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The other day I went to the doctor to get my yearly checkup and I noticed that the waiting room was full of people who were sick and had caught some kind of virus. I cringed and immediately reached for my bottle of sanitizer because I do not like to get sick! As a mom, when I get sick the household gets really chaotic (how many of you moms feel that way) and I truly do not get to rest that much, so I must do my best to stay well!

I’m glad to say that thanks to Target, I can spearhead those nasty viruses floating in the air and do my best to stay healthy and well — especially during this time of the year when the flu and stomach bug are so widely spread. Once again, Target is hosting a huge giveaway basket featuring some of their best products to help you and me and all the other mothers out get healthy and hopefully stay healthy!

So, what’s included in the giveaway basket?

Up & Up Hand Sanitizer: up and up™ Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs that can make you sick. This convenient alternative to soap is effective without water and can kill germs anytime, anywhere throughout the day. The vitamin E and moisturizer leaves hands feeling
smooth while protecting you from common germs.





Up & Up Zinc and Vitamin C Supplements: up & up™ Zinc and Vitamin C Supplements help support immune system and antioxidant health, which is vital for the body to stay strong and healthy. Increasing Vitamin C and Zinc intake will help keep your body strong and increase its ability to fight off common colds.




Aloe Tissues: While using tissues is necessary during cold and flu season, they often leave your nose and skin feeling irritated. Aloe Tissues are soft and smooth on the skin, so reaching for tissues all winter long will not be painful.





Lysol Anti-Bacterial Wipes: Lysol® Anti-Bacterial Wipes kill cold and flu viruses that can be found anywhere in your home. Simply cleaning surfaces in your car, at work or at home with the disinfecting wipes will make a huge difference in helping to stop the spread of germs.





Archer Farms Freeze Dried Fruit: Archer Farms Simply Balanced Freeze Dried Fruit is a convenient alternative to fresh fruit. Keeping a supply of the Freeze Dried Fruit on hand is an easy way to ensure you are getting enough nutrients to ward off sickness. The wide variety of Simply Balanced Freeze Dried Fruit is available year-round, as they are always in season.





Archer Farms Pure Green Tea: Drinking Archer Farms Pure Green Tea is recommended to support your overall health. The high concentration of antioxidants found in green tea can help reduce your risk of a wide range of diseases, including simple bacterial and viral infections.
Archer Farms green tea is organic and Fair Trade Certified to ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of disease-fighting antioxidants possible.




Up & Up Throat Lozenges: up & up™ Throat Lozenges provide quick cough and sore throat relief. The throat lozenges temporarily stop coughs that can cause throat and mouth irritation during the cold and flu season.





Target is dedicated to providing convenient and affordable products, services and expert advice to help moms stay well and meet their new year’s resolutions. You can talk to a pharmacist, receive a flu vaccine, shop for workout apparel such as the C9 by Champion gear, and stock up on all of their well-being essentials, all in one store. Additionally, Target’s expanded fresh food options and its Archer Farms Simply Balanced brand make it easier– and tastier – for all of us moms to choose better-for-you meals, snacks and beverages.

Enter to Win

One 5 Minutes for Mom reader is going to win this huge health and wellness giveaway basket! To enter, leave a comment letting us know your best tip for staying healthy during the cold and flu season.

This giveaway will end on January 26th and a winner will be chosen by and announced in our weekly Around the Blogosphere post.



  1. Jenn says

    I actually take advantage of those anti-bacterial cleaning cloths the grocery store supplies and we clean our cart before we start shopping. It’s made a big difference!

  2. says

    I get plenty of sleep in the winter. It’s easy to do, what with the constant darkness. Also, I drink a lot of hot tea with honey. I don’t know if this really helps, or just makes me feel good.

  3. Emily E says

    Hmm- I guess my best secret is to make sure and get your sleep! It’s hard with children but everybody is better off with a good nights sleep.

  4. Jessica T. says

    My best tip is to wash your hands alot during the cold and flu season. My son and I do this as soon as we walk in the door each day.

  5. says

    Well, this sounds silly but getting exercise, rest, and good food helps. The best tip is teach your kids to sneeze into their elbow instead of their hands. We taught all our students that and boy did it make a difference in sick days.

