Nintendo DS Junior Game Package Review & Giveaway

Video games have grown in popularity since I was a child. I remember when my sister and I were given a Nintendo. The original Nintendo. Yeah, we rocked it old school like that. We thought we were the luckiest kids in the world. We played it for hours.

The changes in the games and the consoles are amazing. There are all kinds of games out there now. You can find games that let you take care of a baby, perform surgery on a pet, and there are also many educational games available.

My daughter loves her Nintendo DS. She has quite a few games and plays them daily. Of course as a parent I don’t want her to spend all of her free time playing video games. But by providing her with some educational ones I don’t feel as bad when she does seem to play forever.

We were given 4 Nintendo DS games from Maximum Family Games to try out. We received Junior Brain Trainer 2, Junior Brain Trainer Math Edition, Junior Classic Games, and Junior Mystery Quest. The age range for these games are 4 yrs to 11 yrs old. So when you purchase one of these it’s going to be something that can last,  and while entertaining it’s also helping your child learn.

I liked the Junior Mystery Quest. In this game you help a little girl explore a mansion and you find lost items. It was pretty easy and fun. Now Gracie liked them all. However, I think she enjoyed the Junior Classic Games best. You have over 30 games to play – puzzles, arcade, and logic. Hangman and iSpy were two of her favorites. I also noticed that she played the Junior Brain Trainer Math Edition quite a bit. She is in 2nd grade now and the math is becoming a little harder so I think this will help her with that.

Overall, we were very pleased with all the games. Video games have become more common and our kids love them. So why don’t we help them out by providing them with educational games as well as the others. This is a great way to allow then to have their fun and learn at the same time.

Giveaway Time!

One lucky reader will win their very own Junior Nintendo DS Game Pack. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment letting us know–Do you monitor how much time your child plays certain games?


This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.



We were provided with Nintendo DS games for review. The opinions stated above were in no way influenced.

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  1. Jamie says

    Yes definitely! I don’t let them play on their DS or on computer games for more than an hour a day and we usually limit it to days when it’s rainy or too cold to go outside to play.

  2. Starla J says

    My daughter would love this for Christmas. Our budget is small this year for Christmas, so if we win this would make her so happy to get one awesome gift!! Thank you!!

  3. Jawan says

    Yep, I sure do. My boys love to play on their DS and would be engrossed in it all day if I’d let them. They get 30 minutes a day, tops. As they get older, I’ll increase the time. Thanks!

  4. Mami2jcn says

    I do monitor how much time my son plays video games. I want to make sure he’s getting enough exercise and not playing video games all day.

  5. says

    Our son is pretty young and needs us to help him play our Wii, so it’s a family event when we play. We do limit our time, but not really with a set time limit.

  6. says

    I do monitor the amount of time my tween/teen sons play video games. During exam weeks, they are not allowed to play on weekdays. Otherwise they have a choice of TV or video games. This makes them feel they have some say, making them a happy camper and me a happy parent.

  7. CaroleM says

    I actually don’t need to. My son is very good at self regulating – maybe 20 minutes and then he’s done and puts it away on his own. Kind of nice to not fight with him over it!

  8. says

    The only games my kids play right now are board games and card games, but I know they’d enjoy playing video games now that they are getting older…and I would limit the time they played them :-)

  9. Allie says

    Our kids just recently got DS’s from their grandma for their birthdays, up until that point we were video game free (my kids are 7 &9) … I find that they are pretty good at regulating their own time, usually they will play for abour 30 minutes, move on to something else.

  10. Ivy says

    I don’t always monitor her games right now, because she usually gets tired of playing on the computer/ds before the time limits I set are up. Of course, this may change as she gets older and her attention span gets longer. (I try to limit her electronic games to 1 hour increments, but she usually gets off by herself after 30-45 min)

  11. says

    Fabulous giveaway! I do monitor my kids’ video game time. They’re only allowed to play on the weekends; and it’s only a couple of hours of play time…unless it’s raining and they cannot play outdoors. I allow longer play time then. :) They’d love this set! Thanks and Happy Sunday! :)

  12. says

    Yes, we monitor all time spent playing video games! I like to make sure my kids spend time with “non electronic” toys in our house!

  13. says

    My son is lucky if he gets 30 minutes a day with learning games. It’s usually 30 minutes a day on weekends and during the week, he’s limited to 30 minutes (or one show) per day on TV.

