Kyle Needs You…Will You Help?

Recently I was told about a little boy named Kyle. He’s 4 years old. He loves fish, sharks and whales, like any other little boy.

But most importantly he is in urgent need!

Kyle has aplastic anemia, a blood disorder that doesn’t allow the body does not make enough new blood cells. He needs a bone marrow transplant now. They have given him 6 months to have the transplant.

See the problem is that even though there are 9 million registered donors, fewer than 3% are of any mixed race.  Kyle is half-Asian and half-Caucasian. This is making it very difficult to find a donor for Kyle.

There are many ways that you can help.

If you are part Asian, part Caucasian, you can register to be a marrow donor through the Asian American Donor Program, here:

You can also receive a test kit in the mail from the Be A Match website. It’s as easy as swabbing your cheek.

Donate to AADP, the average cost of testing is $100. Any contribution is helpful.

Help Spread the Word

Also I am asking that you spread this anywhere you can think of – Facebook, Twitter, any other social media page you visit regularly. We need to get this out there and make people aware of this little boy’s need. Even if you don’t think you could be a match, someone you know might be.

You can find out more about Kyle on the following pages:



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