Babble Brings in the Dad Bloggers with their New Dad Blog — Dadding

dad-blog-dadding-babble#OccupyBabble is over — Dadding is here

This week, Babble introduced their newest blog, Dadding, hopefully putting an end to the controversy that Babble was not recognizing the dad blogging community, and helping to unify the parent blogging community.

(I have to add, considering Babble was started by a husband and wife team and has never shared the pinks and blues of the old mom-standard sites, I have always considered Babble to be a parenting site, not a mom site.)

I am somewhat new to reading dad blogs. With our site, 5 Minutes for Mom, dedicated to promoting the online mom community, dads weren’t really on our radar until this past year when I got to know some dad bloggers.

And what I discovered was that I had been missing some of the wittiest, most engaging, and unique writers in the parenting space. Yes — the PARENTING space.

As Babble’s tag line declares, “for a new generation of parents,” I think the coming together of the mom blog and dad blog communities makes for a better online parenting community.

As men and women, dads and moms, we will have different perspectives, different insights. But we all share this intense need to grow and connect as parents and people. We want to become the best for our children and laugh at ourselves as we constantly screw it up…


Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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