  14. Heather R says

    Yes I monitor how much my daughter plays her video games. Most times she will quit playing before her time is up and start playing with something different

  15. Nancye Davis says

    Yes, I do monitor the amount of time my child spends on her games (DSi). I encourage her to play with her other toys.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  16. Charity says

    Luckily my older son isn’t much of a “gamer” but I have a feeling a couple of my little ones will have to be monitored for sure!

  17. June says

    I always keep an eye on the time they are spending on just about everything they do, better to be safe then sorry, I think!

  18. Cheryl Christian says

    I think my ten year old grandson would love a DS. I see other kids playing with them and they look like they are having a great time. I am sure he will be monitored on amount of play time plus I like the educational ones.

  19. latonya r says

    i do not monitor my child but i will. She is 6 and we will try to get her a DS off of layaway in time for christmas! it won’t be a sort of monitoring but a rule. Not until the weekends.

  20. says

    yes I limit the kids time to 30 minutes a day and it has earned me the label “meanest mom on the earth” because ALL their friends can play as long as they want when ever they want. Not sure I believe that…

  21. says

    I definately limit the amount of time my kids use their DS, the computer or TV. Nothing until homework is done, and then no more than an hour in the evening.

  22. Katie says

    Not really. We do take it away as a punishment. And they can’t play until homework is done. And outside time always wins, but otherwise I don’t time their video game time.

  23. Cheryl Christian says

    Yes I monitor my grandkids when they play computer games. Important to get outside and play too. I didn’t see my comment so if this comes up twice please delete one. Thanks for giveaway.

  24. Ann F says

    Yes we monitor how much time our daughter plays video games. She isn’t allow to play any games during the week unless all homework and chores are completed. On the weekend we limit it to an hour or two a day.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  25. says

    There are limits on all screen time in our house. They have a set amount of time to play games and watch tv. My son doesn’t really play any games that I need to monitor.

  26. Amanda says

    my soon to be 6 year old would love these games.

    I don’t monitor the amount they play games since they have learning games and a DS. They usually only end up with about and extra 30 minutes a night before bed time so it’s up to them how they want to spend it.

  27. autumn says

    my daughter savanah is all about learning:) she is 7 yrs. old and in 2nd grade…i do monitor her time with the computer and her dsi, but i encourage her 2 keep on learning! spelling, vocabulary, math and begining science 2, so if she is playing something educational, she definately gets longer periods of time:) she would ABSOLUTELY <3 these games!!!

  28. Kassie Harris says

    I do monitor tv and video game time, and I think it’s very important although educational games are a bit different. It depends on the game.

  29. says

    When I am babysitting grandchildren, I monitor how long they play ANY electronic games. The games are a great resource IN limited doses. Too long – they can get too cranky, which can make grandma slightly cranky :) Definitely wise to monitor and supervise!

  30. says

    I don’t set a hard and fast time limit for how long they can play video games. My 4 yr old does educational games on the computer and given his attention span and that it is beneficial for him I let him do it as long as he is interested.

  31. says

    My son doesn’t play video games excessively, so I don’t really monitor the time he plays them. When he does play, it’s for about 30 – 60 minutes at a time.

    Thanks for the giveaway! : )

  32. Angel S. says

    We keep track of all electronics. No timers, but just watching the day and not letting the kids “entertain” themselves too long. Playing outside, helping with chores, reading etc all help keep things in balance.

  33. Janet Carey says

    Yes, I monitor the games my daughter plays on her DS by only buying certain games. She has 8 or 10 games, max. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  34. Donna Marie says

    We keep the DS, PSP, and other games put up in a drawer that the kids can not reach in our closet and when they want it they have to ask. It helps to know who is on what and when and for how long.

  35. says

    I try to monitor how much time they are playing. If it is a game that I deem educational, I will let them play a little longer than if it is just a game. Also, I am more forgiving on a rainy day.

  36. Stephanie Baker says

    During the week I allow the kids to have 30 minutes of video game time after homework is done. They are allowed more time on the weekend, but still limited.

  37. Anash says

    my kids play about 3 hours a week, as we monitor it and run a tight ship with their schooling and homework….Thanks for this splendid giveaway

  38. Jennifer Marie says

    Yes, we do monitor how much our children play games, especially non educational games. Since it is getting colder out and we are going to be spending less time outside we will need to be monitoring it even more.

