Let Your Kids Create History With Buildo

Buildo History is a really cool app that helps your little one design their own version of history.  By adding their favorite characters to a historical scene kids are learning to build imaginary story worlds even before they are able to read or write!  Buildo History has knights in armor, dragons, princesses, vikings & dinosaurs! This app is geared toward kids aged 1-7, but t o be honest, I had fun playing with it as well as my 11 year old.



Buildo History is all about using creativity and creating your own version of history.  Children can spend hours designing the three themes they have to choose from.  The stickers can be put in the theme and removed.  The images can be flipped as well as re-sized.  My favorite was making it smaller to make it look further away.  I just loved the dimension aspect of it.

Buildo History features:

– 3 unique historical scenes: Medieval, Prehistoric and Viking!
– 100s of full-color stickers including: knights, treasure, princesses, wizards, dragons, Viking longboats, dinosaurs and lots, lots more
– Scrollable panoramic backgrounds with interactive sounds
– Each sticker can be scaled, rotated and flipped
– Our very own “Moms & Dads’ Zone” with tips for further creative learning
– ‘Made for kids’ menus

About the Buildo Series

Our idea has been to create a simple yet creative app that allows for kids to create their own stories about history with as little guidance as possible. True creativity isn’t about us grown-ups creating rules that they need to follow. Our children will have plenty of that when they grow older. The Buildo series is more about playing around, having a good time and creating stories while hopefully in this case building an interest for history.


Buildo History is only $.99 and available for the iPad and iPhone.  I used it on my iPhone and it was very easy. For such a low cost, this will bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to your little one.  It will be great entertainment for car rides.


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