Books Make Great Gifts — Really!

I know that everyone does not have the all-consuming love of books that I have. I also will concede that everyone’s kids do not enjoy reading as much as mine do. However, can I get everyone to agree that there are some people who are hard to buy for? Are there also some of you who save shopping for the last minute? Books are great solutions for these people.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores are not as common as they once were, but I’m sure that most of you are within 10 or 20 minutes of a big bookstore. But I have to admit that I’m a sucker for online shopping. Amazon’s prices and availability are hard to beat (not just for books). If you have Amazon Prime, you can get 2-day free shipping on everything (which is great if you are sending gifts elsewhere).

At 5 Minutes for Books we even have a category for gift ideas. When we review something that we think would make a particularly good gift, we mark it that way. You can browse that category, or check out some recent posts featuring book ideas for some particular groups:

  • Teenage boys may be among the hardest to shop for. Nancy and Elizabeth (actually her 16-year-old son) have reviewed some great YA Books for Boys. There’s even a giveaway on this one (not closed by Christmas, but it would be a good surprise for January).
  • Men in general are tough for me. But think about what they like — sports? fishing? woodworking? travel? There’s a book for that.
  • Try audiobooks (linked to our category). If you have someone on your list who drives a lot (or rides public transportation) books for their CD deck or their ipod are a great idea. They’re a little more expensive than a book, so it bumps them up a notch. They could also be a bit more exciting than a “normal book” or more accessible to a reluctant reader. A favorite series, like Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles on audio is a special treat.
  • And of course a booklover would be sure to enjoy a book under the tree. Check out our 5 Star Reads list for recommendations for kids and adults.


Original post by 5 Minutes for Books managing editor and 5 Minutes for Mom contributor Jennifer Donovan, who is hoping to find some books under the tree and is giving quite a few as well.


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