  39. says

    Yes! Our daughter is only 2 1/2 so we monitor all the time she spends in front of a screen. This is true for Ipad/computer and TV, although we don’t really monitor certain games since we limit her overall media time to about an hour a day average.

  40. Tari Lawson says

    I try to monitor the amount of time my kids play games in genera. They are not allowed to play them at all during the school week.

  41. Jen says

    We pay attention to how much time they spend in front of electronics, but don’t have set time limits. When it seems like they have been in front of something for too long we suggest they move on to something else more physically active.

  42. Candice says

    Yes, we closely monitor all the games and movie and media that our children use. We have rules in place as to how long they get, ratings allowed and what times they are allowed to play. Our oldest will stay up all night playing her DS if we don’t watch her. If she is caught playing it a bedtime, she loses it for a week. We have explained the reasons for the rules and expect them to be responsible and obey them. On day, Ruby, 12, came to me and confessed that she had broken the no DS at bedtime rule and asked me to forgive her, She brought me her game to be impounded. I was so proud of her!

  43. Juli Guthrie says

    My boys are only allowed game time as a reward for good behavior and it is usually only about an hour a day when allowed.

  44. Tamara Bennington says

    As long as the homework is completed, rooms are picked up they are allowed to play their video games for about an hour a day and on the weekend about three hours per day.

  45. Geri S says

    I have always monitored the time my son play their video games. They are now all grown up and I still tell them if I think they are playing to much. That’s what a mom does. Now I have grand-daughters and I monitor them. Games now have age categories which make things a little easier, but I still check out the game or ask someone what they think about a game. Time spent playing is alway important. I put a timer on and only let them play for an hour after homework is done.

  46. Angela Maa s says

    I don’t monitor most of their game play because I know they are playing kid friendly games. But if they want to play games I’m unsure of – then I monitor their use.

  47. C Miles says

    I will tell my son from the get-go how long he can play that certain day depending on what is all going on. Its usually 30 mins. and I keep track of it, give him warnings- 15 mins. left, 5 mins. left.

  48. Lisa Burkholder says

    Yes I would, but they don’t have any sort of electronic games yet! Can’t wait to have one for them soon :)

  49. rebecca m says

    well, my son doesnt have any age appropriate games yet, but he does like to play mario kart with daddy. we dont monitor that much because it only happens about once a month. if we win this, we’ll implement some more guidelines!

  50. says

    Although we haven’t had an issue with needing to really monitor the children’s time (they are still more interested in “pretend play” than video games, I know that the time is coming very soon.

  51. erica watkins says


  52. colleen says

    We do monitor how much our kids use the ds. It’s usually around 30 minutes a day. We use it as a reward or when they are in the car..

  53. Michelle says

    We definitely try to monitor time. We make sure homework is done, he has played outside for a bit, eaten dinner, and then we allow him to play games.

  54. Vickie Couturier says

    yes we monitor how much time they spend on games no more than a hour a day during the week an 4 hours on weekends

  55. says

    Our daughter is almost 4 and she has a leapster. She doesn’t play it for longer than 15 min at a time right now. But yes, I believe it is important to moniter how much children play video games.

  56. brooke fouts says

    My son is just getting into playing games, so I havent had to monitor his time yet since he normally only can pay attention to the game for a short time lol

  57. Lisa says

    yes….we sure do! …. Maybe one hour – hr and a half. But that sure most def depends on if her homework is done…and all of her chores are finished and she helps mum out with some house chores :-) weekends are usually better when there is no school and we stay home and clean house and relaxe. Couch potatoes do not make it far in our house lol The ultimate gift she would ever have gotten right after her brother was born would be a handheld game :-) especially one that teaches…those are the best.

  58. kimberly velkovski says

    Do you monitor how much time your child plays certain games?
    We do monitor what games they play but usually not how much time they play for. However, I will not let my kids sit there ALL DAY and play.

  59. says

    We monitor all screen time (though we’re more permissive Saturday mornings so Mom and Dad can sleep in), though we are more lenient with educational games. I’m more likely to let my son play Chess on the DS than Mario Kart, but I also don’t let him play even Chess all day long.

  60. stephanie says

    I do try to keep my daughter from playing games all day, but the games she plays are educational. So I don’t feel too guilty when she asks to play a little more.

