Pamper Yourself This Christmas Season

As a mom, I am always looking for ways to relax and enjoy some me time.  Little ways to pamper myself?  Always a bonus!

So, when I was asked to review  products from Biotegrity, it was a no brainer.  They sent me a Mommy Pamper Pack and a Pregnancy Pamper Pack.

In the Mommy Pamper Pack, I received a cute black and white paisley type print bag along with their Replenish Omega-3.  The Replenish Omega-3 is the first Omega-3 supplement specifically designed for women.

From their site:

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids can make a big difference in both the health and beauty of a woman. EFAs are essential fatty acids that the body can not produce on its own. 

Also included was their Replenish Nutrients for Women.  This is a Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement.

Replenish Essentials for Women:

  •  Natural support for healthy immune system, heart & hormones
  •  Bone support, antioxidants, and energy boosters for longevity
  • Nutrients that are essential for beautiful skin, hair & nails  


I’m not sure about you, but, I know with my busy lifestyle, I need to take more vitamins because I don’t get the nutrients my body is crying out for.  There are 90 capsules in each container.

Also in the Mommy Pamper Pack, I received a comfy pair of soft socks, Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion and Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint.  These will be great going into the winter months!

In the Pregnancy Pamper Pack, the bag is super cute!  Brown with Pink dots.  This bag included the Promise DHA Omega-3 Natural Supplement for Before/During/After Pregnancy, stage 1 of their 3 Stage Prenatal Vitamins

Promise DHA Omega-3 Unique Advantages:

  • Can help support your baby’s brain and eye development
  • Completely pure & safe pharmaceutical-grade oil tested to be free from impurities including mercury
  • Provides 100% of the recommended DHA in only one strawberry-flavored soft gel per day
  • Addition of DHA is the perfect complement for each Stage of Promise Prenatal Vitamins
  • Same quality and standards as RX Prenatal Omega-3’s at a fraction of the cost


Also in the Pamper Pack was a container of Promise Belly Butter.  This is to help reduce the risks of stretch marks during pregnancy. To make your feet feel nice and comfy, they also included a cute pair of soft socks.

Giveaway Time!

Biotegrity is offering 2 readers a chance to win one of these Pamper Packs!  One winner will receive the Mommy Pamper Pack and a $50.00 Visa Gift Card while another winner will receive the Pregnancy Pamper Pack with a $50.00 Baby Gap gift card.  To enter, just leave a comment here letting us know what you do to pamper yourself.


  This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.


Written by Jacqui Stewart, a single mom to one girl, and the blogger at Single Parent Retreat. Jacqui loves sharing information not only on parenting, but products that she has found and loves. When she isn’t working her full-time job, she is working on freelance assignments.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary mommy and pregnancy pamper pack in order to write my review, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Lachelle B says

    For me it is taking the time to give myself an at home pedicure or coloring my hair! Both of those are instant pick me ups in my book.

  2. Amy red says

    Haven’t pampered myself I cater to my kids not myself. All I can think of is hubby’s painted my toenails other night since I’m pregnant an dis and awesome job!!!

  3. hippie4ever says

    Pamper? ME!? Who has time for that? Hmmm… maybe a piece of dark chocolate and hot black coffee. Now if only I could enjoy them uninterrupted.

  4. Holly says

    I like to sit down with a big mug of hot tea and read a few chapters in a book. Instant relaxation, if only for half an hour!

  5. Amanda says

    well being7 months pregnant right now I wish I had more time to pamper myself. Gosh I truly need it. With backaches and rib kicks I am exhusted by nights end.

    I usually pamper myself every other week with getting pedcures and manicures but right now the extra money is going to paying bills.

    I’d love to win the pregnancy kit!

