Win a Cushie for Your Little One

A couple of years ago I learned how to quilt and soon made a special blanket for my two children. When I got pregnant with my third, I started on his blanket, but I was so busy that it still wasn’t finished after he was born. And even now, with the baby boy almost 8 months old, the quilt is still waiting to be sewn closed and tied.

Blue Chocolate CushieBut then Jane at The Cushie Co. made a special Cushie BabyMat for him, and it helped ease the guilt I felt for not having his special blanket finished yet.

And actually he was a bit spoiled, because The Cushie is super soft, padded and luxurious. We both love it. And it allowed me some more time to finish his quilt, while knowing that he still had his very own special blanket.

The Cushie is much more than a blanket, however. Its padded nature makes it more useful and versatile than a baby blanket. It is perfect for hard surfaces. It is also made from ultra-plush Minky Chenille Plush and Minky Dot fabric. It is so soft and he loves to sometimes bury his head into his Cushie. I have even caught myself rubbing it against my face as well. It is just THAT soft. Because it is padded, The Cushie stays put, even under my wiggly, rolling 7 month old.

The Cushie is also the perfect size to fit into Pack n’ Plays. We seem to use it often in his Pack n’ Play and it is so comfy and cushiony compared to the typical Pack n’ Play pad.

I also love how his Cushie is monogrammed. It gives his special blanket even more of a special touch. For the monogramming, you can chose from 3 font styles and 10 thread colors.


This product fills a need that no other baby product currently satisfies: it creates a cozy, clean & cool place for baby just about anywhere. While on his Cushie baby will be in the soft lap of luxury whether she’s playing on hard wood floors or on any other dusty, unforgiving surface, getting her diaper changed on the Koala changing stations or sitting comfortably in the play pen. Perfect for Mom’s playgroups and baby’s play time. Most importantly, the Cushie is a unique and very impressive baby gift. It is always the talk of the baby shower.

My baby boy and I absolutely adore his Cushie BabyMat. I would definitely purchase one as a baby shower gift. There are so many designs and colors to choose from. It’s one of those items in which the browsing and shopping process is so much fun.

Cushie If you would like to win a Cushie BabyMat, please leave a comment below. We will choose one lucky winner to receive a Cushie of their choice. We also have a special discount code for our readers.
Upon checkout, enter in code fiveminutemom15 to receive 15% off. Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, you will enter into the pool to win a free chenille bib and matching burp cloth set.

We will draw our Cushie winner on November 15th.


  1. Mommy says

    I would love to win one:) We have a baby due in March and I can’t chose a pattern because we will not find out if we are having a girl or another boy till this Wednesday:)

  2. Anny says

    these would be perfect for our foster babies with their sensory needs. They like to be snuggled, and soft surfaces help soothe them.

  3. Kari A. says

    Our floors are so cold and hard – this would be perfect for either of my smaller boys. I would have to keep it away from my teenager who would probably end up laying on it too!

  4. Marlena U. says

    Yes, please enter me! Does she make these for adults?!? I want one, too!! :) m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. says

    love this! would be the perfect addition to the moses basket full of goodies i am giving my best friend for her baby shower!

  6. Julie says

    Thank you for the contest. With Baby #5 on the way, most of our blankies are not even soft anymore, let alone “cushie!”

  7. says

    wow thay are all so sweet and i realy cant tell you what one i like best but well i like the coco brown and green one with dots and then the pink and browen one is realy cute too i love to try and win this thanks

  8. says

    That’d be great for the great new second hand (in gorgeous condition) pack n’ play we were just given for Li’l Empress. It’s missing it’s cover sheet and this would be an excellent replacement!

  9. says

    Those are so cute! I love the purple polka dot one. I’d love to try one out for our little one coming in February.

    3kidsnus at gmail dot com

  10. Anne says

    Fabulous! I’m sure my eldest daughter (who is starting her own family) would love this!


  11. Eloise Carlson says

    These look so nice and comfy, my baby daughter would love this. My favorite is the Cushie Co Polka Dot. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!


  12. says

    Enjoyed browsing your site. Would love to win the cushie to put away in my “grandbaby” hope chest. Hoping my son and DIL start working on that grandbaby soon!

  13. amandasue says

    Wow this looks really nice, and very soft! I love the Lillie Design! Thanks for entering me

  14. Susan K. says

    I’d love to win one of these. You’re right, there really aren’t enough plush blanket/mats out there that are thick enough for hard floors so this is a great idea!

  15. says

    These look so soft! My favorite is the Boy’s Mink Lovie Cushie. It would be a great shower gift for my sister-in-law who is having a baby!

    smchester at gmail dot com

  16. grubmama says

    What a cute idea! I love the Pink & Pink multidot cushie! My dd would love this! She likes anything soft.

  17. Veronica L. says

    Oh Wow! With two children and another one on the way, this would be great! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

  18. Maggie M says

    So this “Cushie” blanket can also serve as a changing mat? How great is that? Even laying a baby on the lawn can be tough, so I see many uses for this adorable blanket. I’d love to win this for a baby shower gift for my pregnant niece!

  19. Barbara P says

    The Cushie BabyMat would ease my guilt for not finishing a blanket that’s overdue, too. The Cushie Co. has made a special, unique product my granddaughter would hold on to and love. I’m sure it would be her favorite blankie.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one. They are beautiful. Thanks for the special discount code and the chance to win a free chenille bib and matching burp cloth set, too.

  20. reeva says

    what a fab giveaway! i’d love to win this for our new baby who is due toarrive in January!! yay!!! i cant wait to meet her 😉

  21. AJacobsen says

    Love this, and love that they have such a variety to choose from! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. says

    Oh my baby boy so needs this! We always wind up playing in his sister’s room so he can learn to roll over, sit up, etc. because she has carpeting, and nowhere else does!
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  23. Karen P says

    Thanks for the contest, with a little one here and another on the way soon would really come in handy.

  24. Stacey says

    I love this! We travel often and it would really work well in our new baby’s pack and play.

  25. says

    Oh, I would so love to win a cushie for the little one we just found out is on the way!! They look so soft and cuddly!!

  26. nicole says

    i would love to win a Cushie!. it looks so comfy! i know my little guy would love playing on it on the floor….

  27. Sherri B. says

    I would love to win this for my brand new goddaughter. Her parents travel to visit family quite often and she sleeps in a pack and play when she is away from home. This would be perfect for her to lay on. Thanks!

  28. Jessica B. says

    I love the fact that it fits in the pack n play. We are a military family that travels a lot!!! We could really get great use out of it.

  29. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    This looks like a great product, I hope I win. I can use all the baby things I can get my hands on!

  30. Brooke says

    This looks really comfy and we totally use our pack n play so this could really come in handy! Please randomly pick me!