  61. Amanda Ro. says

    I definitely monitor how long my niece and cousins watch movies, play my iPod, or are on the computer. Of course, if they’re doing something educational, I give them a little extra time to play.

  62. Kelly D says

    My kids get a total of an hour a day of whatever kid-friendly game they want to play. I also take away 15 minute increments if they misbehave. It works well.

  63. Tiffany says

    I absolutely monitor the time my son spends in front of the tv or computer. Most days, he doesn’t do either one. I try to get him to do as much outside time as possible, which is getting harder now that snow is making an appearance. I also want him interacting with friends and I don’t allow TV or computer with friends.

  64. says

    I don’t put a specific time limit on the kids, but keep an eye on how long and how much they play games. I don’t care that they do; I just don’t want it to consume them. Thanks.

  65. Karen Asarak says

    my girls are very active, they love to play outside, most of the time i only give them about a half hour games time at night after we have done, everything we need to do for the day. great way to unwind before bed

  66. Azslyn Cole says

    I let my son play for 1 to 2 hours at tops and he plays fun little games like jumpstart 3D it’s a online computer game it’s fun an educational.

  67. nakia says

    I monitor everything my daughter does. She is six and is deaf. We have struggled over the last six years, with multiple appts, surgery and so on. She had cochlear impant surgery last dec and its changed her life. She’s now able to hear noises from video games, birds so many things she couldn’t before.

  68. Diane says

    I would have to say no we don’t, but that’s because we don’t own any. The girls’ have wanted a DS for years but they are pretty pricey so we haven’t been able to get them one. If we did get it I’m sure I would set a limit on usage so it could be shared and not consume their days. :-) Hope I win!

  69. Brandy says

    I dont really have to monitor my son’s playing time, he’s pretty good about only spending an hour or so. He does love the learning games too, which is why he gets to play for about an hour at a time. I feel like he’s learning a little something while he’s playing. :)

  70. kim mcintosh says

    My dd isn’t old enough yet but we will monitor for sure! Keep games like these for rainy days, down time, etc.

  71. Jennifer says

    My son is 10 and has been wanting a Nintendo DS for Christmas but we haven’t been able to afford one. He would be so happy to be able to have one for Christmas.

  72. Jennifer says

    My son isn’t quite old enough, but when the time comes I will definitely monitor how much he will play and which games he will play.

  73. christine says

    a ds would be a very nice gift for my oldest daughter and she is 9. I could never afford her one so i dont want to by pass this giveway. Awesome gift item

  74. Leigha says

    My girls have to finish all their homework for the week before they can play, and then they are free to play however long they wish. They never play long enough for me to worry about it though.. If that were to happen, I would probably set limits!

  75. says

    My son’s video game playtime is monitored. A couple of hours with the DS after homework is done. And he has to ask to play the XBOX during the weekend. that too is limited to a couple of hours. I would love this Junior pack for my 5 yr old daughter so she could borrow her brother’s DS once in a while.

  76. Jamie says

    Yes we monitor all four of our children’s time they have to get homework done first then their chores before they play my two youngest can stay on their games all day if u let them

  77. C Hulsey says

    I have to monitor my 12 yo when it comes to an online game that she likes to play. If I were to win this game package, it will be for my 7 yo, whom I do not have to monitor because her attention span doesn’t allow her to play a game for too long.

  78. says

    Yes, I definitely monitor my daughter’s time spent on the computer and DS. Thankfully it hasn’t been a problem yet, but she’s only 9. The DS is great for long car trips to visit family and she likes to doodle and make flip note movies. ;0)

  79. says

    Unless it is blatantly obvious that they are spending too much time, I am ashamed to admit that I don’t – between working FT, My husband working nights, school, dance, scouts, housework, bills, etc. I tend to let some things slide. I think generally the kids get bored after a while though and will find something else to do. I also like that certain games do have an educational component.

  80. Debby says

    I have to monitor or they would play games, educational or for fun, all afternoon and night. Besides, how else would I get to play, ha ha.

  81. Heather DiLena says

    My 3 boys know they have a set time limit that they are allowed to play their video games everyday. We also only allow certain games.

  82. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I do not tell them I am monitoring instead when I think they have played long enough I give them another option like reading with them or taking a walk.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  83. AlisonD says

    They get an hour max each day with their leapster, my DS or the computer. My girls are only 5 so I think that’s plenty. I don’t tell them I monitor but usually make sure that they start playing about an hour before dinner or something that will naturally end their playing time.

