Cold and Flu Season-Are You Ready?

With winter just around the corner, many families have already been experiencing different ailments from the stomach bug, seasonal allergies, and of course the common cold. This time of year the flu hits hard. Are you ready for the cold and flu season?

Germs are everywhere! From the kisses you steal with your special someone, to the hugs you give your children every day–those nasty flu germs linger. Nozin is a great way to help your body fight off those germs.

NOZIN® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic has a patented formula with natural moisturizers to provide advanced hygiene for the nose, a chief entry point for many germs. Works at the nose where it’s needed most™. Helps reduce the risk of infection. Highly effective and safe. Good for daily hygiene. Also use for a smart defense in planes, school, offices, gyms, theaters. Apply with swab to front area of nose. Soothing, fresh citrus scent! All Natural and zinc-free.

Just think of Nozin as a type of hand sanitizer for your nose!

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Here are a few hygiene tips you might try to also help ward off that nasty cold and flu season

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect while washing. A good rule of thumb is to sing the Happy Birthday tune twice through while soaping and rinsing your hands.
  • Try not to touch your nose and mouth after shaking hands or hugging someone. Germs are usually transferred through the nostrils.
  • Keep sanitizer with you and be sure and sanitize after coming in to contact with someone who might possibly be sick. This does not mean you are completely germ free, but it will help kill any that might be lingering.


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What do you do to stay well during the cold and flu season?

This post is sponsored by Nozin Nasal Sanitizer. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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