Apolo and Subway Help Us Get Fit For the Holidays!


If you remember, last year Jared ran the ING New York City Marathon, showing the world that eating Subway and exercising can be a healthy way to stay fit and trim.

Today, Apolo Ohno will be taking on that challenge as well. He has been vigorously training for the past year, completing his first half marathon a couple months ago in 1:40:59! Today is the day and all his hard work is about to pay off!

Because this is a special event for Apolo, Subway is going to be donating money for every mile he completes to the Special Olympics! You can show your support for Apolo by sending him a shout out on Twitter. Use the hashtag #goapolo and tweet your support for him @subwayfresh.

Now you may be asking, what does Apolo running a marathon have to do with the holidays? Well, taking care of ourselves is one of the most important Christmas gifts we can give to ourselves! Eating right, exercising, and doing our best to stay healthy. Just because it is the holiday doesn’t mean we should completely let ourselves go. Apolo gives us that encouragement to continue exercising and eating a balanced diet!

Giveaway Time!

2 lucky winners will be chosen to win a $50 gift card from Subway. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment letting us know how you intend to stay fit during the holidays. This giveaway is open to both U.S. and Canadian residents.

This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.


Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Advertising and Communications contact, Jennifer. You can find me blogging at For Such a Time as This.

Disclosure: I was sent a $50 gift card to write and publish this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. June says

    After this holiday season is over with, I have to get real serious about loosing at least 25lbs. That’s about how much I’ve gained in the past 2 years! Gonna be eating allot of Sub’s then for sure. Wish me luck.

  2. Belinda McNabb says

    To keep fit during the holidays I will keep my normal eating habits during the majority of the holidays and allow myself to splurge on the dinners and parties we might attend. I will still pass on the treats offered up other places like work and the what you see at the grocery store

  3. Elisabeth says

    I’ll continue to work out in the morning, even though it’s more tempting to stay under the covers! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  4. says

    I’m going to walk on the treadmill 160 minutes a week. For some, that would not be a big deal, but for me, it’s a major improvement as I never walk now. Wish me luck.

  5. says

    During the holidays I plan to do as much walking possible like taking the stairs more to the 4th floor at work or parking far from the building entrances where possible.

  6. Melissa P. says

    I intend to stay fit by eating in moderation. At least I say that now, but who knows what’s going to happen. lol

  7. Jessica T. says

    For me, it is quantity control. I am going to eat the holiday goodies in moderation. My son and I are also going to try to take walks on the pretty days!

  8. Lachelle says

    I believe in moderation in all things (including desserts) and working out regularly to stay fit through the holidays!

  9. Solducky says

    This year, I can’t eat egg, dairy or soy because my nursing daughter has allergies. So I will be avoiding all desserts and cheesy deliciousness, and I think that will help!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  10. Courtney says

    I’ve got two toddler boys and a baby girl.. I intend to stay fit by keeping up with my boys. When it gets cold, we head to our church and let them run around the gym. All that playing/running keeps me fit and wears them out. :)

  11. Amanda Ro. says

    At my dorm room here we do lunges down our hallways, which equals to about 80 lunges one-way. During the holiday season, we really kick in and will do either down and half way back, or down and attempt to come all the way back!

  12. says

    I definitely intend to keep up what I’ve been doing – first, everything in moderation – then, fill up on GOOD FOR YOU foods – protein, veggies and fruits, light dairy such as yogurt, whole grains! It’s working for me!

  13. tennille says

    baby # 2 due this week so I see adramtic weight loss in my immediate future! I find the hectic pace of new baby tends to burn off alot right a way and then the real work starts!

  14. Angel S. says

    We love Subway! There is something there for all of us. Facing the upcoming holiday season, I know it will come down to portion control. There are too many food centered activities to fool myself that I will hold out. Balance, control and lots of water!

  15. says

    With the two littles I don’t seem to get much workout – other than chasing them up and down the hall, which they love! So I primarily am very careful about what and how much I eat. It helps!

  16. Ladytink_534 says

    We’re going to be a little more health conscientious this year, starting by not keeping all those home-baked goodies around the house.

  17. Marisa Moore says

    I still plan to enjoy my holiday goodies, but in limited portions. I will keep up my 6-days-a-week workout schedule as well!

  18. Kathy Stevenson says

    I am going to keep going to the gym even when it is cold so I can compensate for the extra goodies I will be eating!

  19. Angela says

    I intend to stay fit by sticking to my regular exercise routine – and not giving up – even with travel and visitors and candy… It will be tough but I’m pledging to stick to it.

