Bosom Buddy Review and Giveaway

Okay ladies — today we are going to get a bit personal and talk about breasts. Are you blessed in that department? If so, you might notice some discomfort when you sleep at night. Well, I am here to say that thanks to Bosom Buddy, your breasts will be thanking you!

So what is the Bosom Buddy? It’s a small pillow that you can put in your tank top or sports bra that gives some support to your breasts while you sleep.

From their website:

The bosombuddy breast pillow is very portable and easy to use. Its compact, contoured design consists of a high-quality memory foam core with a soft, removable cover made of washable Polartec® wicking fabric that is pleasant against the body, night-sweat friendly and slip resistant. Place the pillow between breasts for cool comfort, and even use a body pillow for added overall comfort.

I’m not even going to lie to you, I was completely skeptical about this product because they say its for women who fall into the following categories:

• Women who have a C-cup or larger
• Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
• Women who have had breast reconstruction or augmentation

• Women who have had or are waiting for a breast reduction
• Women who are recovering from cardio-thoracic surgery
• Women who are developing wrinkling or creasing of the upper chest

While I am a C-cup I don’t fit into any of the other categories. I tried it every night for a week and I loved it. It’s super comfortable and really helped to relieve some soreness that I was experiencing due to changing my birth control pills. I was having a hard time getting my body to regulate to it. I was amazed at how much better the Bosom Buddy made me feel.

Reading further about the product made me like it even more. Bosom buddy is environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials. They are also trying to help prevent breast cancer. A percentage from the purchase of every Bosom Buddy goes to support breast care for uninsured women. Having just lost an old friend (who was entirely too young) to Stage 4 breast cancer this week, that really hit close to home.

The woman who created the Bosom Buddy – Rebecca Mann Kass – was the youngest bone marrow donor ever at the time for her sister who had cancer. Her story is quite inspiring and from it she created an amazing product.

The Bosom Buddy retails for $39.95, but is currently on sale for the New Year at $32.95 and can be purchased directly from their website. You can also follow up with them on Facebook.

Enter to Win

One 5 Minutes for Mom reader is going to get their very own Bosom Buddy! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here telling us how much you think the Bosom Buddy will help you.

This giveaway will end February 1st and the winner will be announced the following Sunday in the Around the Blogosphere post.



Disclosure: I was sent a Bosom Buddy to review. All opinions listed here are my own.

Liza is a blogger and freelance writer.  She resides in Rhode Island with her husband and 3 active boys – a five year old and identical twin four year olds.  When she isn’t taking someone to sports practice or a game, she can be found on her personal blog Cira’s Lyrics writing about chaos and family.  She writes for an online shopping blog Buy-Her and is a review/giveaway writer at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Liza is also in the process of relaunching The Mommy Gamer – a blog about video gaming, board games, toys and all things entertainment for kids.



  1. says

    I can see how this can be helpful. I could really use one of those, especially in “those days” when my breasts really stat to act out.

  2. Julie Wilson says

    Awesome! Being more than blessed with breast, I would LOVE to try this pillow. I wake up all the time to re-adjust or separate them for air! This is a wonderful idea, and I’m glad to see proceeds go to such a worthy cause.

  3. Nicole says

    My breasts are a DD and I often just try to wedge my arm between them. I am a side sleeper and it feels uncomfortable when one “hangs” down one side so much. i already wear a bra at night to keep “them” in check but it just doesnt hold it up. I am afraid that my breasts will be hanging soon. this would so help trying to be positive about my large breasts

  4. Simone says

    I am a D cup and about 8 months pregnant, so they are about to get bigger again. I would hope it would help with the sleeping discomfort that can sometimes happen. I doubt I could breastfeed with it in though, any thoughts?

  5. belinda m says

    This would be awesome and so helpful to have when they are a bit more tender and sensitive than normal. At that time sleeping in any position is uncomfortable


  6. Misty Urech says

    I am a 36HH and would love some relief!!!! this is the first I ever saw of this and it is an amazing idea. WOULD LOVE to win it!

  7. Natalia says

    I notice I have wrinkles on my chest… I guess from my breast hanging down while asleep… So this pillow will be a blessing!

  8. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    It would certainly help a lot – because it’s very uncomfortable to sleep without any support (DD here)

  9. Linda Kish says

    Sometimes you just need something between your breasts to get comfortable enough to fall asleep on your side. This sounds just right.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  10. Anna says

    I am pregnant (24 weeks right now) and planning to breast feed. I have to say, the ta-ta’s are already growing and having to sleep on my side makes them a bit uncomfortable when I sleep. I would LOVE to try the Bosom Buddy!

  11. paige chandler says

    I can’t have enough pillows and always sleep with one between my breasts. How perfect to have a perfect pillow for the occasion. wowowow

  12. Megan says

    I always sleep with a pillow kinda between them to help me sleep but always have to readjust thru the night. Never heard of this pillow before but would love to trip it and see if it helps

  13. Theresa J says

    After I stopped laughing I definitely can see the value in this pillow. I hate how heavy my breasts feel and this would help with the pain associated.

  14. Maureen says

    As I am reaching perimenopause and the “girls” have gotten a bit bigger. I have developed a bit of a sweating pattern right there between them .This would help in that not happening.

  15. says

    I wear a 38 H, my insurance will not cover a reduction. I have been looking for something to relieve my neck/back pain. I have started with osteopenea. I would love to test your product.

  16. Elizabeth B says

    While I’m pregnant and nursing, I could really use something like this! My breasts get very sore and uncomfortable, and I have to lay on my side during pregnancy! Awesome idea!

