Checking in With the Sisters – Different or Fancy?

As I was checking in with our sister sites this week, I found a beautiful analogy from Kimberly at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Who would have thought that some kids and a few unmatching spoons would teach such an important lesson?

Different or Fancy?

It was a relatively easy, but somewhat mind-numbing task to accommodate the child’s fixed preferences at her place setting. We don’t have quite enough “matching” flatware pieces to make it to the next dishwasher run. We tend to run out of teaspoons and case knives before plates and bowls.

Over the years of combining two single professionals’ kitchens, potlucks, etc. we’ve acquired some non-matching pieces that fill in from time to time, which is fine by me since I’m the manual dishwasher in these parts. I’d rather use a mis-matched spoon that wash some by hand at the last minute any day.

The problem was the fit the child was liable to throw if her place setting contained any of the mismatched pieces. Really? Really! I am all for helping her overcome such fixations in more important scenarios (like playing with peers or siblings, or an unforeseen change in plans) but when it came to setting the table I decided to just make sure I always gave her the standard pieces. There are some battles that just aren’t worth the effort…..

Finish reading this story and find out about the mis-matched spoon analogy…

Re-cap written by 5 Minutes for Mom managing editor, Lolli. You can find me blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.


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