Meet Diane – A 15 Year Survivor of MBC

Metastatic Breast Cancer is an aggressive and fatal disease. Breast cancer is considered metastatic when it has spread from the breast to another part of the body, such as the bones, liver, lungs or brain. Those with MBC are facing a very different disease than women with early-stage breast cancer, and most will be on treatment for the rest of their lives.

Meet Diane

 Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago. She was told that it had spread to her liver and they gave her exactly one year to live. However, Diane kept fighting and fighting. Even today, 15 years later she is still  fighting — but she is alive. 

About Diane:

During her 15-year journey living with metastatic breast cancer, Diane’s children, ages 14 and 26, have been one of her biggest influences to keep going. Although she was once told she had only months to live, Diane has persevered to be there to see her children’s milestones, including her son’s junior high graduation and daughter’s wedding day.

Diane’s story is very moving. I sat glued to my computer screen as I watched this video sharing her story and how she is taking life one day at a time. For Diane, it took a MBC diagnosis to make her decide she was going to live the time she had left exactly the way she wanted. She made a drastic career change after her diagnosis so she could spend each day doing work she truly loved.

I urge you to click over and watch Diane’s story as it unfolds. For each video view $1 will be donated to MBC initiatives (up to $20,000). Diane and the other ladies facing MBC will be so grateful that you did.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Facts:

  • There are currently 155,000 people in the United States living with MBC
  • Unlike early-stage breast cancer, there is currently no cure for MBC
  • 41,000 women die of MBC each year
  • Some people with MBC will live for 10+ years battling the disease and receiving medicines for the remainder of their lives


Whether you suffer with breast cancer or you know someone who suffers, all of us can help simply by clicking over and watching Diane’s video as well as the other videos that are there. Diane’s is just a little over a minute long. You never know, that minute of your time could be the dollar that made the difference!

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