says

    This is amazing! I’ve always loved all the organization it allows. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  13. Mary OBrien says

    We use MS Office everyday, especially Word and Excel, but have never tried web apps. Would like to try sharing things with my sister in Europe using them.

  14. says

    Microsoft Web Apps make it easier to share projects through the Cloud — across multiple platforms and operating systems. Yes, Windows people and Mac people, we CAN all get along and work together!

  15. Adam Jones says

    Microsoft web apps help me stay productive on the go. And I never have to worry about backing up documents in the “cloud”.

  16. Geoff K says

    Microsoft Office Web Apps allow me to edit and prepare Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and charts, and PowerPoint presentations with my colleagues and collaborators from other universities, which is especially useful when I’m traveling to conferences or to give talks at other schools!

  17. Debbie C says

    Microsoft Web Apps help me share documents between work and home computers with ease.


  18. Danielle Newell says

    Microsoft helps me stay organized with school, business, and my family. I love Microsoft Web Apps I can share documents anytime I need too. =)

  19. Jill L says

    Powerpoint is huge here. My kids are always needing to make presentations for school. I can see me using the Fitness Training program tracker.

  20. Amy says

    As a busy mom, I love Microsoft Office because its my virtual office! It keeps me organized, keeps track of our finances, and helps with school work!

  21. April bever says

    It helps me organize my life, time, work and hole day!

    Thanks for the awsome givaway!!


  22. Carol says

    Office is all I use! It is and has always been my best app(s) as I use it for invoicing, budgeting, payables, receivables; our office correspondence, legal briefs and motions.

  23. Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesstinger says

    My husband uses Microsoft Office at work and I had the pleasure of using it at a previous job (PC version) and at home we feel lost without it – but we just can’t afford it (something always comes up to eat any momentary surplus!)

    For me it would be an enormous aid to my Newsletter and Publishing work – not to mention I’d love to use both the Monthly Household Budgeting and the Home Improvement Notebook Apps. To top it all off – my Honey/Hubby could do some of his work from home without going to the office – AND we’d be able to open and read email attachments that we can’t do at home now!

    Having (winning) this program would be a real godsend. Thank you and the sponsor for the most excellent giveaway.

  24. Betty Curran says

    Microsoft Web Apps allows me to view all kinds of files and decide if I want or need to download them on to the computer I’m using. It gives me great flexibility in deciding if I just want to view a document or actually save it. I love being able to work on a project at work and quickly access it at home when I get the occasional brainstorm.

  25. Tiffany Hearn says

    My 11 year old daughter uses it more than I do. Word is such a help with all of the projects she has to do for school. She even used PowerPoint on her last project. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  26. Debbie Kennedy says

    I like having an online resource for my budgeting because I do all my banking online too and I don’t even need to lift a pencil or use paper!

  27. Heather S says

    I use Excel for my financial spreadsheet so I know where my money is going and word is how I get all my documents done for work

  28. says

    Microsoft word keeps my letters, stories and sweep entries in place. I use it for everything!

    My resumes are also great due to microsoft office and my english lit college grad!


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