  20. Shari says

    I step up my strength training with weights this time of year. It’s something that can be done indoors, and it really helps rev up the metabolism. :)

  21. Kathy Davis says

    I recently lost 30 lbs. I plan to keep up with eating healthy and exercising straight through the holidays. I worked too hard for what I have achieved.

  22. says

    I recently had Gastric Bypass surgery so staying fit during the holiday season will be pretty easy for me. I can only eat about 3oz of food at each meal and I have to make sure the first thing I eat at every meal is protein so I’ll be eating turkey/ham and very little of anything else. This will make it easy for me to skip the dessert table and head on off to the treadmill and work off what few calories I do ingest.

  23. says

    I walk every day and remain extremely active all day long. I also drink lots of water. My family and I love to go hiking just for fun!

  24. Kristen M. says

    I stay fit by not breaking my exercise routine, even if all I can fit in is a walk while celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

  25. Nicole Vosburgh says

    My husband and I are going on a cruise to the Bahamas at the beginning of December. To prepare for that and the holidays, we have been doing the p90x program! It’s a lot of work, but the results are worth it!

  26. says

    I try to stick to alkalizing foods and it is working in both shedding weight and boosting my energy levels. So, during the holidays, if I allow myself to eat freely, I’ll just go back to alkalizing hard and heavy.

  27. Holly Sivley says

    My 12 year old son is going out for track this spring. As a runner myself in highschool, I know the importance of staying in shape during the off season. I’ve decided that he and I are going to have some quality mom-son bonding time as we get in shape together. Maybe if I win the Subway giftcard, we can run to Subway and back home :)

  28. brooke fouts says

    We have been constant followers of P90x & Insanity.. so Im sure we will continue following those regimines throught the holidays to help fend off those pesky pounds!!

  29. says

    My husband just started a new job (after 2 years laid off), so maybe we can afford to re-join our gym and get back on the fitness track this season … yeah!

    Subway is by far the best fast food option, that doesn’t leave you feeling yukky and sluggish …


  30. Melissa N. says

    Me and my husband both ahve the Fitness Pals app on our phones, so we’re tracking everything we eat – helps keep us in line!

  31. Jeannette says

    I’m staying fit by being pregnant, don’t want to feed this baby too many sweets and sticking to a nutritious diet helps… Ill still indulge on the day of the holidays though ;)… After having the baby its back to the gym, and strict dieting!

  32. Courtney says

    My family and I take long walks after dinner. It’s a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and catch up on the day’s events.

  33. nan says

    i am going to watch my sweet intake but not deprive myself, i will try and fill up on the veg and just taste the sweets
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  34. Dena Kimball says

    We have just moved to a new house where we now have a backyard! I am/and will be bundling up with my son and going out to play every day! When the weather is impossible, we turn on some music and dance for an hour. My new house also has 3 floors, and a lot of stairs. I am getting a lot of exercise in just running up and down doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and playing with my toddler! I am hoping for a treadmill for Christmas too!

    I have just left a vegan lifestyle that I led for 11 years! I am learning how to enjoy a variety of foods in a healthy way. Subway has been a great way to grab lunch or dinner on a Friday. It is quick, easy, healthy, and yummy! A much better choice than pizza! I would love to win a gift card, thank you for this opportunity!

  35. Starla J says

    My hubby is military and he deploys next year. My goal is to loose 100 lbs between now and when he returns!! I would love this to help me with that goal. Thank you!

  36. says

    I’m going to try to be careful what (and how much) I eat during the holiday season, and I’m going to really try to be consistent in my exercising! That will help I know.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  37. Shell Shell says

    We have already laid out the discussion to continue our healthy eating habits & treat oueselves on Christmas day. As well as continue our nightly walks, playing with the kids & walking the daogs.

  38. Shell Shell says

    Our family continues a healthy eating habit, but we treat ourselves on Christmas Day. We continue our nightly walks, playing outside with the kids & dogs.

  39. ellen says

    I try and stay fit during the holidays by walking (I walk daily) and also if the weather is bad I pop in an exercise DVD!

  40. says

    I plan to stay fit during the holidays by eating smaller portions, and keep up my walking/running routine even though it will be cold outside got to keep moving!!!

  41. Anne Taylor says

    I suffer from debilitating arthritis and managed to get really overweight, but I’ve managed to lose 48lbs since last spring. My husband and I are eating much more healthily and I bought a recumbant bike, so I can exercise without putting any pressure on my joints!

    This would be fabulous to win!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  42. Erin says

    I recently joined a Ballys! So far, I have gone once a week to swim laps (for about an hour). I hope to be able to step this up and go more frequently!