  6. Jennie says

    My best tip is to take care of yourself as you already should – eat healthy food, get enough sleep, etc. When you’re already healthy, you’re less likely to catch things going around (or if you do they’ll be shorter.)

  7. Sara P. says

    Frequent handwashing is certainly very important. I also think that eating a nutritious diet if leafy greens, whole grains and healthy proteins does great wonders in keeping our bodies strong enough to fight of germs!

  8. K.Pugh says

    Frequent hand washing for myself and the older kids. Chasing down my little ones with wipes and kid friendly sanitizer

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    I use hand santizers alot when out an about,,I l always clean buggy handles when shopping,do not want to catch someone elses germs


  10. Steph says

    My best tip is to take vitamins, wash your hands and just take care of yourself in general (exercise, eat right, get sleep).


  11. Marilyn Wons says

    My best tip for staying healthy through the cold and flu season is to dress appropriately for the weather; take vitamins and to wash my hands before touching my mouth.

  12. Michelle Fosnaugh says

    Antibacterial is my best friend, I keep it on my belt loop with one of those little holders from bath and body works. I also take Zinc and Vitamin C everyday as part of my daily supplements. If I even start to feel sick I down some Airborne and take two Halls Vitamin C tablets

  13. rebecca f says

    making sure me and my kids wash our hands and use hand sanitizer when using public bathrooms and buggies at grocery stores especially! also i take vitamin c everyday

  14. maureen says

    I make sure that the humidifier is on a lot. We wash our hands a lot and drink water. When I am out with the kids I constantly have the alcohol free sanitizer.

  15. B Wilson says

    Definetly hand washing and I prefer soap and water. Sanitizers are good in a pinch but we like the old school method for the most part. I also change toothbrushes frequently and always after one of my kids has been sick.

  16. sheryl cullum says

    Dress warm when going out into the cold.Always wash your hands and use sanitizer as much as possible
    amasfuntime at yahoo dot com

  17. Tari Lawson says

    My best tip is to wash your hands frequently. Keep hand sanitizer on hand for when soap and water are not available.

  18. Cindy Merrill says

    Pets can get sick in the wintertime too: Make sure all outdoor pets that you care for have a warm place to sleep.

  19. CMC says

    I wash my hands often and take zinc and iron and vitamin c during cold season. Knock wood, I’ve had several snotty, sick students but have remained cold-free thus far! Whew!

  20. Christina Gould says

    My best tip for staying healthy during the cold and flu season is to get adequate sleep. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Meaghan F. says

    I eat things with a lot of Vitamin C in them and also eat garlic now and then. Miss_slytherin[at]live[dot]com

  22. corrie says

    i wash my hands alot and so does everyone in my house. and we also always cover our mouths when we cough..
    kadia3 at yahoo dot com

  23. Ann F says

    We try to eat healthy meals, take a daily vitamin, get plenty of sleep and wash our hands frequently.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  24. Jen says

    I wash my hands and use sanitizer on a regular basis, it can try you r hands out too so I use the antibacterial hand lotion as well. I try to keep away the germs so I can fend off the cold from the source

  25. says

    Wash your door knobs! I feel like doorknobs are literally the doorways to our health, and if they are kept clean, I can stop germs in their tracks!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  26. Allison Downes says

    I always have tons of Hand sanitizer with me, and we wash our hands alot


  27. Debbie C says

    I take alcohol or Clorox wipes in my purse to clean grocery cart handles before I touch them. They are just germ havens extraordinaire.


  28. Diane Baum says

    My biggest tip for staying healthy is to eat a good diet filled with fruits and veggies and try to eat foods in a range of colors. this might sound silly, but it gaurantees that you are eating a wide range of vitamins and nutrents.

  29. Tracy says

    My youngest has a deppressed immune system and as I type is sick for the fourth time this month – I know it all – if only others did. #1 KEEP YOUR KID HOME IF THEY ARE SICK!!!!
    # hand wash, hand wash and then hand wash some more. #3, never touch your face, ever, for any reason – my dd always washes her hands right before she eats as well as soon as she gets in the house (we all do this) #4 my youngests fav, raw honey and lemon (the real fruit here not concentrate) in hot water, she loves this!
    there you go, way more than one, but my kiddo has made me an expert :(

  30. Bonnigene says

    The best tip for staying healthy…wash your hands! don’t be scared of handsanitizer, it is your friend, and lysol door handles, light switches. cell phones, and remote controls.

