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I’ve talked before about how I walk around with a 40 ounce water bottle at all times. I am a firm believer that water can do wonders for you, in addition to just being thirsty in general. I’m lucky that I grew up drinking water instead of other (sugared) drinks. There are times that I definitely crave something with a little more flavor. Omega Water provides meets all these needs for me, plus more.

The Omega Water comes in four flavors: Berry Breeze, Orange Splash, Lemon Squeeze, and Fruit Fusion. I was sent samples of each of the flavors, and I was interested to note that they were milder than I had anticipated. While the berry flavor definitely tasted of berries, it wasn’t overwhelming as so many drinks are. That’s partly because the water doesn’t contain juice or other forms of sugar, keeping the water naturally calorie free. I can taste some of the citric acid in the water which makes it slightly bitter to me, but I know I also have a very sensitive palate and taste things most people don’t. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I’m guessing this is part of the reason that the company suggests the water be served chilled.


The water is named Omega Water for a reason. It’s the only water fortified with Omega-3 and six other essential vitamins. A single twenty ounce bottle of water (which contains 2.5 servings, by the way, but who ever drinks forty percent of a bottle of water?) contains 450% of the RDA of vitamin C, something I am trying to ingest as much as possible during the cold and flu season. It also has 100 percent of Niacin, B6, B12, and Panothenic Acid. I like the feeling that what I’m drinking is doing good things for me beyond simply hydrating me.


While the wee ones are very good water drinkers, I know that not all children are. And when they go to sporting events, the other children inevitably have some sort of sports drink that I don’t give the wee ones for a variety of reasons. I love the idea of giving them Omega Water instead, as Omega 3 consumption is something we encourage for both of them, but especially for Mister Man. There have been so many studies conducted showing the benefits of Omega 3s, especially around the development of cognitive and neurological health.


This probably isn’t something that I’m going to drink every single day. After all, the water from my tap that goes in my forty ounce water bottle is free, but the Omega Water is a great change up and a special treat for those days when I – or the wee ones – need just a little something extra.


Are you ready to drink some yourself? Omega Water isn’t currently sold in every store, but you can order it online from Amazon, and there are retailers in eleven states that currently sell it. You can find where to buy Omega Water via their website’s retail search. You can also follow Omega Water on Twitter to keep up to date with them.


In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with samples of Omega Water to try for review purposes. I was also compensated for writing this post, though all opinions remain my own.


Written by 5Minutes4Mom contributing writer Michelle who just drank at least another eight ounces because water is good for everyone and writing is thirsty work! She also drinks (water) while writing over at Honest & Truly! and when hanging out on Twitter.




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