Did I Mention I am Addicted to Scrapbooking?

Yup, I am hopelessly hooked.
I love it, love it – can’t get enough of it.

But since I started this blog I have not had any time to scrapbook! It is a serious problem. I have made some cards in the meantime, but I have not dug out the photos and designed any layouts.

So the solution – blog about scrapbooking!

Our concept for 5 Minutes for Mom is to bring together different aspects of online activity all to one convenient location. Here we can highlight blogs, stores, articles, forums and entertainment so that you, the busy mom, can get a quick fix and find what you need fast.

So I will be working hard to provide a nice, big, scrapbooking category, filled with links to scrapbooking blogs, forums, stores and cool, fun stuff.

If you know any places I must check out – just let me know.

If you are a scrapbooking blogger, remember to check out our new Reader’s Blog page for a free feature on your blog.

Ok – So now on to some fun stuff:

Have you been to www.scrapbook.com?

I am new there, but I love it.

Come join, it’s free and you can be my friend.

As well, you get Free Stuff just for registering.

So do you scrapbook or make cards? When did you start? Are you hopelessly addicted too?


  1. says

    Thanks for the info. I also like to scrapbook but finding time is hard to do. Plus, I sometimes don’t feel creative enough. I have seen others scrapbooks and I am not sure the ones I have done would stand up to them. But I will definately check out the site and see if I can get some ideas. Thanks.

  2. says

    Wonderful idea Carol – thanks so much for sharing.

    I just went to your site and read your post. It is GREAT!

    I will definitely work on keeping a strong spiritual component in my scrapbooking as well as trying out making a “faithbook.”

  3. K says

    I don’t have a lot of time either, but I found a site with a free training course for computer scrapbooking. They gave me a link to software to download and a membership with templates and everything I needed to learn with… I can’t believe how easy it was and it didn’t cost me a dime.

    Check them out at http://www.computerscrapbooktraining.com


  4. says

    Did you know there are many places on line where you can get free scrapbooking supplies to download? Sometimes even full kits! Two favorites of mine are http://www.gottapixel.com and http://www.3scrapateers.com. (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do links.) Chocoholic…don’t feel uncreative! You don’t have to do those fancy pages you see. Frankly, I think a lot of those are too ‘busy’ and take away from the real point of scrapbooking…the photographs. Here is the link to my scrapping/creativity blog. You will see I like to “KISS,” meaning: Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

  5. says

    I’m looking back through some of your posts!
    I am sooo addicted!! It is hard to find time, what with all this blogging. I love it though. I just got started recently!!
    thanks for the info that I am seeing on your site!

  6. says

    I too am addicted to scrapbooking, but I don’t touch a single piece of paper. I do it all digitally and love it!! I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I actually just started selling templates for digiscrappers too. You can check it all out on my blog if you’d like!


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