Hello Canvas Holiday Photo Contest-Enter YOUR Best Photo

Did you take many photos during the holiday season? At our house, I took tons of photos. Several of them are beautiful ones of our entire family — which I do not have many of in the first place. I want to do something special with those, so I am thinking about putting them on canvas prints. Hello Canvas is the best place to help me out with that!

Hello Canvas also wants to help you put your best holiday photo on canvas!

We’re hosting a holiday photo contest!

If you took photos over the Christmas holiday — whether they be family photos or just funny Christmas photos, we would love for you to share those with us. We always love to see what is going on in our reader’s families. What better way to do that than to enter this fun and festive photo contest?

How to Enter

Find your best photo and submit it into the contest using the linky below. A winner will be chosen from the photos submitted and Hello Canvas will put that photo on a 16×20 canvas for you ($89 value)!

This giveaway will be open until January 6th, 2012. A winner will be announced on Sunday in the Around the Blogosphere post.


Tell all your family members to come by and like your photo once you have submitted it!

Enter Your Photo Here

This is part of a promotional campaign with Hello Canvas. All opinions are our own.


  1. says

    When putting a link to the like button for the photo, I think I may have voted while testing it out. Sorry if there is one from me in there. I just wanted to let you know.

  2. Lisa says

    Wow. Lee family just shot up over 2000 votes in about 10 min. Did a bot help you get all those votes? Cause I have a really hard time believing it was actual people doing the voting.

  3. Tania says

    This is really crazy. I Know that people are voting but numbers aren’t changing… But others are going up 10-20 with a single refresh. Something isn’t right….

  4. Ashley says

    @Tania , DUDE I KNOW. Well we have like a million people voting for santa baby , but its real people and from our mom groups. As for lees family they went up like 3000 votes within 30 minutes and that , thats just not possible.

  5. Shana says

    Numbers went up by the hundreds for Santa Baby all day and then tonite when we all (real people!) got off work and had time to vote yes WE voted! We did nothing different than anybody else has done ALL day! A large family and a close community comes in handy when it comes to something like this! It’s just a canvas anyway so why all the belly aching!

  6. Cora May says

    I agree with Shana! Y’all say the Lee family cheated but if it would have y’all then it would have been fine! Everyone had the same amount of time to vote. So just go ahead and quit complaining because you lost. Act like grown adults instead of a bunch of little girls. I mean come on good grief!!


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