Win a BISSELL® PROdry™ Deep Cleaner

by Janice

I just cleaned my carpet.

In the middle of a busy Sunday afternoon.

With my toddler and my six year old home.

Yes, it was the easiest, fastest carpet cleaning experience you could imagine. I actually had fun!

I have never cleaned our carpets myself. I have walked past the big rental machines in the supermarket and thought about renting one. But instead I call in the professionals every six months or so and pay a huge bill. Not fun.

So, when Bissell asked us to try out their new BISSELL® PROdry™ deep cleaner, designed to clean and dry carpets FAST for busy families, I jumped on it. Cleans and dries fast, and I can do it myself — sounds like a perfect carpet cleaning solution!

And the BISSELL® PROdry™ didn’t disappoint!

Assembling the unit was super easy, reading the manual took minutes, and I was ready to clean!

This deep cleaner, which is ideal for cleaning and revitalizing carpet and area rugs, also features tools for cleaning up stairs, spots and tough stains.

For stain removal, the PROdry 7350 comes with a special cleaning solution and tool, OxyGen 2 PowerTool.

So before we cleaned the carpets, Jackson helped me with spot treatment, using the OxyGen 2 PowerTool.

It worked really well, getting out most of the stains. Unfortunately, because our carpets are ten years old with grayish tinged high traffic areas, it worked a little too well and now I have super clean spots showing the color the carpet used to be! Now I will have to “spot treat” larger areas to get my carpet to match!

Because the PROdry is specifically designed to only use a limited amount of water and cleaning solution to clean, your carpets don’t get saturated with water and are dry enough to use in 30 minutes.

And, if you have hard wood floors with area rugs, you can safely clean the rugs without moving them since the water won’t soak through the rug and damage the floor beneath them.

After I had finished cleaning our carpet and had put away the machine, (clean up of the machine is super quick too,) Jackson spilled a bowl of milk and cheerios all over the area rug under our kitchen table.

I just went and grabbed the PROdry, added the hot water and solution and quickly cleaned that part of the rug. It was dry before the kids even finished their snack!

The BISSELL® PROdry™, which retails for $179.99, is a great way to quickly and inexpensively keep your carpets clean.

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