Bosco Bear Pillows Make a Great Holiday Gift for Little Ones


Pillow Fight!

The other day I got a very squishy package from Bosco Bear in Australia.  My kids jumped around me like kangaroos (after I told them where the package was from and what kind of animals lived there) while I ripped open the packaging.  Inside were 3 very cute, very colorful kid cushions.  One for each of them!

After lots of trading around, each kid had their own cushion.  And the games began!  There were 3 days of giggling, pillow fights, and animal sounds.  (We got the Farm Yard Cushions.)  There have been several nights of snuggling, yawning, and sleeping with the cushions at night.  And during naps.  One of my boys could not sleep without his “Sheep Sheep!”

What We Love:

  • The bright fun patterns!  We got the Farm Animals but there are Dinosaurs, Jungle Animals, or Butterflies to choose from.  No matter what your decor, there is a 3 cushion set for you.
  • The durability.  I’m not joking when I said that my kids fought with these pillows for days.  Even I got in the middle of the melee a few times.  The cushions did not loose their shape or their puffiness due to the heavy beating my children inflicted on them (and me.)
  • Washable.  My “Sheep Sheep” boy carried his around with him.  And insisted on taking it to the park with us.  It got dropped in the mud and trampled on a bit before I could rescue it.  I just took a damp cloth to the mud when we got home and it looks good as new.

What We Don’t Love:

  • I don’t love that they are not made of cotton.  I believe the cushions are made from some kind of polyester blend.  While the kids don’t seem to mind, I prefer my cushions to be cotton.

These cushions are a bright, fluffy spot in our rooms.  Let them brighten up your own rooms!

Giveaway Time!

Bosco Bear is giving away 3 sets of pillows! 3 lucky readers will have their own set to have a pillow fight with. Just visit the BoscoBear kids site and then come back here and tell us which pillow set you would love to win.


This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.
Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer, Safire, who is the mother of a 6 year old girl and 3 year old twin boys. You can find her blogging at Water Falling-Up.

Disclosure: I received the set of cushions to provide you with this review and chance to win.  All opinions are my own.



  1. Jennifer C. says

    I’d love to win the Dinosaur cusion pack for my son because he is absolutely obsessed with all things dinosaur right now!

  2. Dena Kimball says

    My son would love the dinosaur set! He enjoys the “How Dinosaurs…” books by Yolen and Teague! These pillows would be a great way to set up a reading spot for Isaac’s favorite books! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Amy red says

    Wow hard to pick they are so cute! Love te dinosaurs, butterflies, under the sea, farm animals, jungle… Well all of them are so cute!!!

  4. Nancye Davis says

    My daughter and I LOVED the Butterfly Oill set, the colors would look beautiful in her room. Thanks for the giveaway!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  5. Karen Asarak says

    i would have to say butterflys for , i love butterflys and i have three girls so i could one to each othem that is a little piece of me.

  6. Mendi says

    I have a daughter who has ADHD and has a sensory issue she loves bright colors and the owls and cupcakes match her bedspread . She would love these pillows

  7. says

    Owl and Cupcakes…so adorable! My granddaughter would love these cushions. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway:-) xo

  8. Elizabeth Owens says

    The Jungle Animals Pattern is by far my favorite! Thanks for this giveaway. It is so generous and the pillows are awesome :)

  9. Aricka Anthony says

    I would like the cuddly toys boys. I can’t pick just one because I love how you put the plaids in the jungle themed pillow set.

  10. Cynthia Brooks says

    They are SO cute o my goodness. I almost can’t decide between the dinosaurs or the farm animals. Um if I win, I think I’d like the dinosaurs. Yes. Thanks for the chance!

  11. theresa swanson says

    I would very much enjoy winning these pillows for my daughter who loves cows and would most assuredly love these for her collection an for once I would have actually gotten something that she would appreciate

  12. says

    how CUTE are these? I love them!
    My kids would love those dinosaurs for sure.
    I love the CUPCAKE and then I loved the Octopus (since their room is all nautical)

  13. Robyn L says

    I’d love to win the Butterlies set; I love Butterflies anything and these are so cute.


  14. says

    Oooh, so hard to choose. LOVE the farmyard, simply b/c Li’l Empress loves piggies so much. Love the Butterflies one for Li’l E and Mei Mei’s room re-do coming up this winter. Love the cupcakes, just cuz. Gosh – and the baby boy one would be soooo cute for the new nephew debuting this January. Mmmmmm, what to do?!

  15. victoria says

    I have a 5 year old little girl and a 10 month old they both are so cute they play with this pok a tot pillow every night ut would be so cute to see them play with a pillow pet. To cute

  16. Megan Weber says

    Of course the butterfly set is what we’d pick for our two girls! Love the colors of the set and the fun patterns!

  17. Alicia Anderson says

    The owl and cupcake set is absolutely darling and my daughter keeps pointing to the computer saying ” Mommy, I want that” ha ha.

  18. says

    I love love love the owl & cupcakess and the robots one! Can’t decide which I like better because they are so different! eeks! If I HAD to pick today, I would probably go with the robots.


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