Holiday Shopping: Teaching Kids About Money Using a Nextag Giftcard

This holiday season, whether you’re shopping for consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, home furnishings or health and beauty essentials, shopping authority Nextag is the perfect one-stop shop to score the best deals online.

With nearly half a billion people visiting its sites each year, Nextag offers three savvy online shopping tips for the holidays:


Tip #1: Create a budget. Already have a holiday shopping list? By knowing how much money is available to spend, you can effectively make decisions on the best thing to buy.

Tip #2: Make a list, check it twice, do something nice — and find the best price. Research and compare prices and gifts through online comparison shopping so you can splurge on more items. Nextag Radar is now available as a free iPhone app that lets shoppers search and compare products, organize their searches, and set shopping alerts to receive notifications when prices drop or new products become available. Nextag Dealforce is a free, social shopping app for the iPhone that provides up-to-the-minute deals posted by local shoppers. Both apps are available through the iTunes store and Android Market.

 Tip #3: If you prefer to shop in person, consider an app for your phone that can help you shop smart. Nextag Mobile is a free shopping app for the iPhone and Android that offers consumers product price comparison, research and shopping tools with barcode scanning, and image recognition technology.

Tip #4: Make money conversations fun – which will better engage your kids and avoid the eye rolls that tend to accompany these types of discussions.


Do you do anything to teach your kids about money?

Every year my kids are given a big can of change from my dad. It is their “official” yearly Christmas present. In that jar they both get well over $200 each. My husband and I do not allow them to just go hog wild. We make them sit down and write a list of some things they need such as socks, or something like that. Then we tell them that they need to put some aside for savings to use at a later date, and then the rest is free for them to use on a few wants.

By doing this we are teaching them that we don’t just blow our money because we have it. We need to use it wisely.

So how are you going to teach your child this Christmas season? Are you going to let them spend their money unwisely or are you going to teach them how to shop like a pro?

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