  84. Jaimie K says

    I definitely monitor how much my kids play at all. I’ve never been much a fan of video or computer games. I see how they are fun, but I don’t like the kids spending a ton of time doing that. That said, we do play some, and new games are always a plus! Thanks!

  85. Amy Brewer says

    I don’t monitor my childrens time on games. Most of the time they are having fun and have their chores and homework done. If that is what they want to do in their time then I let them. At least they play together when doing it.

  86. says

    Yes! The time they get on electronics depend on their behavior and if their rooms are clean :) SInce they love techie stuff they actually seem to keep their rooms surprisingly clean!

  87. Candice says

    I monitor what my kids play and for how long. They don’t get to play as often as most kids, it’s more or less a treat for good behavior, but when they do play, it’s usually educational games.

  88. jackie decker-sanchez says

    So nice to see games for the littler kids. My 4 year old always wants to play with her big brother’s ds and some games are just too hard for her

  89. jackie decker-sanchez says

    I do monitor time. especially on non learning games, sorry, i hit enter before i was odne on my last post. and i cant figure out how to delete it

  90. Ai'Mee D says

    My 9 year old son loves games. He trys to play his big sisters DS but says mommy she has to many girly games. I monitor them all the time. There are certain times that they are alotted game time during the day. They get more time during the weekend. I have to due this so they get all of there homework done and house work.

  91. says

    I don’t have any young children at home but I do know my son and daughter in law monitor my 3 year old granddaughter’s time spent on playing her little computer games…they start so early, don’t they!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway:-) xo

  92. says

    I definitely do. And if he is playing something educational I always am more generous with the time than if I think it is purely for entertainment value.

  93. Marie says

    I do monitor but not to a certain time — my kids rarely spend that much time on the computer or watching tv — they spend a lot of time playing outside or with their toys as well.

  94. Nancy says

    Hi I will really like to win this for my daughter she always ask me for one but I cant afford it I am a singl mother working a part time job can u please help me with this thank you

  95. Abigail says

    I do and I don’t monitor her time on games I say this because my 4 year old doesn’t have anything except a V reader as a game system yet that is till Christmas She is getting a DS and the family is getting a Wii so game time will be restricted but she is so active i don’t think it will be too much of a problem.

  96. Doris C says

    Well I don’t have my own young enough to montor except my niece and nephew and I do limit them to 1 hour while they are here!

  97. says

    Solid post, nice work. It Couldnt be written any improved. Reading this post reminds me of my previous boss! He always kept babbling concerning this. Let me forward this short article to him. Confident he can possess a superb read. Appreciate your sharing!

  98. Florence says

    Yes.always have since she was little.She is now 12 but a straight A student in advanced classes.the computer and the the computer games have actually.made her faster and brighter on other work..

  99. Angie says

    My kids are pretty good at self-regulating video game time. But I have been known to step in when I see the eyes glaze over lol.

  100. Cindy Ray says

    I always monitor my kids time spent on games. And sometimes I even have to monitor my how much time my hubby spends playing games too lol :)

  101. Martha Boismier says

    I love that there are games for younger kids.My grand son would just love these and learn at the same time.

  102. amberly says

    I deffently monitor everything… I don’t believe in video games at all and don’t buy them. I believe in playing outside like I did growing up or educational games to keep ur mind busy. But my son is begging for a game and maybe this would b a good way for me to introduce them to him and he can learn at the same time

  103. says

    I definitely monitor my 4 year old’s time! She has one Dora wii game that she plays with every so often, and I have an itouch that she has games on – she plays it about once a week.

  104. Stacy T. says

    For me it depends on the game. If it’s educational I let them play a little longer than if it’s just a plain character based game they are playing just for fun.

  105. Amber says

    My daughter has a DS, but I havent had any issues with her spending too long playing. She is six, and is so active she rarely sits still long enough to make me worry!

  106. Brooke D. says

    Yes, we try to keep it at a minimum! My son who is 9 has to have all his homework and chores complete before he is allowed a little play time!

    Thank you so much!

  107. Sally Garrick says

    I do monitor the amount of time my kids 6 and 8 spend on the DS but would love for them to have some more educational games to play.

