The Serious Teddy Bear Gives the Best Hugs

Serious Teddy Bear Just Because
I am a hugger. I am not going to get all up in your space about it, but I totally appreciate a well timed, quality hug. Right now my two boys are the recipients of most of my hugs, but I have plenty to go around. Sadly, many of my closest friends are not within hugging distance.

Enter Teddy Bear Gift Baskets.

The Serious Teddy Bear Company is a way to show someone you care with a unique gift that will definitely bring a smile to their face. When I came home from vacation there was an ordinary box on my front step waiting for me. But when I opened it, I discovered a beautifully packaged gift box containing the softest bear I have ever touched, a box of candy, The Hug Therapy book and a small “you have been hugged” token. My bear came with a customized “just because’ note as well. After a long drive I was delighted to find this happy little guy waiting for me! (I got the vanilla bear)

Serious Teddy Bear gifts can be customized for just about any occasion such as Valentine’s Day teddy bears. The bears come in two sizes (20 inches and 14 inches) and three colors (Midnight, Amber and Vanilla). You can choose from one of the many ready to ship packages or create your own. Prices start at $39.95 and go up from there depending on the additions you may choose.

I have to admit that this is probably not the type of gift I would have considered sending to someone in the past, but after having opened my adorable bear I have a totally new perspective!

Enter to Win

5 Minutes for Mom is giving one lucky reader their very own Serious Teddy Bear! To enter, leave a comment here telling us who you would love to send one of these adorable “hugs” to!

This giveaway ends January 14th and a winner will be chosen by and announced Sunday in the weekly Around The Blogosphere. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Disclosure: I received a bear kit in order to write my review. All opinions are my own.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributor, Andrea Updyke. You can find me blogging at Lil-Kid-Things and tweeting at @AndreaUpdyke.


  1. TRACY SIMMS says

    I DID THE FOLLOWING: To enter, leave a comment here telling us who you would love to send one of these adorable “hugs” to!

    My 1 year old niece would love this and so would my 1 year old son!

  2. Erinn S says

    My cousin had her first child in Septmeber and I have not seen him yet and miss her too. Would love to send her and little Eddie the bear!

  3. Janet Jackson says

    I would like to send one to a friend that just lost her baby when it was born prematurely Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  4. Ivy T says

    I would love to send this to one of my high school friends who has had a rough year… lost a baby, divorce, and adjusting to being a single mom.

  5. says

    My cousin lost her husband to a sudden heart attack just a week and a half before Christmas and I can only imagine how much her heart is hurting right now. I would love to send her this as a reminder that she is loved even though I am far away from her right now.

  6. Geri S says

    I would LOVE to send this HUG to my son and daughter-in-law. They moved to Fl from NM and really need a BIG HUG from MOM!

  7. Mary Dailey says

    My sister had to have a kidney removed due to cancer and I think this is such a wonderful concept. Who doesn’t need a hug?

  8. says

    Hi Susan and Jenny! I’d love to send one hug to my cousin, she’s a bit down lately and I think that would make her day! Thanks for the chance to win
    Greetings from Spain!

  9. Cheryl Gregory says

    I would send this to my sister who has been dealing with both financial and family issues for the past year and a half and is still dealing with them. Have a great year!!

  10. Jeanne says

    I would love to send to my 8 year old niece who has been having a hard time dealing with her parents recent divorce. She is missing her Dad cause he does not living with them anymore. She spends a lot of time with me and I love her very much. Thanks for this great giveaway. :)

  11. Erin says

    I would send it to my friend, Becky. She recently had a breakup of a long term relationship, and could use a hug!

  12. Margaret Smith says

    I love this bear! I think that I would send this to my niece, who has health problems. I can really think of a number of people who could use a big bear hug. Adorable!
    Thanks so much.

  13. Robin H says

    I sure would like to be able to send my Dad the Midnight bear. He has had heart surgery and I’ve been too sick to be around him. Sending him a “hug” sure would be nice.

  14. tracey byram says

    I’d send the bear to my 13 year old granddaughter. Her best frend just moved to another state and she’s feeling pretty low.

  15. Alison S. says

    I would love to send this to my friend who is spending lots of time in the hospital with her 6 month old son who just had his 9th surgery yesterday.

  16. vickie couturier says

    I would send this to my brother who has terminal colon cancer to put a smile on his face

  17. stephanie hanik says

    I would get the vanilla one- and it’d be for my daughter…she’s 9 and going through a rough patch right now as her father and I are seperating (under bad terms of the kind of person her father is). She obsessed with fuzzy soft stuffed animals

  18. Shawna Hehr says

    I would love to send my grandfather any one of these bears. He always gives the best of hugs and with all the miles that seperate us they are few and far between!

  19. tess says

    i would send it to my neighbor-she just had a baby 2 weeks ago and her hubby left her-she has a 3 yr old also
    tcogbill at live dot com

  20. Gretchen Gerth says

    I would send this to my dad, he is the best huger. I always felt safe when he hugged me, we now live 2000 miles apart and I would love to send him a hug.

  21. Aura says

    I would send it to my friend whos struggling with bolimia, a medically involved son and learning disabled daughter

  22. Danielle Papsis says

    I would send it to my grandfather. He has later stage alzheimer’s and always seems to eye his Great Granddaughters teddybear and toys.

  23. Carol says

    My neighbor Ann Marie. She collects dolls and bears, and recently fell on the ice. She is housebound with a broken hip for the next 2 months, and this would delight her.