  43. says

    I just joined Nutrisystem to help me with the food choices and am getting an Xbox for some kinect activities and dancing to enjoy with my kiddos in the shorter, colder days!

  44. Carolsue says

    I intend to limit my sugar intake — actually my entire food intake — during the holidays! We always eat way too much!

  45. Candice says

    I am going to go to the dr and get meds to get my blood sugar under control. i haven’t been able to see a dr for nearly 2 years, since my husband has been unemployed and we have next to no income and no insurance. I have not been able to lose the weight i gained with my baby due to my diabetes.

  46. Geri S says

    Stay fit for the holidays is always hard, but I watch what I eat. One of the thing I do is make my sweet potatoes without all the brown sugar and just a little butter. When I go to a party I only eat a small plate of food and try to stay away from the goodies. Maybe one cookie!

  47. Tina Wallace says

    I will make sure before each function I will eat a good breakfast. At the function I will eat more vegies and eat some meat. Most of all eat small portions

  48. says

    We always have to cut out sugar and salt in our home. I hope to work on being fit more after the holiday. I am excited about a new healthfood store that has opened in our area. They are offering classes too and hope to see what I can learn from them.


  49. Lisa says

    I am going to focus on self discipline…and the willpower to maintain the urges to pig out on sooo much good food then feel ohh so miserable afterwards lol… Yes….moderation is the key. Eat a small plate with a –little– bit of everything …not huge amounts to where you need two plates to have everything and explode your tummy lol especially on the deserts …. Eat one dinner @ one place for sure –this was a bad experience on easter one year! And ofcourse still drink lots of water…and get an excersize routine going on now will sure make it easier during AND after the holidays. Take care all….and remember YOU CAN do it if you set your mind to it :-) :-)

  50. Lisa says

    Going to focus on self discipline…and willpower to maintain urges to pig out on so much good food then feel oh so ucky afterwards lol. Yes…moderation is key. Use small plate with a –little– bit of everything …not huge amounts where you need two plates and explode your tummy lol esp on the deserts …. Eat one dinner @ one place for sure –this was a bad experience on easter one year! And ofcourse still drink lots of water..get an excersize routine now will sure make it easier during AND after holidays. Take care all….and remember YOU CAN do it if you set your mind to it :-) :-)

  51. Monica Boor says

    I am not going to lie to myself or anyone else .. yes the holidays are tempting and I intend to eat what I really really want to eat just not overeat like sometimes we tend to do.. esp when grandma is saying come on dont make me put all this away ..lol.. however I love grandma and I will help her put it away … then on days between the holidays I will go back to eating like I usually do thus not getting too carried away and out of control. Happy Holidays 😉

  52. ACMommy3 says

    I plan on using my Leslie Sansone Walking DVD’s! They are awesome and fast, perfect for moms like me who want to be fit but can’t get away to the gym or spending hours a day exercising. :-) Plus drinking tons of water! creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  53. Diane says

    I love Subway and Weight Watchers. I plan to follow both of them during the holidays and use my extra points for the stuff I love like pumpkin pie and homemade mashed potatoes! Hope I win the gift card. :-)

  54. Jennifer says

    During the holidays I just watch what I eat and how much I eat. Sometimes I let go a little bit, but that just makes me work that much harder!

  55. zmansmamma says

    ive been on a mission to lose weight and ive lost 47 lbs so far. knowing there is a healty option when im out running errands is always a comfort. Thank You Subway!

  56. sleepyheadedmom says

    I am a small girl but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to watch what I eat. I will just continue to do as I always try to do which is, everything in moderation and keeping active. The moderation is the tough part but the keeping active is easy with all of the required rushing around I’ll be up to.

    sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  57. Bridget Reich says

    I intend to eat right and get some exercise (maybe by shopping?)! I had a baby 11 weeks ago, so I really need to lose some weight. I actually go to Subway a lot and get their veggie sandwich on wheat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. MayMay says

    My brother loves to eat. So, this would be a GREAT present for him because he can eat(what he loves to do) but, it doesnt have to be unhealthy. This will keep him fit esspecially since hes trying to looses weight for this winter season :)

  59. Heather DiLena says

    My boys and I love Subway! We try to stay healthy by eating right and playing outside or play games like just dance for fun.

  60. shala_darkstone says

    During the holidays I try to keep up with my exercise on the treadmill and my yoga, and I might do a little extra when I can squeeze it in.

  61. Jaimie K says

    I’ll try not to over-do it with all the good foods (treats!) and use that stair stepper a few times a week at least.