  108. Melissa F. says

    Not only do I monitor how much time my children play games, but I try to make time to play the games with them, as quality family time!

  109. Leigh Ann says

    I do moniter the time spent on the computer to 1 hr per day. I think the brain games are the best, and keep you mind active. Would love to get this as a gift for Christmas

  110. Lantana H. says

    I monitor my son’s time and I monitor what he does on the internet. I’m usually sitting right there so I know everything he’s doing. He’s only 5 but he’s pretty good with a computer so I make sure I know what he’s doing on it.

  111. Karla Sceviour says

    Yes,I try to monitor how much screen time my son gets..,whether it be on a video game,ipod,tv or laptop!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  112. says

    yes yes yes! We absolutely monitor screen time. Actually, they don’t get screen time unless I’m in the room with them. We don’t do it every day, either.

  113. Kellie Conklin says

    Yes I definitely monitor screen time, usually two shows per day and the amount of time on a game device varies depending on what they are doing! These look like great games, thanks for the giveaway!

  114. says

    Yes, we keep track of how much time they spend on video games. We like the educational games for the DS system as we homeschool and find traveling in the car even for 10 minutes gets some good speed review in on their spelling and math games. This is a great giveaway for the holidays! Thanks!

  115. Joni Owada says

    We have a rule that they have to do a study game first and then they can do a fun play game…would be great to have them both in one!!

    We set the timer and when it goes off the game playing is done!

  116. Kym Benton says

    My grandson has to earn his time on his DS, he just started Kindergarten, loves learning & these would be so helpful for him. He usually plays on the weekend & really doesn’t have to be restricted because he just normally doesn’t stay on it very long.

  117. says

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards . “We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip little by little at a truth we find bitter.” by Denis Diderot.

  118. Natasjha says

    If my children had video game systems, I would probably have a time limit of an hour and that would be contengent that they had their homework and chores completed. If all video games were designed for learning who can put a time limit on that , we always should stimulate their minds with useful information. I remember as a child I always enjoyed watching the discovery channel and till this day I still do. What we instill in our children now ,will go a long way in the future.

  119. Tonia says

    We don’t have a set time limit, but they do have to have their chores and school work done before playing. And since we only have one DS between 4 children that cuts down on the amount of time that they can spend on it.

  120. Jenifer guin says

    I definately limit the time that my girls play video games!!!! We have our routine …homework, supper, bathtime, and then they are allowed to play for an hour or so (if time permits them to do so) cuts down on stalling and kinda makes them realize the more the put off doing the required tasks…the less game play time they have!!!

  121. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I monitor the types of games we buy,…and the time they play in general. Mainly, as long as they are not turning into zombies, i figure we’re all good.

  122. Ang Alford says

    I monitor how much she plays games all together , unless they have educational value then she can have a little longer , belensmama at gmail dot com

  123. says

    My oldest, Cutie Pie, is a 4 year old boy who loves to sit at the computer and play games, but has a hard time, so I’m usually with him when he plays them and we aren’t at it for very long. I’d love to give him something more challenging that he can manage on his own!

  124. Rachel says

    My 5 yr old Owen is a smart little red head and would love Santa to peices if he found one of these under the tree! 😀

  125. Theresa swanson says

    Yes I do monitor how much my girl spends playing on games granted the games she plays are educational but i still feel she needs to bwe well rounded therefore she needs time for other enrichments to be explored as well an it helps develop her socially as well

  126. says

    Absolutely! On the actual computer, we set up time limits under each of the kids’ user ids. On their game systems, we have to just keep a close watch. Sometimes I make them earn screen time by reading.

  127. Melanie says

    I monitor how much time my daughter spends on games and/or TV in general. She prefers to be active, read or do puzzles though so she’s not too bad.

  128. Alisha says

    Since my son is not huge into gaming, but instead more into hands on toys I don’t have to be super strict on his gaming experience. He never plays with any gaming system for more than 10 mins so for now my job is easy. As he gets old I would definitely limit his gaming to around an hour a day if he ever becomes that interested in using the games, especially if it’s not a learning game.

  129. Loubna Khoury says

    I havent allowed my son to play video games yet but if he gets the nintendo ds will monitor his time and let him enjoy!

  130. Jill L says

    We really don’t have to monitor. They go in spurts. They won’t play any video games for weeks and then they’ll want to play all day one day. If they ever wanted to play every day, then I would be monitoring their time.

