Using Tracking Protection Lists To Your Advantage

If you are one of the many millions of users who use IE9, then you will be happy about a new program that they have unveiled to help with online privacy. Tracking Protection Lists was created with the browser in mind, giving you control over who can track your online presence and who can’t.


In a press release released by Microsoft, Ziad Ismail stated the following:

Some content on websites can be used to track activity as people browse the Web. Tracking protection in Internet Explorer 9 allows users to limit the browser’s communication with certain websites to help keep information private. This feature relies on Tracking Protection Lists that enable users to control how their information is shared, Ismail said. Users can install Tracking Protection Lists from the organizations they trust, which today include companies like Abine, PrivacyChoice, TRUSTe, and EasyList.

So how is this beneficial to us as we browse the Internet?

By using the Tracking Protection provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer 9  you can now block companies that offer poor privacy protection and in this day and age, I don’t know about you, but we definitely need more protection when we are online! It is so easy now a days to steal identities, photos, and stalk. By using the Tracking Protection, you can ensure that trustworthy companies who protect your privacy can continue to provide you with a richer, more personalized browsing experience.

You basically get to choose who protects you and who doesn’t.

Want to learn more?

Visit TRUSTe to learn more about Tracking Protection and download and install it on your computer today.

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