  62. ANGEL JACKLYN says



  63. Georgia says

    I love Subway. I just am not going to over eat any sweets and stop eating when I am full. Focus is on healthy foods.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  64. Julie M. says

    I plan to stay healthy during the holidays by continuing to workout, eating a health snack and some water before I go to a party with lots of goodies, so I will be less likely to overeat!! I LOVE subway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. says

    Would love to win, subway makes great low calorie and healthy sandwichs. Great place for a quick lunch. Trying to stay fit during the holidays is hard but trying to make good choices.

  66. Candice says

    Since I can’t eat any other fast food due to medical reasons, subway gift cards would help me with my healthy choices! Never knew it was so hard to find foods with little to no fat.

  67. Stephanie Nash says

    With ten people in the house, three of them being overweight, we are pushing to do several things! We are cutting out excess on desserts, steamed veggies instead of casseroles, drinking lots of water before, during, and after eating. Also,,, the putting down of the forks or spoons between bites to slow down eating.

  68. says

    I think just shopping for Christmas gifts will keep me in shape! lol Actually, doing a lot of walking and lighter lunches does the trick for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway:-) xo

  69. Marie says

    I take the kids and we go on long walks/hikes around the neighborhood and woods to see the Fall changes — great way to stay fit and have fun too!

  70. Jackie says

    I intend to stay fit during this holiday season with moderation! That is definitely key, just a little of this and a little of that, just to give me a taste, is what really helps. Also, walking in all those malls and stores Christmas shopping will burn off a lot too!

  71. Doris C says

    I love subway I do a lot sports for my exercise but I won’t lie and say i eat as healthy as I should my favs are fries, pizza and potato chips! So at least subway is somewhere I can go to eat a healthy sub:)

  72. says

    I stay fit for the holidays by working myself to death at 50 to 70 hours a week! Luckily we have a subway near so I can actually stop and eat sometime during that! lol

  73. Florence says

    Myself has not kept up with my excercising.I did do the big loser contest at church and won.But gained the most of my weight back..I do plan on dieting and getting back in shape after thanksgiving..And subway i would say is the way..My daughter and i love subway..awsome place to eat. Good Luck to everyone!!

  74. says

    I plan to keep up with my walking…I’m still recovering from surgery so I’m taking it a bit slow. I have a few found love of fresh fruits and vegies and fish. I am well on my way to being a more healthier me.

  75. geneveve2 says

    I took a part time job cleaning a fitness center. While other people pay to workout, I will be working out and getting paid!

  76. Tara G says

    I plan on staying fit by watching what I eat. You can still enjoy your holiday favorites just choose to eat smaller portions.

  77. says

    I recently lost 20 pounds – no way am I going to go overboard and ruin that hard work! However, it is going to be tough because my mom is a bake-a-holic during the holidays!

  78. Niecey Docherty says

    I stay fit by running around after my kids! They don’t give me much opportunity to sit down and have a rest.

  79. says

    I intend to stay fit during the holidays by walking with my daughter every day luckily I live in a place that never gets snow so it is not hard to get out and walk.

  80. says

    I LOVE SUBWAY!! This holiday season I’m trying not to overdo it when it comes to eating sweets. Pretty easy to do because I’m pregnant and not much sounds good anyway lol!

  81. says

    I intend to stay fit through some serious moderation. I can’t cut myself off from all the goodies I love but I will try to stay active and have everything in healthy doses.
    meganc73 at gmail dot com

  82. Brooke D. says

    I plan on to keep up my Zumba dancing and trying my hardest to eat healthy!

    Thank you for the chance…..we love Subway!

  83. Sally Garrick says

    I plan to stay on track by watching the portions that I eat and limiting the desserts. It may be hard but that I why I also own a treadmill. I hope I win this as this my sons favorite restaurant!!!

  84. Christina Wood says

    Staying fit during the holidays is so hard!! I will try to limit sweets, but definitely just eat everything in moderation!

  85. Rachel H says

    I just had a baby in August, so I’ve been trying to eat really healthy to keep the preggo pounds off and keep breastfeeding sustained. Eating at Subway is a great way to eat a “good” meal while also keeping the calories at bay!

  86. Cleopatra Donald says

    So my daughter is one year old and im still trying to lose this baby weight…This would be a great help for me :)

  87. Melissa F. says

    From April 2009 to August 2009, I lost 55 lbs, with Subway subs being one of my primary food choices. To stay fit during this holiday season, I will remember to consume enough water, especially before meals; allow myself all opportunities to get more physical activity, including simple things like parking further from the entrance at shopping centers; and continuing to add whole grain food sources to my diet, as well as a variety of vegetable colors on my plate!