  17. Timbo says

    Actually I don’t think it would be me personally, but it would likely help my girl, who has to be given breast massages regularly because of her size (seriously).

  18. Holly says

    As a 38E I love this concept. I’ve never thought there was much to do about it but am always readjusting in the night.

  19. Latonya R says

    Right now I am expecting and when sleeping I do have to be very careful because my breast are so tender right now and this would help me through the night of rolling over in any position that makes me comfortable not my breasts (LOL)

  20. Lisa F. says

    I would LOVE to try this!! I sleep on my side, and since I am DD, and “the girls” are starting to droop, they actually pull on my back, so I have pain all around. This would help keep them from pulling. Great invention!!!!

  21. Theresa says

    I am currently expecting my first child. I’ve never had issues until the recent sudden growth of my breasts. The aches are my main concern. However, I am also interested in the Bosom Buddy pillow as a preventative measure for slowing down the aging process!

  22. cathy says

    I wish I had known this existed during my first two pregnancies! We are on our third and final, and this would have been a lifesaver. With my first I woke up in tears almost every night, thankfully it has not been as bad this time. Even not being pregnant, this would be an excellent product to try. This can take the place of my strategically placed body pillow!

  23. Krystal R says

    I feel like my chest is the one thing that gives my age away. I’m a side sleeper and it shows! This would be fab!

  24. Kathleen Conner says

    I think this would help me a lot. I’m a side sleeper, and I know this can cause some “problems” as my skin (sadly) ages.

  25. Rhonda Struthers says

    I would like to win this for my daughter who has large breasts and discomfort

  26. jennifer says

    I’m a thin girl, but I have DDD’s!!!! Yep, you heard that right – all naturale too! This would really be handy for the ladies at night.

  27. Donna Marie says

    I would love to win this.. Not for myself though because unfortunately I need something for it to hold up LOL But a good friend of mine could really benefit from this.

  28. Brittney House says

    Oh my goodness! I’ve been waiting on something like this for my whole life. I hate sleeping without a bra because its uncomfortable. So now us ladies with larger chests have this! awesome!

  29. Kim Hardin says

    I am constantly rough-housing with my 5 year old son and try to stay active in sports, so my breasts definitely take a beating :( At night all I want to do is get comfortable in bed…but I can’t. It takes me a good 5-10 mns to get adjusted because my breasts get in my way. It’s also kinda hard to breathe if I don’t lay just right, too. This seems like a perfect solution! I would love, love, love to win this. Pick me, please!

  30. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  31. Brittany says

    I am so uncomfortable when I sleep because of my large breasts. I cant sleep on my side or stomach because of them. I didnt know something like this existed. I would love to try this!!!

  32. Krystalynn Hernandez says

    This would be amazing for me, I’m currently breastfeeding and this would help me to be so much more comfortable at night!

  33. Karey says

    I told my husband that I would love one of these when I saw it in a magazine the other day… So guess what I just got for Valentine’s Day!!! LOVE IT ALREADY!!! 36DD

  34. Nina says

    OMG!!!! This is just what i need. For about a year now i’ve noticed the lines on my chest and kept putting lotion on before bed hoping they would go away. I was going to try the Decollette pad but I’m also pregnant now and think this will be a better fit. Can’t wait to try it!

  35. says

    I saw this product and was so excited!! I am constantly putting paper towels or blankets between my breasts when I am trying to sleep. I am a DDD and have severe atopic dermatitis. Skin on skin contact can be very painful for me and cause rashes and severe itching. This product would help me catch up on some of the many hours of sleep I have lost.

  36. Christal Willis says

    I think it would help me because im very large in cup size G to be exact and I’m 8 months pregnant ever since I was around six months I’ve exsperenced tremendous pain while wearing my bra sleeping sideways really all the time I would live to see if this will help me

  37. Tiffany says

    When I saw this, it really made me happy. My favorite color is pink and the size of the pillow looks great. I have really small breasts but they are wide. They still change if I move from side to side during sleep. I am such a deep sleeper that I don’t realize when I move around and what’s comforting. I also have wild dreams that probably makes me move around and squirm more. I think bosom buddy will be an amazing fit for me and I can’t wait to try it. I also get chest (sleep) wrinkles and it is annoying me so much! I wish they would go away and I hope this helps!!

  38. Kimmy says

    This would be great for me because my breasts are getting bigger due to my pregnancy. It has gotten so uncomfortable to sleep lately. I didn’t realize that something like this would help.

  39. Eileen says

    I’m a 40 something year old mom of 3, I am currently nursing my 5 month old baby, I am a C cup, and in the past few years I’ve noticed the aweful looking creases on my chest that I so desperately want to reduce (along with the increase in creases on my face, lol). I had no idea a product like this existed and would prefer to try this over retinol type creams (especially where breasts are concerned). Something like this could really help me out! Thanks for posting this review!

  40. Ann says

    Not a large breasted person, but I’m concerned about upper chest wrinkles. I’m a serious side-sleeper so I’ve always been curious if this works or not.

  41. Stacy T says

    I would love to try this pillow because i love sleeping on my side but iv started to notice some wrinkling and creasing in between my breasts and now it is starting to happen on my upper chest. Im only 23 years old and i shouldnt be getting wrinkles like to stop them in their tracks before they get deeper. My breast also get very sore and uncomfortable during that time of the month.
    what a wonderful give away!

  42. Hylah says

    I was normally a D, but now at 7 months pregnant, I am currently wearing an I. Either they are sticking together, or have shifted to painful positions. I would love to see if this could help me!


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