Preparing For the Holidays-How Do You Help Your Children Reach Their Goal?

Every year right before Christmas, I have my kids make a Christmas list. We narrow it down to 2 big things and then they can list as many little things as they want. My husband and I started our kids out doing this when they were little. Their grandmother always spent way too much money on them for Christmas and they just never seemed appreciative of all that she was doing. So we started having them write down what they wanted so that their grandmother would have a few things to choose from off the list. Not everything would be bought, but she could choose what the kids were really asking for. However, our real reason for creating the Christmas list was for a bigger purpose — how to goal plan effectively.

You see, while my mom always gave the toys, my dad on the other hand was the mastermind behind “The Christmas Change Bucket”. He saved his change all year long and at Christmastime, he always presented the kids with a coffee can full of change — almost $600 worth! Once we learned that this was going to be a yearly tradition with my dad, we started training the kids on how to plan for big purchases that they really wanted that were just too expensive for relatives to purchase for them.

We’ve never allowed the kids just to go “hog wild” at the store. We have tried our best to teach them to save a little, share a little, and of course spend a little. That is one of the things that I love about Kidworth. You can build a portfolio for your child and add specific goals — whether they be money related, outreach related, or just simple goals that they are wanting to accomplish, you can do that right on the Kidworth site.

The kids are actually involved in setting the goals and letting others know about their plans. For example, my son is working towards earning the money to purchase a couch for his room. He wants a futon for him and his buddies to relax on while they play games. Yes, I could go out and purchase an inexpensive one for him, but that is defeating the purpose of teaching him how to plan for big purchases. He is going to be loading his goal into his portfolio on Kidworth and sharing a little bit about why he wants to purchase this. He can then keep track of how much he has earned to put towards the futon, and he can also request that other family members send him gift cards to apply to his goal.

I love how easy it is now since I have Kidworth at my finger tips to teach my kids about the value of a dollar and how important it is to set goals for yourself. Not only are they learning how to spend effectively, but they are also learning how to share their wealth and plan for their futures.

This post is part of the Kidworth promotion. All opinions stated here are our own.


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