Financial Savvy for Women with Golden Girl Finance

As smart, capable women, we meet a variety of needs and face a storm of “must-do”s every day. Filters changed on the furnace? Done. Kids to their yearly check ups? Got it. A 5pm deadline for that career-changing project? It’ll be in by 4:30.

True, some days we may need to power through on a wing and a prayer, but we get it done, and all in all, we do it well.

But are we as women tackling our financial futures with the same kind of can-do gusto? Or do we get lost amid a sea of financial industry lingo and find ourselves too intimidated to take control, happy to relegate decisions to others or – worse yet – avoid our finances altogether?

It was this exact concern that led founders Laura J. McDonald and Susan L. Misner to create Golden Girl Finance.

Golden Girl Finance is an expansive financial resource “born out of the notion that too many smart women let their financial situation be ignored, swept under the rug, or dictated by others.” The website offers articles, tools, access to experts, and more, all in order to “engage women of all ages to take a greater interest – and play a greater role – in those financial issues that affect their everyday lives and financial futures!”

The cornerstone of Gold Girl Finance’s mission to create financially savvy women is their free weekly newsletters, which include valuable tips and the inside scoop on saving and building wealth. Golden Girl Finance even makes keeping up with the stock market stylish through their free weekly Friday Stocktail newsletter, offering stock news and investment tips.

Through education, community, and mentorship, Golden Girl Finance has become a valuable place for any woman to begin building her financial foundation and not just meeting the needs and challenges of the every day, but envisioning an even richer, more successful future.

To learn more, visit the Golden Girl Finance website, “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and sign up for their free weekly newsletters.

This post is part of a promotional campaign with Golden Girl Finance. All opinions stated are our own.

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