  6. Ashley H. : ) says

    To pamper myself I take a nice long bath with either bubble bath or a few drops of lavender oil in the water. Also I read while in the bath depending on my mood, sometimes a little peace and quite with a good book is all you need to let go of the day to day stresses. : )

  7. Jessica says

    I really don’t have time to pamper myself, but I do like to take a little “me time” to just get online and waste time. :)

  8. Azslyn Cole says

    I go take a warm shower, give myself a pedicure and manicure and makeup, and wear something nice, or relax all day =}

  9. Shari says

    Oh, I love to go to a hotel in town once a year and spend a couple of days gloriously, blissfully alone! I always come back more patient with my family. 😉

  10. says

    I have two small children AND am 6 months pregnant with baby #3. I RARELY am able to pamper myself, but I occasionally get a 30 minute uninterrupted bath(thanks daddy) and I read while soaking.

  11. Mechele Johnson says

    Ha! Not a whole lot. With 5 kids pamper time is pretty much non-existant. When they are all at school, and baby is down for a nap, I take a nice shower and then watch my recorded shows for a bit. That is pampering to me!

  12. says

    Well, I no longer need the “Pregnancy Pack” … THANK THE LORD! ‘Nuff said about that.

    To pamper myself, I usually heat my rice bag (flannel sack filled w/rice) in the microwave and lay down in my comfy bed with it on my lower back, along with a great read! Aaaahh, it’s my favorite “Quiet Mommy Time” relaxing activity ….

    Thanks 4 chance at the “Mommy Pampering Pack”!

  13. says

    To pamper myself I let myself watch an hour of whatever chick show I want to watch when I’m having a bad day..Army Wives, Desperate Housewives, etc. And then I usually end up feeling better heh :)

  14. Christyn Mckenna says

    To pamper myself i take relaxing baths and go get my eyebrows waxed and my nails done at least twice a month!

  15. Jaimie K says

    Wow, when was the last time I pampered myself??? I do enjoy a quiet evening with my husband, resting on the couch with the heater on my feet. :)

  16. says

    I can’t think of anything I do to pamper myself — that’s the problem! I’m running on empty and could really use a prize like this.

    Does having a cup of hot tea count?

  17. ashley rexrode says

    i would love to get my sister the pregnancy gift bag. she is due in march with number 2. this will be her last baby. she tried for 5 years to have baby #2 and is finally pregnant! i would love to spoil her with this

  18. Tiffany O. says

    I pamper myself by allowing myself to get a pedicure once a month. It makes me feel pretty while I’m slumming around in flip flops!

  19. Marlena U. says

    Each birthday, my husband gets me a gift card to my favorite spa. I sneak away for a massage or facial when things get stressful.

  20. says

    At the moment, I really don’t do much to pamper myself. I like to take bubble baths and soak in the tub, but our tub is kinda shallow, so… I’m also pregnant, so looking for new ways to get comfortable 😉

  21. says

    Favourite way to pamper myself is to take a long hot sudsy bath and read a book by candlelight:-) Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway:-) xo

  22. says

    I light candles…shut my door…have a nice glass of hot chocolate or tea….and get in my most comfy pajama’s. I may read a book or massage my feet and paint my toenails. So rejuvenating :0)

  23. Mrs. Jessica Bassey says

    I don’t ask for much, but what I do ask for is some peace and me time. Hot bath soft jazz by candle light always gets this tired mommy going:)

  24. Brooke D. says

    I usally try to get a pedicure to pamper myself once in awhile! This would be so awesome to win as I’m expecting in Feb.!

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  25. Rachel H says

    I go to the movies. Yeah, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with nails, hair or massages…but for me right now pampering means being able to sit for more then five minutes, by myself, where I can turn off all forms of contact, eating food I don’t have to share – while its HOT. All the while being able to focus on nothing other then the screen of my chosen enjoyment, uninterrupted for 2 hours. Heaven.

  26. Melissa F. says

    To pamper myself in the winter, I put on my warmest pair of pajamas and some nice fuzzy socks, make myself a steaming mug of peppermint coffee with extra cream, and open curtains to watch the snow fall!

  27. says

    I’m afraid I don’t do much of anything to pamper myself. There is neither the time nor the money for such things. I certainly dream of being able to do things like get a pedicure,go to the salon to get a real hair cut & color, or have some make-up or skin care products to help me protect my skin as I’m aging, but they will have to wait for now.

