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We’re so excited to introduce you to Playdate Planet, a great new website that lets you schedule playdates quickly and easily online. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the inefficient, stressful, and time-consuming practice of planning playdates the old-fashioned way: call or e-mail another parent, make polite conversation, invite child to play date, find out child is unavailable — lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

All the experts tell us that play is critical for our kids’ cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Yet schools and daycares have reduced or eliminated recess and gym time, children have less free time after school, and kids’ obesity rates continue to climb. So what’s a mom to do?

Plan more play dates! Kids love playdates. They offer moms a welcome break from child entertaining, and now scheduling them is no longer a hassle. Playdate Planet is a social networking site. Founded by two moms, the site makes planning playdates as easy as booking flights online and includes everything you could want in such a site. You can enter any pertinent information about your child such as emergency contact numbers and allergies, as well as details about your home that other parents might find useful such as whether you have pets or a pool.

What I really liked is that parents choose who they connect with and only those people see any of their information. This isn’t a site where parents look for friends for their kids. This is a site where parents make plans for children who already are connected. You can import contacts really easily via Facebook or any e-mail address book. Another great feature is that you can sort your child’s friends into groups of your creation — school friends, neighborhood kids, moms group, etc. When you create a playdate, you decide which children or groups should receive the notice. The available slots are filled on a first accepted basis. That means you can post a playdate to 20 kids if you like, and still know that only the number of guests you desire will show up at your door.

I also loved the look and feel of the site. You can add photos for yourself and your children or use the charming Victorian avatars provided by the site. Cute icons indicate if the playdate locale has dogs, cats, a trampoline, etc. If users enter the address of their home, playdate guests can click on the location and instantly connect to a GoogleMaps link. Have a question about plans? Click on the parent’s name and an e-mail messaging screen pops up. No need to worry about forgetting a playdate because all parties receive an automated reminder the day before the event. These moms have thought of everything! Oh, and did I mention, it’s free?!

And starting now, to celebrate the launch of the site and to show their Love of Play, for every playdate planned via Playdate Planet between now and Valentine’s Day, Playdate Planet will donate $1 to Kaboom, a wonderful non-profit that is helping to build playgrounds throughout the United States. The playdates don’t have to happen by Feb. 14th, they just have to be scheduled, so join today and get cracking! The member who plans the most playdates by Valentine’s Day will win a $50 Amazon gift card!

This post is part of a promotion with Playdate Planet. All opinions are our own.

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