Tackle It Tuesday – Finding My New Year’s Resolve

Tackle It Tuesday

I am still in denial.

Could it really be 2012? A new year?

A year closer to 40?

I used to be extremely anti-New Year’s Resolutions. I fought against the idea of setting a goal (or a handful of goals) on January 1st. I figured that I should be working on a better ME every day, all year, and January 1 was just a cliche. New Years Resolutions were made to be broken, right?

I took several years off from making New Years goals of any kind. Then, at some point (after I started blogging), I heard about people coming up with a “word of the year.” And finally something clicked with me.

As much as I rebelled against the idea of setting a once-a-year resolution, I did like the idea of starting a new year off with a FOCUS.

This weekend, as I reflected back over 2011 – the things that I accomplished and the things that I would change – a single word stood out to me.


I’m only two days into the New Year, and already I feel my word penetrating everything I do. I can work AND be a good mom to my five kids AND keep up with my house and errands. I can do it. It’s just a matter of balance. (Something I fear I had lost sight of towards the end of 2011).

Here’s to a balanced (and prosperous and enjoyable) New Year.

Do YOU have a word-of-the-year? (We’ve got a place to link up your resolutions and words!)


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    I can no less agree with your new year’s resolution because it applies for me as well. I think I badly need “balance” this year—a balance with my three kids, husband, household works and online job. I just hope we do not lose track of this promised balance and stay on course the entire 2012.


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