Cuties California Clementines and Mandarins Wants You To Show Off Your Cuties!

There aren’t many fruits I can pull out at a play date and be relatively sure everyone there will eat them. The Cuties are one of those fruits. We wait all year long for them, and when they start showing up in stores, I buy them by the flat. They go into lunches and snacks, and the wee ones are thrilled that they can peel them and eat them – without worrying about seeds – all on their own.

In fact, this year… it was Cuties that were the traditional citrus in our stocking. I love having this treat on hand that satisfies that craving for something sweet. Forget junk food. There’s no need, and the wee ones never fight me when I offer them a Cutie for dessert. They arrived nationwide in December and are still available now. The Cuties are small, so they fit the tiny hands of the cutest kids. They’re the perfect size for snacking, with no worries about dried out left behind pieces of orange.

Enter the Cuties Contest!

Everyone knows that being a mom is practically like being a super hero and junk food can become a parent’s biggest nemesis. Luckily, Cuties California Clementines and Mandarins, which made its nationwide debut in December, are a healthy, kid-friendly, and mom-approved snack. Like children, Cuties are small so they easily fit in kid’s hands and are easy-to-peel so they can do it themselves. To sweeten the deal, Cuties is rewarding kids everywhere for doing what comes to them most naturally – being cute! With the launch of, moms and dads are encouraged to upload videos of their little ones at their cutest for the chance at a $150,000 college education and other awesome prizes.


The contest runs between now and April 5 at 11:59pm ET. Each week has a different theme, from best friends to food follies. Create a video fitting your little cutie!


In the interest of full disclosure, I was compensated for writing this post. That said, all opinions expressed remain my own.


Posted by contributing writer Michelle who is debating how she can best convince her wee ones to do something cute because she could certainly use that college scholarship – for them. See what makes them so cute at her blog Honest & Truly! Or catch her on Twitter as @honestandtruly.



  1. Dehue Marshall says

    The last 3 bags of CUTIES California mandarins I have purchased from my local ALDI Market look great unfortunately SOUR. This has been over a time frame of about 6 weeks. Is the season over or should I stick with Naval Oranges. I’m diappointed in the taste.
    The last bar code number on a bag i just purchased yesterday 54 107 22101.


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