  28. Barbara Mwanza says

    I don’t pamper myself all I have are this cracky nails,hair that breaks and my forehead full of acne looks horrible.I really need to win this to pamper myself.

  29. megan h says

    with a toddler and a new baby right now getting to the mall to let my daughter play while the little one sleeps and sipping a starbucks is a pamper in itself for me these days!

  30. Rachel says

    Mommy Pamper Pack!!! If i wanna pamper my self, I soak my feet in hot as i can stand it water, with all the right products, to soothe my tired feet. then paint em up pretty lol. my kids are always wanting their nails painted too, but they are 5 and 2 year old boys!!! lmbo

  31. Wendy O. says

    My workplace just started bringing in a masseuse – $10 for 30 minutes, or $20 for 60 minutes. It’s become my way to pamper myself on the cheap, without having to shell out tons of dough for a massage. :) I’m hoping to indulge in one every 3-4 months.

  32. Montse Greenawalt says

    My best way is to have whole morning by myself and most of the time in the bathtub with a relaxing essential oil.

  33. kim says

    to pamper myself…a go to zumba! It is my release and helps me stay focused. My pregnant daughter would love the pamper packs – either one!!

  34. says

    Last night I let my husband take the kids and I sat on the front porch wrapped in a blanket, enjoying the neighbor’s Christmas lights and the peace and quiet for 15 minutes. :)

  35. says

    I tend not to pamper myself terribly much :( But, I do ask for gift cards for holiday gifts, so that I can enjoy the gift twice – once when opening and twice when actually shopping. THEN, I do splurge a little by setting up a shopping date with my daughter or my cousin or a friend, do a little lunch out and some shopping without having to think about buying anything that anyone ELSE NEEEEEEEDS (insert whine here!) from me :)

    LOVE the bags with these – so fresh and trendy!

  36. patricia white says

    I love lotion that smells good and love soft socks on my feet, then I just sit in my relaxing chair with my daughter….the best!

  37. Danielle Conner says

    I pamper myself by splurging on Bath and Body Works products. I dont ask for much but i do take care of my skin and like to smell good!

  38. Sharon says

    I used to get massages to pamper myself, but that got a bit pricey. So now I have my husband give me a massage each night.

  39. Sarah Morgan says

    I don’t really take time to pamper myself anymore… I really need to though… Maybe if I win this gift basket, I will. Back when I used to pamper myself, it was with a nice hot bubble bath, a big glass of wine, and a really good book.

  40. Christina says

    Hot bubble baths with a glass of wine while reading a book! Away from all the tumult of home (I play CDs so I can’t hear everyone else)!

  41. says

    All moms love to be pampered and we tend to forget ourselves during the holidays. We could slip these pampering items into our stockings and Santa wouldn’t be the wiser!

  42. Krystal says

    I would love the pregnancy pack, since I’m 8 months pregnant right now. But of course, the mommy one would be nice for a new mom too. To pamper myself I like to relax in the tub with some yummy smelling oils.

  43. ACMommy3 says

    I love to pamper myself with fun time on the computer (reading recipes, blogs and giveaways) or getting a low-fat Chai Latte at Starbucks and browsing books at the bookstore by myself. :-) creedamy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  44. Jammie says

    I pamper myself with a nice hot bath, and a good book. Look the door and stay away for hours. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  45. Rosey says

    I settle down with my Kindle sometimes, on the living room couch, after everyone has gone to sleep…that is my favorite way to Pamper myself.

  46. Heather M says

    I make sure my tow nails are ALWAYS painted. Winter and everything. It makes me feel that much better about myself.

  47. gina says

    On occassion I allow myself some indulgences like something decadent to eat or a really nice beauty product or shoes to pamper myself.

  48. Kathy Davis says

    I pamper myself by getting my toes done!!

    I would like to win this for my daughter who is finally expecting after 6 long years of trying.


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