What Are You Feeding Your Pet These Days?

by Guest Contributor

I’m not a health nut – witness the banana s’mores I made for a playdate snack the other day – but I care about what I put in my body, and that extends to my pets, too. I worked in an animal shelter for a long time, and I was appalled to learn about all the fillers that so many pet food manufacturers use to increase the protein content and keep their foods cheap to make and process. I’ve always been careful about what I feed my animals, and I believe that goes a long way towards them living healthy and long lives.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new brand of pet food (for us), the Natural Balance ALPHA line of cat and dog foods. They are a family-owned pet food company that makes holistic, natural pet food. The ALPHA line is grain free, which is a good thing as your carnivore dogs and cats can’t actually digest grains, so they’re just another form of filler. The ALPHA line offers two flavors for cats: trout, salmon meal, and whitefish as well as chicken, turkey meal, and duck for cats and adds a third flavor of lamb, chicken meal, and rabbit for dogs.

 I like that the ALPHA line not only is grain free but also includes pre-biotics, which aids in digestion. Whenever we change our cat food, there is inevitably a period of gastrointestinal distress for my poor cats (and my husband who gets to clean up). When we tried out the ALPHA cat food from Natural Balance, they had no issues whatsoever. That alone tells me there’s something right about this pet food.

The most telling to me, however, was the taste. I noticed that when I put out the cat food the first time, my cats kept coming back to that bowl all afternoon and evening and that it was empty by bedtime. They appeared to like it. However, I needed to do a head to head comparison. I filled up a bowl with the ALPHA cat food and placed it next to their standard cat food to see what would happen. Meow quickly walked over and sniffed the bowls. He went straight for the ALPHA cat food and has yet to touch the other bowl. I think we have an official winner.


 The Natural Balance ALPHA line of pet foods are sold through places like Amazon, Petco, and many others,  PLUS you can get it at most local pet stores. You can find a location near you using their store locator. This all natural pet food runs about $35 for a 12.5bag, but because it doesn’t contain the same fillers that your pets can’t digest, you can feed them less of the pet food and in my mind, there’s no question that this is healthier.

 Enter to Win

One lucky reader will win a bag of their choice (either cat or dog) of ALPHA from Natural Balance. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment  here letting us know what are some ways that you take care of your pet. This giveaway will end December 30th and the winner will be announced the following Sunday in our Around the Blogosphere post.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received several single serving samples of the ALPHA line from Natural Balance pet food for review purposes. All opinions stated here are my own.


Written by 5Minutes4Mom contributor Michelle who was lucky to be able to write this review, as two very happy kitties kept trying to climb on her and sit on her wrist all afternoon. You can also find her at her blog Honest & Truly! or on Twitter as @HonestAndTruly.



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