Richard Scarry’s Busytown Town Hall Deluxe Playset with DVD, with Giveaway

Trends come and go, and as a child of the 80s, I’m frequently finding that many of the characters, toys, and shows that I enjoyed as a child are coming back now, just in time for those in my generation to want to reminisce by turning our own young kids onto them. But, then there are those few names that just haven’t gone away since our childhoods, staying popular and beloved by children over the years. Richard Scarry definitely falls into this category, and his characters and stories have remained a fixture in young kids’ lives for decades.

Richard Scarry's Busytown Town Hall Deluxe SetAs the holiday season rapidly approaches, parents of young children who love the characters and fun of Richard Scarry’s Busytown world should look no further than the Busytown toys, including the Town Hall Deluxe Playset. Sergeant Murphy and Hilda Hippo, along with her yellow pencil car, are included with the Town Hall building that opens up for play on the inside. Twelve connecting roadway pieces can be laid down around the building, giving Hilda a place to drive around, and they are the same style that will attach to most wooden train track systems. In total, there are 19 play pieces in the set, and it can be combined with other Busytown sets to create the entire town!

My kids have always enjoyed using small figures and play sets, and I’m happy to share these characters and pieces with them, since they have a special place in their hearts for Richard Scarry’s world. See, while I have some vague memories of Scarry’s books from my own childhood, my husband has a much clearer vision of enjoying Busytown stories as a child. He has shared this love with our children, and to listen to him bring Lowly the Worm and Huckle the Cat to life when he reads to them always brings a smile to my face. With that foundation firmly in place, my children will undoubtedly love to act out their own stories with this playset. The bonus DVD with two episodes of Busytown Mysteries introduces them to the characters in a new format, too, while still retaining the unique feel that Richard Scarry first created with his books all those years ago.

Want to share the Busytown Town hall Deluxe Playset and DVD with your own child this holiday season? One lucky winner will receive a playset (retail price: $39.99), along with a copy of a Richard Scarry classic book.

To enter, please leave a comment below letting us know what you love about Busytown. Giveaway open to US mailing addresses only. We’ll announce our winner on December 12.

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  1. ivy t says

    My little one just discovered Busytown Mysteries on NetFlix and LOVES them. I know she would love to get this playset. I remember scouring the books while I was growing up and learning all the different names of vehicles and objects around town. It doesn’t hurt that the illustrations are so fun!

  2. says

    my kids enjoy the Bustytown game I picked up for them at Borders last year – and they enjoy the few books we have. I think the bright colors and fun illustrations are part of what capture their imaginations!

  3. Melissa Nathan says

    I remember the Richard Scarry books from when I was young and then sharing them with my own children. I would love to introduce his characters to my 2-year-old niece, too!

    • says

      Congratulations, Melissa, you’re our randomly selected winner! Please email me at morninglightmama(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing information.

  4. says

    My kiddos discovered Busytown on Netflix a few months ago and my son (3.5 yo) is pretty much obsessed. They play Busytown, they watch Busytown, they read Busytown. I love it because it is good, appropriate TV that they love!

  5. says

    OMG! I loved Busytown {I too, am a child of the 80’s!}. I would love for my kids to be able to play with this Busytown toy! What a great gift for Christmas for them to run down the stairs to!

  6. says

    I love the range of characters with Busytown, and of course Lowly Worm’s cool Apple Car! The Richard Scarry books are so visually appealing and fun, with so much detail to examine. Both my 6 year old and 1 year old like watching the Busytown cartoon on Saturday mornings, too!


  7. Bin says

    Would love this. Love Richard Scarry and my boys LOVE trains/cars/roads/tracks…this would just add to their “town”. Thanks!

  8. Drina M. says

    I used to love Richard Scarry as a child and enjoy reading the books now to my daughter. I love the details and all the many characters in the stories.

  9. Carolyn says

    I love Busytown! What do people do all day? was my favorite and my kids love it, too. The housewife part now “Daddy gives Mommy money…” makes me laugh! I found the mysteries in a Target bin last year and they kept my son enthralled on a long car trip. We’d love to win.

