Let Snapware Help You Get Organized this Holiday

Okay, I confess!! I have always been somewhat organizationally challenged when it comes to running our home. Somehow the skills I learned in my professional life do not always translate to home life. So whenever I find an item that helps me stay on top of clutter or makes mealtime easier, I’m all over it!

I had the opportunity to try out some new Snapware® products this week and they couldn’t have come at a better time!

We just moved from a large house to a very small house in a new city and we are really struggling to find space for everything.

Trying to keep up with the mail and papers that walk in the door after school was becoming a real challenge since the filing cabinet I normally use is still buried somewhere in the garage. I had been tossing everything in a big bowl on my kitchen table until we figured out what to do with it or until one of us finally got motivated to go dig through the mountain of boxes and unearth the filing cabinet.

As you can see, the big black bowl method did not work very well. And it was ugly. I immediately recognized the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials box as the perfect replacement for the ugly, overflowing black bowl that mocked my lack of home management skills on a daily basis. Suddenly the ugly black bowl became this:



I organized the bills and papers in each section according to urgency and the container fits perfectly into my hall closet, where it can be easily accessed. Whoo-hoo!

I was feeling pretty good about my little organizing project with the clutter, so I decided to see what I could do with the Snapware® 360Serve™ Dinnerware. Turns out I can do a lot!! Snapware® Dinnerware is comprised of a really nice ceramic plate with a snap-on lid lined with a rubber seal to keep in freshness. It’s perfect for lunches at work or for reheating dinner because it can go from refrigerator to microwave without any issues.

It’s been a lifesaver for the men in my house, who are able to heat up their own dinners when I am late getting home. And it’s been great for me to know that I don’t have to hurry or worry about rushing home anymore to feed them (yes…there have been times in the past when they have waited for me to get home so they could eat if it meant actually having to make a meal for themselves).

The only thing I do not absolutely love about Snapware® is that the lids with the rubber seals need to be washed by hand and not put in the dishwasher. Since I am a woman of convenience, I was a little frustrated at the thought of having to actually fill a sink with soapy water and HANDWASH something! I got over the panic quickly though and it literally takes me 2 minutes to wash and dry the lids by hand.

Snapware® has truly become a useful part of my life and I can’t wait to what other products will work for my family in our quest to use our tiny living space more efficiently.

Win a Snapware® Food Kit

The kit includes:

  • NEW Snapware® 360Serve™ Dinnerware
  • Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials
  • Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Food Storage Sandwich Container
  • A $25 Target gift card to purchase afterschool snacks, groceries or household supplies
  • A reusable tote bag for everyday items—from groceries to workout gear
  • A daily planner to keep you organized while on-the-go
  • A copy of Real Simple’s “Dinner Tonight: Done!” to provide you with 189 dinner solutions for hectic weeknights


To enter to the Snapware® Food Kit Giveaway, leave a comment below telling us which Snapware® product you think you would use the most.


This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.


Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing reviewer, Geri. You can find me blogging at I Am Boymom.

Disclosure: My family received a Snapware® Food Kit to try and review. My thoughts and opinions are always my own.

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  1. Leigh Ann says

    I would use the spapware, and it would help me to be organized and declutter my paper piles. Would really use this item, and refer it to others as well.

  2. Fabs says

    I didn’t see the dinnerware on their website, but that would be awesome! I like the cupcake carrier too! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  3. says

    I would probably use the dinnerware the most… I have to take my lunch to work every day as there isn’t time to pick anything up and it seems like that would make lunch fun again!

  4. Mel Pilchard says

    I LOVE snapware!! My husband works crazy/random hours, often late into the evening…the plate covers would be amazing for keeping his dinner for him!

  5. Angela Maa s says

    I would probably use the dinnerware the most because we are always saving leftovers or packing meals into plastic containers.

  6. Melissa P. says

    The 360Serve™ Dinnerware would best suit me. Perfect for work, or to store my dinner for when I get home.

  7. Lantana H. says

    I would use the Snapware 360 serve dinnerware a lot. I always have left overs and I take my lunch to work so I would be using this constantly!

  8. Cathy W says

    Hard choice, the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials looks real useful, but I would use the 360Serve™ Dinnerware a lot too. I’ll do for the latter if i have to choose!

  9. Karla Sceviour says

    I think I would use the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials the most!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  10. says

    Ha. Which one I’d use most? I have a feeling they’d all be in use at all times. I never have enough organization for my food or my home anywhere. My mom actually commented yesterday that it looked like I needed more. Again. That said, I think the Home Essentials is most needed at the moment!

  11. Abigail says

    The Dinner Ware would get the most use because my 4 year old loves to not eat when we eat then wants it later at bed time that would make life easier

  12. Joni Owada says

    I think the homestorage items would be great, and I think that the dinnerware would be really fun to use too…anything to help me get organized is wonderful!

