Tackle It Tuesday: Mini Bedroom Makeover

Tackle It Tuesday

We’re joined today by guest tackler, Jessi Snow, who is walking us through a mini bedroom makeover.

The guy’s room

When I made the decision to move in with my boyfriend Ryan, I assumed that with time his home would eventually start to feel like my home too. Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t come as quickly as I had hoped. For months I felt like I was invading his space and worried that he might feel like my belongings were starting to take over. Finally, one day I decided that the best way to transform the space from his to ours was by giving it a makeover – beginning in his very bachelor bedroom.

When I started, the room looked every bit a guy’s room, sporting brown walls, a blue bedspread and lots and lots of cutter.

Making it “our” room

Giving a room a whole new look doesn’t have to happen overnight and in our case, it certainly didn’t. I began with the small stuff I knew I could change with little effort.

One of the things I disliked the most about the room was the unmatched furniture – the bed and the dressers were two totally different colors. Using leftovers from my old apartment, we replaced the dark brown tallboy with a light colored one that matched the bed a lot more.

Aside from a mirror, there wasn’t one thing hanging on the walls. Ryan had picked up a big photo of New York (his favorite place on earth) a little while before so we decided to hang that just above the bed. Because of its size, it was a perfect fit.

Next, it was bedspread time. I had hated the current one for ages – while you can’t really tell in the photo, it was actually a really faded denim material and two sizes too large for the bed. I did my best to take Ryan’s style into consideration when picking out a new one and ended up choosing a neutral gray and white, modern design.

Around the same time that I began project-makeover we decided to upgrade from our little double bed to something a bit larger. Considering everything would be out of the room I figured this would also be a good time to tackle the paint. I snapped a picture just before we moved the bed out – at that point it was nothing fancy – in fact, it kind of felt worse, but I knew it was slowly but surely moving in a direction we’d be pleased with in the end.

Tackling the paint

If you’ve ever painted before I’m sure you can appreciate that this was definitely the most difficult part of the process. I chose a grey paint and because I was tight for time I decided to go with BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint And Primer In One. I’d heard lots of horror stories but I can’t tell you how impressed I was. One thick coat and the dark brown disappeared entirely.

The whole painting process, including moving things out and putting them back in, took me roughly 48 hours from start to finish. I wanted to make sure everything was dry before deciding that one coat was really all I needed, and to my surprise it was!

Once again, we switched around the furniture a bit, opting for a darker antique dresser we had in the basement. I also went out and purchased five baskets to control and organize all the random clutter. Finally, everything had a place! Here is the room toward the end of the project:

A few things have changed since then, I replaced the purple lampshade with a neutral one, purchased a bigger bedspread and found some different curtains that worked perfectly, but for the most part it looks the same. There are aspects of the room that make it mine as well as those (like the 52 inch TV) that appeal to him too.

Finishing our bedroom makeover

In the end, we were both very happy with the turnout and I have to admit, I was pretty proud. While Ryan was on-board with the whole thing, I made it clear from the beginning that this was my project and one I wanted to complete on my own. This was really my first attempt at a room makeover, and while it wasn’t much it definitely gave me the drive to keep on going. I’m happy to say that since then, I’ve managed to redo our bathroom and spare bedroom too!

If I could pass on one word of advice to anyone thinking of making some changes it would be to take your time. Spreading things allowed me to be extra confident in each and every decision I made and more importantly, it made the whole experience a lot of fun.

Best of luck to anyone considering making a change – I promise, the hard work will be SO worth it in the end.

About the guest tackler

Jessi’s love for DIY began when she joined the team at PartSelect.com, an online resource for do-it-yourself appliance repair. Since then, she’s become involved in many online communities and is dedicated to encouraging homeowners, especially women, to tackle projects on their own. When I’m not working or blogging, I can be found on Twitter and as of late, Pinterest.


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  1. says

    Thank’s @Susie’s Homemade! I’m so much happier with it now. The color on the walls definitely brightened it up a lot. Those pictures were taken at night, you should see it during the day!

  2. says

    I love seeing how changing one thing can make such a difference in a room. For the record, I really liked the pop of the purple lampshade against the grey. :)

  3. Roxie says

    The room looks very nice. I admit I like the before color better. I love that dark brown color. The rug was pretty too. With some crisp cream colored drapes and moving furniture that would have been enough for me. Hope you enjoy your new room for a long time.

  4. says

    What a difference! I find the grey paint to be nice and neutral. The zebra-print is a little ostentatious for me. Still, everything just seems to be more multi-gender-cozy after your makeover.


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