  10. says

    My little one loves the Richard Scarry programs and has integrated the characters into his play. I could definitely live without Pig Will and Pig Won’t. Whenever my son is being contrary he tells me I’m being Pig Won’t!

  11. Allison Redd says

    We were recently given some Busytown books and my kids love the same things about them I did – all the funny side illustrations and attention to detail and all those words and names everywhere!

  12. Sharon Schoepe says

    I love that Busytown is timeless. My older kids loved it (they are 20 now) and my little ones who are 3 love it now. I also love that it is imaginative and safe. I don’t have to worry that my kiddos will see something that is inappropriate.

  13. Jill says

    I love the imagination Busytown brings out of my four year old, and that he is continuing in the same tradition as his dad.

  14. Melanie says

    My nephews used to play a Busytown computer game. It was such a cute learning game that years later when I had my own children I tried to locate the game online. No such luck. However, I have enjoyed reading the books to my children. I love the characters.

  15. Vickie Couturier says

    I like that both boys an girls can play an use their imagations,,an its big enought for more than one kid can play

  16. says

    I love what reenacting the stories hands on does for a child’s imagination.
    I’d be so grateful to win this for my ever-so-active little grandsons.

  17. julie says

    I love richard scarry, his characters and stories are so cute. And this playset is great, I like how it can connect to other sets.

  18. Patricia R. says

    Recently I had been browsing for Richard Scarry books online; I thought my grandchildren would enjoy the “busy-ness” of them. I am sure they would like this playset even more!
    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  19. Kayla Barefoot says

    Being a younger parent, I loved watching The Busytown of Richard Scary! It makes me so excited to see this as a giveaway! I love that it’s educational and toddler friendly, without needing to be overstimulating because it can capture a kids attention so well on basic, classic, stories. I would love to win this for my 21/2 year old son this christmas. As a single mom, winning anything for him would be wonderful and such a help, especially when it’s something that reminds me of the joy I had as a child and watching him share the same happiness in something I once did.

  20. Linda Kish says

    Busytown looks like a fun toy for small children to play with which will keep their minds active.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  21. Liz says

    My kids love Busytown. My daughter likes looking at the map in some of the books and talking about the different places.

  22. Debbie Welchert says

    This sounds and looks like something my little grandson would just love to play. It’s not too big and is just the right size too.

  23. Sarah says

    My son loves Busytown. I love that the books have so much detail, and information to share. I’d love to win the playset.

  24. Veronica Szymankiewicz says

    Busy Town has great characters and wonderful, engaging stories. My son loves we read Richard Scarry books. Thank you.

  25. connie black says

    I love to watch Richard Scarry with my children. It is such a good holsome show that always has a lesson to learn in it.

  26. John. C says

    The stories have always been a delight to read to my daughter and now grand-daughter, what a great set to have here at our home when she comes for a visit.

  27. Rochel S says

    I have always loved the books and I cant wait for my son to start reading them too! There is so much detail in each character and the characters are really cute!

  28. JaimeB says

    We love Goldbug!! I love the characters and the detailed, interesting illustrations. I would be so excited for my kids to be able to play with this!!

  29. says

    As an older mom of 6 little ones, age 9 and under, I have a soft spot for Richard Scarry and I love that his characters continue to be brought to life with this new line of Busytown toys. My children have looked at my old Scarry books from the 70’s many times (searching for Lowly, and the little bug!), but we really love to PLAY with toys, and I’m sure these Busytown toys will bring new interest to reading the books! I often have thought about bidding on the old Brio line of Scarry toys on eBay, but those are always priced as prized collectibles. How exciting that these are available in stores again! Kinda feels like we NEED a set from Santa! :)

  30. Susan Audrey says

    You just don’t get any better than Lowly. A worm with one shoe. Stop it. There’s no other children’s storybook character that makes me smile more! Would love to share the Richard Scarry experience with my little niece.

  31. says

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  32. Katie Hogan says

    My 3 1/2 year old son LOVES everything Busytown! I’ve been searching online for toys and figures to get him for Christmas. What I love most is watching him search for Goldbug and get lost in the world of Richard Scarry’s books! They are one of a kind. His imagination would run wild with the Town Hall Playset!


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