New Video Sharing Site Chill Launches — Think Pinterest for Video

Chill-live-logo-video-sharingYou can’t blame them…

When something works, you do it, (or copy it.) And if you are smart, when something isn’t working, you change it.

Yesterday, the founders of the startup Chill, Brian Norgard and Daniel Gould, did just that, launching an entirely redesigned Chill dedicated to social video — to making it “dead simple to watch and share video.”

On the Chill blog, the team describes the redesign:

Everything has been re-imagined in the new Chill. Your home is now a grid of videos shared by the people you care about. And the most important activity — watching video — is built to be a fully-integrated and immersive viewing experience that doesn’t force you to leave the page.

The site employs different features that will be familiar to users from other popular sites, but the site it most closely resembles is Pinterest. Yes, the best way to describe Chill is, it is Pinterest for video.

But, you don’t hear me complaining!

I love Pinterest and highly recommend bloggers to incorporate it into their online lives. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have room in my life for a Pinterest-inspired site that is optimized and dedicated to video.

There is nothing more viral online than videos. A video that has you shooting coffee out your nostrils is simply something that must be shared.

So, give me a platform that makes sharing videos online seamless, where I can follow people who will curate great content for me, and I am gonna jump on board baby!

And the best part of Chill — it is almost as pretty and peaceful as Pinterest. While we aren’t looking at stunning photographs that line the pages of Pinterest like $20 wrapping paper, the video thumbnails are laid out on the page in a Pinterest-like fashion. Users can quickly scan the pages, allowing their eyes to catch on intriguing content.


But IS Chill different from Pinterest?


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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the lead on this. But yet another something to add to our already very busy lives!
    I noticed Pininterst a few months ago- it is fantastic of course. Luckily I was recently accepted into Pininterest thanks to your notification in the last email about it, I finally did something as my tight schedule became a little freer recently- good timing I guess.

    Being graphically inclined, I am looking forward to sharing all the photography and design mood boards with readers. One thing at a time of course!

  2. says

    “chill” looks interesting… I’ve never spent much time video blogging, but, I might as well start seeing as I’ve acquired all of this hi-tech gear from the latest iPhone to my new laptop! Or maybe I’ll just stick with text and photo blogging for now!

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