Growing Stronger: Disney D-Lightful Challenge Week 11

I’ve noticed a funny thing about kids (and I don’t think my kids are unique in this) – the older Jackson and Olivia get, the more active they become. And the more active they become, the more they inevitably get hurt.

Of course, keeping my kids active is a huge priority. I want them to have plenty of exercise and be able to enjoy being kids. Bumps and bruises here and there are part of the game.

Typically, their bumps and bruises are made better with a kiss and hug from me, but every once in a while a boo boo requires a little extra love and attention.

Disney to the rescue!

This week’s Disney’s D-Lightful video challenge is here to help you banish the boo-boo blues.

Try these tips to help keep your kids smiling when a bump or bruise occurs:

  • If your child gets hurt, be sure to explain how you’re helping each step of the way – knowing what is going on can bring him or her comfort.
  • Ask your kids what their favorite Disney character would do favorite Disney characters when they aren’t feeling well. It might even bring out a giggle!

What are some ways you inspire your growing kids to stay physically active, especially when the TV and video games beckon?


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D’Lightful Living Grand Prize Sweetpstakes

Getting kids to become animated about healthy lifestyle habits is not always easy. To thank families for striving to embrace healthy habits and following the 12-week D-Lightful Living program, Disney Consumer Products (DCP) invites fans to enter to win the ultimate grand prize – a trip for four to a special Disney Magic of Healthy Living experience at a Disney resort in 2012. Fans can enter now through Dec. 11 by visiting the D-Lightful Living portal on DCP’s official Facebook page, Disney Living.


Please note that we are compensated Disney Brand Ambassadors, but as I said, our love of Disney and all of our opinions are completely our own!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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  1. says

    Keeping the TV off helps quite a bit at keeping the kids active and I like to encourage them when they find a physical activity they like to do and we’ll do that as a family.

  2. Ivy says

    In this regard, thankfully, I have a daughter who is more active than I and always asking to do more and more active things (even if we’ve already spent an hour at the park that day). All my friends who have kids/work with kids tell me that she has so much more energy than most every other kid. My challenge is to find safer ways for her to expend that energy… like helping make meals and having her run back and forth to the pantry/fridge to get ingredients.

  3. Natalia says

    We have special place about half a mile from our house and it is our tradition to visit it every day, rain or shine. Pretty good exercise for me and kids.

  4. tennille says

    leading by example if we get up and run around and ride bikes etc it makes it so much more fun for the whole family

  5. says

    We encourage our son to do team sports because he always has so much fun running around with his friends (especially at soccer.) We also make walks fun by playing games while we walk.

  6. Melanie H says

    I would say, be willing to switch it up. We go on nature hikes, I Spy walks, just go play with a ball – anything to stay outside, get fresh air and keep moving. :)

  7. Erin says

    The easiest way is to make it fun: a trip to the park, a ‘scavenger hunt’ nature walk — make a game out of it, and they’re more likely to get going!

  8. Rebecca says

    Our kids stay active by playing outside in the warmer months (kicking around the soccer ball, riding the Big Wheel)…and in winter when it’s not too chilly they enjoy making snowmen, sledding, and having snowball fights.

  9. kathy says

    Now that my daughter is 3, she will be out way more than last year. She will have lots of outdoor toys. And of she doesnt want to go outside to play, I will reassure her the tv will not be in comission. There should be no problem since “santa” is bringing her, her first baseball accessories for Christmas.

  10. Brooklyn D says

    My kids are very active…I always make them play outside doing fun activities before letting them playing any sort of video games!

    Thanks so much for the chance

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