Tackle It Tuesday #128

Hello ladies! It’s Lisa, the Apron Queen– your resident tackler. Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday!

This weekend, my family and I tackled some long overdue yard work. You see, we live in Southeast Texas- approximately thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. About seven weeks ago, Hurricane Ike slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast bringing unbelievable devastation to our local beaches and coastal towns.

Thankfully, my family was spared any severe damage to our home itself. But, Hurricane Ike was not kind to our trees.

Hurricane Ike Damage

Come to think of it, Hurricane Ike was not kind to our fence either. Or our backyard shed. Oh, the adventures of Hurricane Ike. What fun and excitement we’ve had.

Hurricane Ike Damage

We’ve been stacking up all the storm debris into brush piles for several weeks now. The wood was wet and green though. So, we’ve been letting it dry out in anticipation of a big backyard bonfire. The kids have been asking every weekend, Is the wood dry yet? Can we have a fire yet?

Tackling Yard Work

This weekend, we decided that it was finally dry enough to burn. So, my husband got out the chainsaw and cut the fallen trees into fire logs. I did my part by standing around and taking pictures. It was very hard work. :)

Tackling Yard Work

We finally had the bonfire we’d all been waiting for. There’s nothing better than a crackling fire on a crisp autumn night. It was well worth the wait.

We even cranked up the radio with the likes of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. Somehow, it just seemed fitting to listen to the country legends while sitting around the campfire.


No sense letting a good fire go to waste either. Time for roasting weiners and enjoying big soup mugs full of homemade chili. The fire was perfect for toasting marshmallows and making S’mores too.

Roasting Marshmallows for S'mores

We even brought out the old sandwich-making irons and made campfire sandwiches. They’re sort of like homemade Hot Pockets and are lots of fun to make.

Making Campfire Sandwiches

Well, our backyard is slowy returning to the way it was before the hurricane. We still have a laundry list of tackles yet to be completed.

But, this was definitely a fun way to tackle some of our hurricane clean-up. I only wish all of our tackles included this much fun.

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Happy tackling ladies…






  1. says

    I love that campfire, it’s just to bad that it came as result of such devastation.

    I haven’t tried Tackle it Tuesday but I just may this time, but if not I’m definitely in it for next week.

    What an awesome website you have here.

  2. says

    You know, no matter hard I try I just can’t even imagine what fortitude it takes to take on that kind of tackle. Well done [all of ] you.

    Best wishes

  3. says

    I love bonfires but haven’t had one since I moved out of home. They are a great excuse for clearing up the yard that’s for sure. It took me a while to figure out the photos on my blog post so it is actually from a couple of weeks ago but still tidy.

  4. says

    What a sigh of relief to be showing what we’ve accomplished on our kitchen remodel. Wishing we had a big fire with things to roast in the finished project like all of you in the end.

  5. says

    Looks like a fun way to tackle your backyard! We had a campfire at a friend’s house last Sunday night, despite the high winds and frigid temps. The men and boys burned an old picnic table and roasted marshmallows and brats, while the gals stayed inside and took pictures.


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