  31. Molly K says

    I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and use it often. I have also been teaching my boys that they don’t have to touch everything when we are out and about-that is how germs are spread.

  32. Lisa Garner says

    My tip is to clip travel size hand sanitizers to my childrens backbacks and lunch boxes so they can keep their hands germ free all day.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  33. Kathleen Conner says

    My best tip for staying healthy during the cold and flu season is to take a couple grams of vitamin c at the very first sign of illness. I’m also a huge believer in breathing in steam’; I think it prevents a lot of sinus problems.

  34. Laurie Emerson says

    I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. I also make sure that I clean all surfaces with a anti-bacterial cleaner. I also open the windows a little each night as I think the fresh air helps when it is so hot and stuffy inside.

  35. Rosey says

    This year the weather is fluctuating so wildly that my best advice is to dress warmly, even when the weather’s warming up. Letting your guard down and going around without a coat, mittens, whatever, might not pay off if you catch a bug. I also think eating lots of Vitamin C (or drinking it) can’t be a bad idea.

  36. Pauline M says

    For my family, it’s getting our flu shots, and taking a fun walk 3 times a week. This keeps us active and healthy!

  37. Christina says

    Dress warmly (avoiding pneumonia) and stay away from people who have the flu! Sounds simple, but it really helps. I always drink a cup of hot water with half-a-lemon squeezed into it every morning – this can also be used in tea.

  38. Michelle Tucker says

    The best tip I have is to make sure to sanitize things and keep your hands washed!

    michedt at yahoo dot com

  39. Reejen says

    I recommend getting needed sleep, eating healthy, taking a immunity boosting product, and washing hands often during cold and flu season. reejen at comcast dot net

  40. Jane Squires says

    My best tip for staying healthy is to eat right, get plenty of sleep, drink herbal teas, eat citrus and stay away from unhealthy people.

  41. Chelsea A says

    Make sure to eat healthy – fruits and veggies to get in your vitamins and antioxidants the natural way! Extra vitamin C doesn’t hurt either!

  42. Betty says

    I emphasize washing hands and eating healthy foods.

    Another good habit is emphasizing that … we stay home if we aren’t feeling well. It’s wrong to expose others besides the issue of having lower resistance and more likely to pick up something else.

  43. Dara Nix says

    My favorite tip is to wipe down the things that you forget are touched everyday by everyone (door knobs, light switches, remotes, computer keyboards, phones, etc.)!

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  44. dianesattler says

    Go out to eat less often during flu season. Kitchen workers need to work even when ill, and that gets passed on, unfortunately.

  45. mary gardner says

    cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm and wash your hands lots! nothing new, but the most effective things i have found.

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  46. Stephanie A says

    I try to wash my hands alot especially when I have been out in public places and stay away from people with coughs and sniffles.

  47. Michelle H. says

    This is the third year I have taken the flu shot and I feel that it has helped me from getting the more serious flus that I used to get.

  48. Charlene Kuser says

    My best tip for staying healthy is to get 8 hours of sleep and make sure you get enough vitamin C

    CharlieGurl57 at aol dot com

  49. Jane H says

    Keep yourself from getting rundown. Get plenty of rest and take vitamin C. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  50. timberly says

    The best way to stay healthy during cold season is to wash your hands constantly and keep a bottle of sanitizer with you at all times.

  51. Tali says

    Hey guys i love the idea of this prize pack especially since we are in cold/flu season. My advice is to disinfect areas in your house where you and visitors touch the most example doornobs, refridgerator and pipe handles.

  52. Veronica Garrett says

    My best tip is if you get a cold or flu stay at home, rest and take medication until it has run its course.

  53. says

    My best tip, is to wash your hands alot! Also ,keep ypur hands away from your eyes and lips if you shoulod shake hands with someone and then wash hands again and use purell on your hands. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

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