  131. Trista says

    monitoring is tough – but sometimes a great way to get dads/kids involved – after all, we are now a gaming generation…

  132. says

    I find that sometimes the kids are on the game systems for to long and i will say lets do something else but somedays we all need to have a lazy day. So i would say yes and no to this question.


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  133. says

    These would be great for the kids. My 2 oldest already have a ds and the 3rd is asking for one from Santa. She’s a 1st grader and this would be perfect for her!

  134. says

    My boys will be 4 in January and we haven’t introduced them to video games yet…some computer time but not enough to be detrimental, I would love this because it would ease them into playing games and teach them too. :)

  135. Beth C says

    When my granddaughter comes over with her DS I try to have other things for her to do also so that she only plays with it for about an hour at a time.

  136. DebbieKL says

    If we let our son play early he’s a zombie all day. Lately we’ve been limiting non-educational games to after dinner.

  137. says

    We use a timer. They can play games while I’m on the computer (or vice versa!) and when the timer is through, so are we. This also helps keep me on track while on the computer because I’m less likely to wander off onto time-sucking sites.

  138. Dawn Rowley says

    Yes, Some games become frustrating when my kids feel they are not advancing. At that time it is time to go outside and play off some energy.

  139. says

    My son is only 2, but I do monitor his time with things. He LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba, and know how to turn on his little personal tv and push play. I have to make sure he doesn’t just watch it all day long! ha I’m sure he’d love this when he got a bit older… he already loves to play games on my husbands phone.

  140. Heather says

    My son is almost 6 and we do not have video games. It would be very closely monitored, but you would make him the happiest boy ever.

  141. says

    Of course we monitor game time! With five kids, there’s no way there’s enough after school time for everyone, so we give time limits when they do ask to play. Otherwise, the screens would be on non-stop around here :(

  142. Lisa Talberg says

    Yes, even though it is hard to say no, it is necessary. The only thing is I also have to be willing to set a good example and move away form the computer or TV and find something constructive we can do together. These games look fun and seem to be similar to some that we play on computer together.

  143. Chip says

    Do you monitor how much time your child plays certain games?

    YES! We keep it to about 15 mins at a time and if he starts asking every few minutes or right when he gets up then we say no for awhile. Also, starts saying that he “needs” to play, then we put the games away for a day or two.

  144. Jennifer says

    I been trying to find way to help my son learn he is doing poorly in school even thou I work with him as much as I can I would love to find fun ways for him to learn he has ADD and I just trying to find ways to help him.

  145. says

    My kids each get 45 minutes of either Wii, DS, or computer. At 45 minutes, they have a choice to quit, or to switch to something educational and they can have another 15 minutes!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  146. April Clark Trent says

    I monitor how much time over all she is playing games, but I don’t worry about which games she is playing because they get my approval before they are purchased.

  147. Amanda F. says

    I allow my daughter to make her own choices, and help her to see the good or bad consequences that result from her decisions. I always make sure she gets outside, and works on school work as well, but I don’t give her a time limit to what she chooses to do for fun. So far, so good, she has become very wise and independent as a result of the self exploration.

  148. Pauline says

    most definitely but i am very lucky because my kids love to play outside more than anything else so most of the time, i do not need to monitor them – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  149. Erica C. says

    I don’t strictly monitor how long they play games, but if I notice them playing for extended periods of time…I make them get up and do something.

  150. Leigh Jeanphilippe says

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards . “I will do my best. That is all I can do. I ask for your help-and God’s.” by Lyndon B. Johnson.

  151. Laura Jacobson says

    Yes, we do set limits by keeping busy doing other things. We find they tend to play more games when at home and bored.

  152. zene says

    nah, I dont care much, but we have alot of other activities so its nice to let my kid have down time.
    spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  153. Cheryl Lund says

    I monitor the usage as long as I know what games they are playing and if they share any with their friends. I make sure everything is shut off at bed time.

  154. Janice says

    I definitely believe in time limits or else they will play the video games all day. Homework should always come first.

  155. ACMommy3 says

    Yes, we try to be careful to be balanced about everything, whether it’s electronic games or tv/movie time….we love to encourage a wide range of activities, like crafts, reading books, playing outside, riding bikes, building with legos, movie time, etc. It’s great to have choices. :-) creedamy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  156. Jill Myrick says

    Yes, I monitor have much time my children spend on video games and television both. I am a lot more lenient on educational games though.
    During the week i prefer that we do more things together like reading.


