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With the new year here many people make getting healthy as one of their resolutions. However what about our 4 legged friends?

I know for me I need to get my dog healthier. I am constantly getting in trouble at the vets because she is overweight. Is it really my fault that she likes to eat? OK — maybe it is since I am the one who feeds her. We have stopped giving her table scraps, we switched her food and she does get more exercise. She still gets treats but only treats actually meant for dogs.

In our mission to get her healthy though am I really doing all I can do? Do I read the labels on the treats I feed her? No, not really. I buy whatever treat I just happen to grab off the shelf in the pet department at our local big box store.

Dogs Love Cookies wants to help us all keep our dogs healthy in 2012. The treats are made with all natural, human-grade ingredients and contain no preservatives. They are free of typical fillers found in other treats, such as corn and wheat that may contribute to pet allergies.

The treats come in flavors like Peanut Butter Crunch, Turkey and Sweet Potato, Smoked Salmon, Blueberry Antioxidant and Beef and Cheddar. Flavors that any dog would probably love and be asking for more.

Get a free sample!

For a limited time you can “Like” Dogs Love Cookies on Facebook and you will receive a free sample of one of the 5 flavors mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make 2012 the year to get everyone in our family healthy, even our dogs. 

This is part of a promotional campaign with Dogs Love Cookies. All opinions are always are own.


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  1. Kenyata says

    Ok so I went on facebook and liked the products and I just wanted how exactly does it work wit receiving the samples for my dog?

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