A Clever, Mom-Invented Booster Seat in a Backpack

I love to see moms inventing products that fill specific parenting needs.

You know when your kids are big enough to be out of a high chair or a restaurant booster seat, but they still could use a “boost”?

The Sitting Taller Booster seat is a mom designed lightweight, portable booster seat that kids can carry themselves as a backpack.

Sitting Taller Backpack

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These unique boosters are made from recycled rice bags and have a furniture grade foam lift inside.

Your child carries it like a backpack and then lays the entire backpack flat on any chair for a 4 inch boost. It’s convenient for movies, restaurants and even at home. My girls use theirs all the time at our kitchen table.

Sitting Taller BackpackWhen my girls use their booster seats at home, they remove the seat cushion from the backpack and use the backpack for their toys.

We first had just one of these booster seats sent to us for review and my girls would not stop fighting over it. So we had to get a second seat. Now both 4 year old Sophia and 6 year old Julia have their own and the fighting had stopped… until cousin Olivia came to visit. Now it looks like we might have to order a third!

Here at 5 Minutes for Mom we love supporting mom run businesses and we encourage you to shop first with mom-owned stores and spread the word about mom-made items such as Sitting Taller Booster seats.

We were very happy to hear that the Sitting Taller Backpacks are made by the wonderful women at Nomi Network.

The mission of the Nomi Network is to “eradicate sex trafficking through the marketplace, which means the money they raise goes to giving rescued girls scholarships, and they also teach trades (like making the backpacks) to allow women to earn their own money (they pay living wages) and become independent.”

You can find out more at http://www.sittingtallerkids.com and on Like them on Facebook.


Disclosure: We received two booster seats for review.

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