  157. tiffany says

    I do monitor my kids TV use and video game use. We like to allow no more than an hour a day and my son has to earn video game time with “exercise time”.

  158. Ann Marie Walker says

    Yes I do monitor how much game time they have. I don’t let them play them all day for hours on end. They can play only a couple hours a day. I do let them play a little longer on weekends or if its too cold or icky to go outside.

  159. Tiffany Hearn says

    Yes, I monitor how much time my children play all games. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! My kids would love this!

  160. Tiffany Salvia says

    I do monitor, but there are times we do let our son play more than we should. Thanks for the giveaway! These look like great games!

  161. Jennifer C says

    I really don’t monitor how much time my kids spend playing their games. They don’t spend very much time with electronic games (maybe twice a week) so I let them decide when they’ve had enough. they have never spent hours at a time with it.

  162. odessa says

    I monitor how much my children play any games. We have a limit of game time. I think even though educational games are great, planted on the couch with a game needs to be done in moderation. :)

  163. Jason says

    I do monitor all of their game play. It can get out of control quickly if let unchecked


  164. monica says

    I dont have to monitor, because my children play the games in the car or a few minutes before bed.. They are very active and always on the go. Its actually kind of nice to have them sit still and quietly with their DS’s!!

  165. Megan Parsons says

    They are not allowed to play games until homework is done. They usually play about 30 minutes each and then I tell them to turn it off. .

  166. Cristi says

    I moniter what games they play and for how long. They are allowed to play for 30 mins every other day if their chores and homework is done.If we are on a trip they can play longer.

  167. Pauline M says

    I definately monitor the amount of time my kids spend on the computer and with games. If I didn’t, I think they would grow mold and never move!

  168. Penny Kathleen says

    I do still have to monitor how much time my son plays games because he is only 4 and isn’t able to make that distinction on his own yet.


  169. Tammy Greer says

    Yes, I don’t let my kids play video games for long periods. I want them up and moving and not glued to the tv.
    LuckyTJG at cs dot com

  170. tracey byram says

    Tristan doesn’t play games so much that I need to limit the time. He’s not obsessed with any one game.

  171. Mary S says

    We do monitor them. They have an overall time limit. I like them to play a variety of games, and because they have to take turns, sharing the games with each other, that is pretty easy to accomplish.

  172. Brandy P says

    Well, for the most part! Weekdays they get to play only after homework and chores are done. They get maybe 30 mins. Weekends are more relaxing. We play games as a family so it depends. Sometimes we play 30 mins, sometimes we go for 2 hours!! Depends on the game, how much time we have, and how much fun we are having. As for just my children, weekends I usually let them play for at least a couple hours.

  173. Terri Martin says

    I try to limit grandkids time on games, It would be great if they were actually liked to learn something while playing.

  174. Angela H says

    Most of the time, yes. Our whole house is a gamer house so a lot of times we spend time together playing video games. :)

  175. Hollie S says

    My kids only get to play if chores and homework are done and as long as they did not have any issues at school during the week. On the weekend we play together so the time can be longer spent on games but I try to limit their time playing alone.

  176. says

    Honestly, no I do not. I probably should but since I have girls, in my experience they don’t get hooked as much as it seems boys do. (in all honesty, I think my husband is more hooked on games than my kids!)

  177. mary gardner says

    i don’t because my daughter takes playing her ds by spells. she might play a lot for a week and then not touch it the next week. the only games she has are rated e so i don’t worry about what she is playing. if she began to spend more time playing ds than other things i would absolutely monitor her time. thanks for the giveaway!

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  178. Veronica Szymankiewicz says

    We definitely monitor how much time our son plays videogames. Educational games can be played longer usually. Entertainment games can be educational as well in that they help with quick thinking, problem solving and eye hand coordination. However, we only let him play a couple of times a week, otherwise he won’t want to do anything else.

  179. Charlene Kuser says

    I do monitor the time they play games.They need time for physical exercise as well as well as
    chores and doing homework

  180. dawn says

    Yes we do certain things have to be done before and the evenings are spent with thw whole family

  181. heather c says

    We sure do! With at least two hours of homework each school night, we’ve pretty much banned the DS during the school week.


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