Grolly At The North Pole-An Interactive App for the Holidays

Emma is an 8 year old girl who loves to read and discover the world in her vivid dreams. Toy monster Grolly is her best friend and companion. When he gets stolen, she goes on an incredible trip to rescue him.

Emma’s first adventure was to Asia. Her second adventure was to Africa. Now Emma is traveling to the North Pole with Grolly for another fun-filled adventure.

About Grolly at the North Pole

Right at Christmas season, Emma and her cuddly monster Grolly take us to the North Pole where we have a lot to discover again. Grolly turns your children into wildlife experts. Experience the winter magic from ist most beautiful side.

✓ Interactive pictures book with easy child’s play handling
✓ Lovingly designed graphics with an extraordinary attention to detail
✓ Many animals and animations in every chapter
✓ Complete audible encyclopaedia with info on all animals and plants

One of the things that I love about this app is how interactive it is and while your child is playing they are also learning about different animals and various parts of the world.

In “Grolly at the North Pole” you child gets to accompany Emma and her cuddly monster Grolly to the North Pole, where there is again, much to discover: Puffins, polar bears, arctic rabbits and musk oxen just to name a few of the animals that will surprise the whole family with their typical sounds and movements. Furthermore, your child can graphically experience the rare natural phenomena of the northern lights as well as a nice Christmas surprise!

Get Grolly today for your little one!

The new chapter “Grolly at the North Pole” has been released with the special Christmas promotional price of $0.99 (instead of $3.99)! The Christmas special is only available until December the 21st.  And the best thing about it: When buying the chapter “Grolly at the North Pole” you are getting the first chapter “Grolly in Asia” for free and in this way your kids can experience and learn about even more exotic animals!


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