Checking in With the Sisters – Learning to Receive

As a child on Christmas morning, I always felt kind of sad for my mom, who never seemed to have many presents to open. I never imagined that sitting on the couch and watching my siblings and I open our presents could be enjoyable for her. I was delighted this week to find a post on our sister site, 5 Minutes for Faith, by Kimberly. I realized that I was not alone in the feeling of excitement over giving gifts to my children on Christmas morning.

Learning to Receive

Christmas wrapping paper

I am not sure who has more trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve – me or my three girls. After resisting the temptation to go ahead and give them all of their gifts early, I lay in bed imagining how delighted they are going to be the next morning.

And when my daughters get up, they do not disappoint. Though they may start out sitting in sleepy-eyed wonder, it does not take them long to wipe the sleep from their eyes and dig in. Tearing through wrapping paper. Turning stockings upside down to make sure they get out every single teeny-tiny thing. Scouring the ground for anything they might have missed. Those girls don’t have an ounce of trouble receiving. And my husband and I certainly love giving them gifts.

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