  24. Cindy Ray says

    I would love to send one to my mom!! We live many states away from each other and haven’t actually gotten to see each other in 3 years!! We talk almost everyday but it just isn’t the same. I know she would truly love this!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  25. Shannon Curran says

    I would send it to my boyfriend of 3 years. We’re long distance at the moment, and he always talks about needing a hug :)

  26. Robin Quick says

    I would love to send it to my husband. He works so hard & feels unappreciated at times. This would show him how much I do love & appreciate him.
    mnrquick at yahoo dot com

  27. louise gilbert says

    I would send it to my oldest son and his girlfriend. They just had their first child and we all know the stress a new parent can go thru.

  28. says

    I would send it to my mom so she can hug it whenever she misses me. It´s unfortunate to live so far from her, and only see her once a year, specially when your mom is your best friend.

  29. Belinda says

    I’d love to send one to my best friend in another state. She’s been through a lot lately and this would be perfect!

    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  30. says

    I’d send it to my hubs! He’s been working out of state for a few weeks now and I know he misses home, and I’d love to ‘hug’ him!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  31. says

    Since I have no one for Valentines Day, I’d like to send one to myself. I figure I don’t need a man to make me feel special on Valentines Day, I can make myself feel special too :)

  32. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I would love to send one to my Nana who is in a Rehab Nursing Home right now. That would brighten up her day!

  33. Klydra P says

    Although all 4 of my kids LOVE stuffed animals. My oldest is about to begin her first high school mid-terms. She deserves it!

  34. AndreaH says

    I’d love to send one of these “hugs” to my niece. I haven’t seen her in a while and I really miss her. I think she would love this!

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. michael says

    i would send it to my daughter. her son was born with club feet and has had a lot of surgeries. she has been there the whole time and she needs a hug to make it through the hard times

  36. Shea Balentine says

    I would send it to my mom =) She gets depression quite often and maybe if she had this little set, she’d feel a little happier and be able to have a “hug” whenever she wanted it and no one else was around to give her one!

  37. Laurie Harrison says

    How adorable! I would send it to my granddaughter. Her birthday is coming up in March! She’ll be 5 years old. A milestone age, of sorts.

  38. Sara Kelly says

    My Grandpa Ashley moved to Missouri about six years ago. I just had my first son and he hasn’t been able to come visit him yet, due to some recent health issues and hospitalization. He’s home now and hopefully will be able to make it this summer and I know it is REALLY hard for him to not be able to visit his very first Great Grandson. He needs a hug!!!!

  39. says

    I would love to send one of these adorable bears to my boyfriend. We’re currently long-distance, and I know it would put a smile on his face to get one of these!


  40. Jen says

    I would love to give this to my neice. She is the only girl in a house filled with boys. It would be just the thing she needs for an escape from their craziness. :-)

  41. says

    I would send this to my daughter she is my middle child and at 17 could really use a hug! Sometimes she doesn’t want one from me (what do I know) but she would love one from one of the bears!

  42. Celia Nickel says

    My best friend is working on a Cruise ship and has been away from home for months. She missed Christmas and New Years and I would love to send her a hug in a box to make sure she knows just how very missed she is.

  43. Brittany C says

    I’d love to send one of these adorable Teddy Bears to my best friend. She’s been through quite a lot after having her first child. This would be great for her and would totally make her day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Dara Nix says

    I would send it to a “special someone” in my life who went through a really rough year last year and has just not been his normal self. This would be a GREAT way to bring a smile to his face!

  45. Gena Rasmussen says

    I would send it to my mom. We have haven’t alway had the best relationship, and she has had a rough few years. She could use all the hugs she can get!

  46. Mary Baker says

    I would love to give it to my friend Debbie. She has been there for me all summer during my fight against cancer. She also helped me through the death of my 18 year old baby, a Miniature Schnauzer named Midget.

  47. Laura Emerson says

    It might sound silly but I would send one to my husband who is in Afghanistan right now. Although we miss him so much I know that he misses us even more as he misses all the hugs from our children that I am lucky enough to get everyday.
    laura dot hopelessromantic dot emerson at gmail dot com

  48. lmaomostly says

    I would give the Serious Bear to my son. I have never seen a child-boy or girl- who adores their stuffed friends more than he does. He is 7 years old and still hasn’t outgrown his love for them. They sit in a circle and watch him play video games. They make a train through the house. He talks to them. He has a few special ones that get to sleep with him every night and several others that vary constantly that get to crowd in bed with him. He is not the slightest bit embarrassed about it, lol. His choice from the Scholastic club at school this month was a book called The Love Puppy that came with a little stuffed dog and he just had to have it. I actually tried to discourage him and asked him if he was a little worried that his friends would tease him, because the book is all Valentine pinks and reds. He said I don’t care, lol.

  49. Angela LaHaye says

    As someone who grew up in an abusive household I have problems with touch and could sometimes use a hug but don’t want to touch anyone. This would be great therapy for me. I could also give it to my little girl to hug when Mommy’s not there so she feels loved and safe.

  50. Mir says

    For my daughter. We’re having a new baby and I’m sure she’ll need lots of extra hugs soon to make sure she OK with a new baby in the house.

  51. elven johnson says

    I would love to send one to Purrfect cat rescue in fremont Ca. I used to be apart of this great group & miss them all so much.

  52. says


  53. Debra says

    I would love to give my 26 yr old son who lives 3 hours away from me a “hug”…he just got laid off and is really stressed.

  54. Megan says

    I would love to send this to my teenage son. With the economy we have pretty much lost everything after I was laid off. I have tried hard not to let it affect him at such a crucial time in his life but not sure I will be able to keep it up. Would love to send him a hug and let him know that I love him and understand how he feels right now.

  55. Jenna Freeman says

    I would send this adorable serious teddy bear hug to my beautiful son. My sons birthday is the 26th and would love to be able to give him this! :)


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