Name Our App Contest

Name Our App Contest

I don’t know about you, but I am always taking videos of my kids on my Iphone. In fact, right now I think there are about 6 videos on my phone that I need to upload but I have just been too busy to plug my phone up to my computer to transfer them.

There is a new program hitting the market that has been developed by This is a revolutionary app that simplifies uploading and sharing videos!  No more will I have to plug my phone into the computer or worry about losing my videos! I can just upload videos straight from my phone! Now I can show off my videos to my entire family from anywhere and at anytime! Freedom has never felt better!

Name Our App Contest needs your help! While they have created this wonderful new app, they have not been able to come up with a name for it. That is where you come in! Since it will be you using this video sharing app, thought that opening the doors to you and asking for your ideas would be a great way to choose the perfect name.

How to Enter

Entering your name idea in the contest is simple! At the bottom of this post is a Linky. Submit your idea here. That’s it! Once you have submitted your idea, be sure and come back and choose the name that you like the best by clicking the like button beside your favorite name.


Of course with any giveaway, there is always a prize! 3 winners will be chosen from all the entrants to the contest.

  • 1st prize:$500 cash prize for the individual who names the app


  • 2nd prize:$100 account credit at, which can be used for their website builder, search engine optimization product, or web addresses for the entire family!


  • 3rd prize: A random entrant will also receive a $100 account credit at


So, put your thinking caps on, and bring out your best ideas! This contest will end on November 23rd. The winners will be announced on November 25th, 2011.

Learn about the app before anyone else!

sign up  at Launchrock to get preliminary access to the app! Everyone who signs up via the launchrock will get access to the app sooner and some tips and tricks about the video sharing contest.

Vote Below!


Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Advertising and Communications contact, Jennifer. You can find me blogging at For Such a Time as This.

This is a paid campaign with All opinions and thoughts are our own.


      • says

        Thanks, Keonte! Mine is LoupeIn (#2), referencing the loupes you use to check your proof sheet in photography but also because a loop is circular, which relates to sharing. And “lupine” can refer to wolves or a purple flower, both of which would be pretty great logo options… blah blah blah…

  1. says

    #80 Cher – I like it when apps have real names (sort of like Siri on the iphone). Cher is your built-in videographer who is always “UP” to capturing and “Chering” memories.


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