Making New Friends

Our visit today was incredible.

Sitting here looking through the pictures I took today, I can’t stop smiling.

There’s the girl who finally taught this “americana” to do the hand-clapping game reasonably fast without messing up (Mira! Look — uno, dos, uno, dos):

The little girl who didn’t let go of my arm as we sat in chapel, who I couldn’t shake, and I didn’t even want to:

Ivan, one of our translators, who was also a Compassion sponsored child himself:

I am privileged — not just to be here and experience it personally, but to let people peek into the window a little bit. I came into this thinking that it would break my heart , and honestly — I think it’s given most of us here hope. Maybe I shouldn’t speak for the others, but it’s given me hope. Hope that I can make a difference with just $32 a month, or a four-hour visit, or writing a letter.

Oh, and that prayer about losing the safety net? I think maybe it got answered too:

This girl was bound and determined to do something to my humidity-drenched hair.

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