Cushioned Comfort For Your Lap and Your IPad

If you are an IPad user, you will definitely love this new product that just hit the market earlier this week. The TAB Rest is a foam cushioned wrist rest and cushioned support for your iPad or other tablet/eBook that makes long periods of device usage more comfortable. This smartly designed support stand is meant to sit in your lap, and it props your iPad up at an ideal viewing angle for gaming, reading, typing, and more.


My kids love to use my IPad to draw, read books, and play games on. They can sit for hours glued to it. However, sometimes they can get tired of holding the tablet up and of course laying it in their lap doesn’t always work so well either sometimes (especially if they are restless!) TAB Rests work great for those kids that find tablets hard to hold for extended periods.

The TAB Rest is ideal for using in your lap, but it can also be used as a stand for typing on top of a desk or a table. It’s great for surfing the web in front of the couch, relaxing in the recliner with a good book, or resting in bed with an exciting new game.

This Christmas holiday if you are purchasing a tablet for your loved one, why not add the Tab Rest to your list so that your gift can be used with ease and comfort? At only $14.95, it will definitely be a hit!

This post is part of a promotional campaign with New PC Gadgets.

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