The Not So Jolly Christmas Season {Guest Post}

Shelley Kim is mom to three energetic and amazing children and the founder of Shelley is guest posting today with tips on how to stretch both your time and money during the Holidays.

As Seen From a Mom’s Perspective

Christmas is the season to be jolly or so the Christmas carol goes.

For lots of moms, myself included, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year.

For one thing, it comes close on the heels of Thanksgiving which will have followed close on the heels of Halloween – all of which are huge events in many American households.

By the time Christmas is over, most families and especially the moms are stressed out, exhausted, and emotionally time-poor with finances not looking so great either.

The last quarter of the year is met with glee by all the retailers because they know that consumers will get out their wallets, even if there is not much inside them, to shell out for the Christmas gifts we have to give.

It is a really expensive time for many families, the cost of gifts notwithstanding. And since Christmas is usually a time for spending with lots of family and friends, you’ll probably find yourself playing host to a big family get together which means you’ll have to get plenty of food and drink and spend a lot longer than usual preparing that huge meal.

This year, more than ever before, it seems that many families are finding it harder than ever to find extra money to put aside, whether it be for gifts, for going out, entertainment and any niceties or luxury items. In this I include eating out, taking the children out on trips, and vacations.

Although the global financial crisis hit us all back in 2008, we did think it would be coming to an end by now, nearly three years later. In reality, it has become harder for many families and the struggling continues with many households really cutting back on their spending.

Making Your Time & Money Go Further

1) Buy your presents as soon as Christmas is over

Yes, really. You might not have many pennies left over after this Christmas and that’s probably because you paid the over inflated prices charged by stores at the peak of the Christmas shopping season, usually in October and November. Stores know that people will buy the hiked up prices if they shop nearer the Christmas because time is running out.

Take a look at the prices once Christmas is over and you’ll see many of the same toys heavily discounted. You can pick up some great bargains here that can be used as presents during the year and for next Christmas too.

2) Sign up for newsletters at online stores

These are great for keeping you informed of deals and offers that many stores will have. You will find that many online stores have great deals during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days as well as special deals for the Back to School season. Buy when these deals are on, many will offer free shipping too.

3) Shop online and get items delivered

As well as being able to easily comparison shop when you buy online, you will appreciate the convenience of having items delivered straight to your door. Before Amazon, a household delivery used to be only for big household expensive goods such as a dishwasher but nowadays, anything and everything can be delivered to your door and having parcels shipped is mainstream. Enjoy the convenience and be grateful of the potential back problems you are avoiding!

Although Christmas is a time of getting together and having fun, you’ll find yourself with a bigger smile on your face next year if you decide to buy all your Christmas presents for next year as soon as this year’s Christmas is over.

Written by Shelley Kim, a mom to three energetic and amazing children who runs a blog that offers advice on toy safety as well as what sort of baby toys are suitable for your child.

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