Planet Fassa Helps Expand Your Child’s Curiosity

by Liza Corbo

These days it seems to be all about online games for kids. I know I am sometimes guilty of that myself. My soon to be 6 year old is in love with the laptop my husband set up for him with all sorts of kids learning games. Between the laptop and the tablet I do sometimes wonder if he’s getting too much time online – even if we do monitor and limit it.

Let me introduce you to Planet Fassa. It’s a new online resource that rewards kids for OFFLINE play! It’s been designed to expand your child’s curiosity, imagination, creativity, and love of reading while using the computer keyboard as a springboard to physical activity, fun, games, and old-fashioned play!

They offer:

  1. Hundreds of offline activities families can use to fill their days with fun.
  2. Narrated e-Books families can enjoy reading together.
  3. A points and rewards system that inspires kids to play and read.
  4. A private social networking option for families and friends.

In fact, Planet Fassa has so many great things to offer – and now they even do books! I was sent a copy of ‘Where On Earth Am I? Fassa Tails Vol.1 Book 1′ for review. It’s the first in their seven book series (that also happens to be available as narrated E-Adventures). I have to say my kids are still bigger fans of having a book in their hands then listening to it narrated so this is great.

As you read the book with your child, you can choose to do activities for even more fun. When you get to a “flip” you can skip to another page, read what happens and then do simple actions like clapping and cheering out loud to keep Fassa on track.

“Nuggets” are activites you get to do like Fassa did in the story (for example, there is a 5 Senses Scavenger Hunt that even includes a spot in the book to fill in as you go). Complete a nugget? You can go online and reward your child with points.

Look for the hidden pictures in the book! The part my guys really liked? It’s all in black and white because it’s meant to be colored in!

What I really liked was how the book held the boys interest. They were having fun and learning on so many levels at the same time. In one spot you share your fears and talk about ways to conquer them, they make a game out of word definitions to test your kids on the correct meanings… and so much more, all while tying it all back into the story.

When you have finished the book (which we haven’t yet), you flip it over and upside down for Fassa’s 52 Weeks Of Fun! Each week has a joke, a new word for your child to learn, a quote and a question for them to answer. I love how they have set some time aside for each week to look forward to!

My guys will definitely be looking forward to more books in the future.

 Enter to Win

One lucky 5 Minutes for Mom reader will get their very own copy of Fassa Tails Volume 1 to enjoy with their little ones! To enter the giveaway, simply answer the question–What is my favorite reading memory growing up?

This giveaway will end on December 31st and a winner will be chosen at random. It will be announced in the Around the Blogosphere post on Sunday.

Liza is a blogger and freelance writer.  She resides in Rhode Island with her husband and 3 active boys – a five year old and identical twin four year olds.  When she isn’t taking someone to sports practice or a game, she can be found on her personal blog Cira’s Lyrics writing about chaos and family.  She writes for an online shopping blog Buy-Her and is a review/giveaway writer at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Liza is also in the process of relaunching The Mommy Gamer – a blog about video gaming, board games, toys and all things entertainment for kids.


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Liza is a mom of three boys - a five year old and four year old twins. On her personal blog, Cira's Lyrics, she writes about family, chaos and day to day happenings. She also writes reviews at Buy-Her where she focuses on fashion, beauty products, and more. Connect with Liza on twitter at @Liza_Rae.

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