False Advertising?!? Do YOU Retouch Your Photos?

We gasp when we find out the truth.

We are fooled into thinking we are so much worse than we are. How??? We are being forced to compare ourselves to lies — to beautiful people retouched into impossibly beautiful people.

Really, this IS false advertising — right down to the definition!

There isn’t one photo out there that isn’t telling a lie to some extent. No publication would publish a photo that wasn’t retouched to some extent. (Excluding, of course, tabloids who want celebrities to look bad. But in those cases, they are probably also retouched photos — made to look worse!)

Curvy Girl Guide recently posted about a study by Dartmouth College about the problem of photo retouching in the media, showing some of the shocking before and after photos of celebrities enhanced with Photoshop.


The study goes so far as to suggest legislating photo retouching…



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    Wow, that’s incredible how different these photos look… As far as legislating photo retouching, I don’t think that’s the way to go, but women should be aware that this is what goes on in magazines, and they shouldn’t compare themselves to an enhanced image.

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    So glad you’re bringing this to light. I think the more people see the truth, especially women and young girls, the more they can consume media with an eye for reality. As a photographer, I do retouching, especially for teen girls with skin problems that cause them shame or low self esteem. I want them to see themselves as beautiful, but don’t go so far as to change who they are, their features, or help them lose 50 pounds. There are limits!

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    This is sooo sad…same reason why i love watching movies and television shows from the seventies where most of the women did not have plastic surgery!!

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