  13. says

    I’d be using the Dinnerware a lot for my husband’s dinnercoz he comes home late so I always have to set aside his own plate in the fridge. With the Dinnerware, I wouldn’t have to use saran wrap or foil to cover his plate every night.

  14. Drina M,. says

    I would use the sandwich containers for my husbands lunch and lunch for me and my daughter when we go to our library classes!

  15. says

    Hands down I would use the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials. So amazing and perfect to organize everything from my bills to my kids school papers. I need 10 of these. Thinking the Snapware is going to be my new addiction. Thanks for sharing about his product Super excited about it

  16. Lisa Coan says

    I think I would use the SnapWare Dinnerware the absolute most but every single product would find a use in my home!!! I can see where I could use every one in a useful way! Thanks for the opportunity! Blessings for a very nice holiday season! :)

  17. Susan B says

    I think I would use every single piece of the Snapware, but the sandwich and dinnerware would probably get the most use!

  18. says

    It would be just lovely if the “Home Storage Essentials” provided a solution to the ugly mail pile on my kitchen counter! The whole pack sounds great and helpful, though.


  19. Kristen M. says

    I’d use the dinner plate cover most often. It’s perfect for when my husband comes home after dinner has already been served.

  20. Shari Lynn Alligood says

    I’d enjoy their Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Food Storage Sandwich Container it’d be great for helping me pack the hubby & kid’s lunches!

  21. says

    For us it would be a toss up between the 360 Dinner cookware and the Home Storage boxes. Like you I have several “block” boxes around my home. But my husband also comes home for lunch, the cookware would be great for taking dinner leftovers and using them for the next days lunch.

  22. kim says

    i would definitely use the plate first. That is very clever. Many times my husband doesn’t finish his dinner and this would save me from having to wrap it in tin foil

  23. Robyn L says

    If you’d see my desk right now you’d know I choose the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Home Storage Essentials as the one I could use the most. LOL.


  24. Sharon says

    The sandwich container would probably get the most use in our house. My husband takes his lunch to work, so this would be great for him.

  25. says

    Wow! That is quite a giveaway. The Snapware AND a giftcard to Target AND a Realsimple boo?!!! THat is generous. I agree I like the Home Essentials snapware the most! If I didn’t use it for myself, I can easily see my 7 year old snapping it up for his Lego Inventions! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  26. says

    I think I would probably use the Target card in a snap…. excuse the pun :) But The Boss would seriously benefit from the food storage stuff to take healthy left-over meals to work for his lunch. Win-win for us both :)

  27. Jeanette Jackson says

    I would use the sandwich container every day for my husband’s lunch and the tote bag almost every day to carry groceries, books or any purchases I make.

  28. Lisa Talberg says

    Wow what a great giveaway!! I would get the most out of the organizer but all would immediately have a purpose in my house!

  29. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    My husband would use the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Food Storage Sandwich Container every day! Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Brittany Boardley Renaldi says

    I would use the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Food Storage Sandwich Container for my husbands lunch!

  31. Tara Lienlokken says

    Wow my life needs some of these! As a homeschooling mom and business owner I am constantly trying to keep everything organized! If you have tools like these to get organized it can really happen!

  32. says

    Seasonal Home Storage Organizer – 4 Layers would be so helpful with all of my seasonal decorations and keepsakes.
    With the “kids” now grown I want them to have them now…. perfect way to keep them organized per “kid” and keep everything precious safe and organized.

  33. Cheryl Lund says

    I take a lunch on the day I work so I would use the most often would have to be the Snapware® Snap ‘N Stack™ Food Storage Sandwich Container

  34. ACMommy3 says

    I think I’d use the Home Storage Essentials and the Food Storage Sandwich Container the most. Thanks for your review, I can so relate!! :-) creedamy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  35. Krystal says

    I would definitely use the dinnerware the most, because I pack lunches for my husband to reheat at work every day!!

  36. Jill Myrick says

    I would use the Snap & Stack dinnerware the most.
    It would be perfect for helping to keep my husbands dinner fresh and warm when he is working late.


  37. Diane f says

    I would probably use the dinnerware the most. I can make a plate of leftovers for my lunch the next day. I also can have dinner on the plate for when my husband gets home late.

  38. tiffany says

    I would use the sandwich kepper the most because I am constantly taking meals to my Dad that lives alone and the aluminum foil I am currently using isn’t working!!

  39. Alicia Anderson says

    OMG I would use every last bit of it for left overs and my girls would use the sandwich containers for their lunch box. I would use the Target gift card for clothes or groceries etc. It would not go to waste. Thanks for the opportunity

  40. AEKZ2 says

    I’d definitely use the Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Home Storage Essentials the most because I have so many little things laying around the house.

  41. Megan Parsons says

    I would get the most use out of the snap n lock home storage. I have a canvas tote that you put in shelfs and that is where all my bills, paperwork, ect go in and it drives me crazy every time I see it. I just couldn’t figure out a way to organize it. So I would use it for the same purpose you did : ) Thanks for the great idea by the way!


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