Announcing the “Blogs Can Change Lives” Playstation Portable Recipients…

by Susan

Reading through these nominations breaks my heart and inspires me at the same time. The courage and strength of these children and the love they share is astounding. Each deserves so much more than any gift we could ever give.

When you read through all the nominations in the comments on our Blogs Can Change Lives post, you’ll feel the love for all these children… and a few will especially stick in your mind because of the multiple nominations they received.

It is awesome to see how much love was shared for Kyler Young who had pages full of nominations. Other children such as Brooke Martin and Coleman Scott Larson also received multiple nominations.

Meet Brooke, Kyler and Coleman…

Anissa was the first to nominate Brooke:

Brooke MartinBrooke Martin is almost 6 years old, she completed cancer treatment for leukemia in May of 08 and a month later she relapsed. She has spent over 130 days in the hospital receiving treatment, fighting illness, in and out of the ICU for infections, and is getting ready to head into full body radiation and bone marrow transplant.

She’ll be spending more than 150 days in isolation and at the hospital during BMT.

Her family could never afford to give her a PSP and would never ask, but I WILL.

Her caring bridge page is

So many people nominated Kyler, we couldn’t even count them all. (And almost every number selected was a nomination for him.) Here’s a few excerpts:

Kyler Young“I am nominating Kyler. His story is amazing. His will to live inspiring. Most of all, the mother who raises him lifts and inspires women everywhere through her blog. HOORAY KYLER!!!!”

“I have never seen this kid without a smile on his face. He is such a wonderful loving big brother and an amazing young man!”

“He is an amazing young man that is completely deserving of this. He has had a battle all of his life with his health. He is such a good guy and such a fighter!”

“For the fourteen years I have known Kyler his generosity and dedication for the people around him has always blown me away. Even through his trails he has always stayed positive.”

Rachel, Sam and others nominated Coleman Scott Larson:

ColemanColeman Scott Larson: This little guy is such a trooper – you have no idea. He is 4 years old is battling Medulloblastoma. His carepage is

“The family just found out that the last several rounds of chemo hasn’t helped, and his cancer has spread, pretty significantly. This kid deserves this more than anyone I know and we have pledged to make enough to buy Colemans twin brother a PSP too if we win for them. Coleman’s brother, Caden …. is amazing and he’s always there for Coleman — never complaining.”

Those were just three of the amazing stories shared in the nominations. Take a moment to read through all the other comments and visit all the blogs yourselves.

As I said, selecting only ten children to award with these PlayStation Portables was too difficult, so we had to rely on help from

Drumroll please…

The ten PSP® (PlayStation Portable) recipients will be:

  1. Kyler Young
  2. Brooke Martin
  3. Coleman Scott Larson
  4. #189 Kelly Hargrave’s 6 1/2 years old daughter who has a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II.
  5. #37 – Candace who has giant Congenital Hairy Nevus. She was nominated by Bonnie Sayers.
  6. #69 – Jaxon who has cancer and a liver transplant. He was nominated by Shawna Davis.
  7. #95 – Kaya is six and has T-Cell ALL Leukemia. She was nominated by Cindi Kavadas.
  8. #125 – Mandy Willis who has a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 1.
  9. #199 – Noralee’s six year old great nephew who has Cystic Fibrosis.
  10. #186 – Max who is a 4 yr old boy born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and now has PTLD which is Non-Hodgkin’s-Lymphoma and is polymorphic lymphoblastic aggressive and causing necrosis. Max was nominated by I’m The Mom.

If your name is on this list (or you are the contact person), please send us a note with the subject PSP SHIPPING ADDRESS with the shipping address and phone number where we can have the PSP delivered.

We want to thank again Sony PlayStation for generously donating these 10 PSP® (PlayStation Portable) systems to these courageous children.

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