  88. Leigh Ann says

    I run about 10 miles per week. Subway helps because its the healthiest of all the fast food choices. I dont have the quilt about feeding them Subway like I do versus McDonalds and BurgerKing. The five dollar footlongs are the very best life has to offer!!! Thank Goodness for Subway!!!!

  89. Lantana H. says

    I plan to stay fit during the holidays by avoiding all the food. It’s not easy but it can be done. I also walk 2 miles a day.

  90. chelsey h says

    I plan to stay fit by eating healthy. i love subway.. i am pregnant 5 months expecting a little girl and subway is just about all i can keep down :) .. i plan on working out

  91. Karla Sceviour says

    I will TRY to avoid as much junk food and chocolates,cake and cookies as possible,but it will be hard! lol
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  92. Alison says

    My plan to stay healthy during the holidays is to drink lots of water and eat in moderation. It also helps to give awar the left overs so there is no temptation later.

  93. Barbara M says

    I’m staying fit by continuing my cardio and strength training workouts!
    Lost 40 lbs and don’t care to see it again.
    Thank you.

  94. says

    Staying fit is more challenging as we get older, but I am fortunate to live in FL where the weather still allows for nice family walks with the kids, plus I enjoy riding my indoor stationary bike and eating lots of FL fruits and veggies. We adore SUBWAY and do not need an excuse to take a quick trip 1/2 mile around the corner to grab our favorite healthy subs! :)

  95. Joni Owada says

    I want to start walking and doing T-Tapp again and really need to get into shape again!
    I have never been to Subway…so this would be great to be able to go and try it!

  96. amberleigh says

    I plan on staying fit during the holidays by drinking plenty of water and working out every other night for 20 minutes

  97. says

    I started my exercise plan on Friday and have made a commitment to lose weight over the holidays by watching what I eat and running. I have also made a commitment with a friend of mine to work together to lose weight and look great by May for our children’s graduation.

  98. Jenifer Guin says

    I plan to stay fit during the holidays by eating Subway Anytime I can instead of “fast food” and other junk on the go…..I am also asking Santa for zumba fitness for the wii and between that and my Michael Jackson I think i will do OK!!!! But I am a sucker for subways Steak and cheese it is awesome <3

  99. Lisa Coan says

    My husband and I are trying to stay fit by following a low sodium and fresh vegetable, fresh fruit and whole grain diet. It is very difficult for me to exercise except for walking at a slow pace for short distances but I am trying to do that at least. I have chronic pain 24/7/365 and have lost 80 lbs so far and my husband has lost 108 lbs. We keep working on it!!! :) ~Lisa~

  100. helen says

    i would love to win this me and my husban has had a hard year and havent eating out in 7 month wow this would be grate date lunch

  101. megan h says

    how about i don’t intend to stay fit at all! I just had a baby recently and have lost a lot already but still have plenty to lose i plan to start a more regimen schedule after the new year!

  102. Terri says

    This is a wonderful giveaway. It’s definitely a challenge to get or stay in shape this time of year. I’m working on eating healthy the majority of the time, so I won’t have to worry about those occasional treats of the season. Moderation in all things!

  103. Theresa swanson says

    I feel that staying fit is a matter of opinion and is different for everyone. I beleive that the first thing to keep fit is your self esteem an with everyone spending so much time on the idea of what fit is often harms your self esteeem an inturn xcreates a most unfit person in the mind an then body an then soul

  104. says

    Gotta Eat Fresh! :) Big fan of Subway, healthy, quick and afforadable! A $50 GC can go a LOOOONG way. IT fills you up, and its healthy. Thank you for the opportunity. THank you Subway for sponsoring~

  105. Jeremy says

    I stay fit during the holidays, by not eating after 7pm… drink lots of water… do little exercises as often as I can like lunges as I brush my teeth!

  106. Wendy O. says

    I recently joined Weight Watchers, so I’m hoping that will help keep my honest about what I’m putting in my mouth, and to decide if I really need those extra sweets over the holidays. I’m also planning to make time to go to the YMCA more often to work out.

  107. says

    I stay fit keeping up with my 5 little boys! Oh, and nursing twins is good for burning off calories lol. I’m in an aerobics class in college too, that helps. :)

  108. Montse Greenawalt says

    I homeschool my children and the room we do school is upstairs. It is a real exercise going up and down so many times…

  109. Amanda Laurette says

    I plan on staying fit during the holidays by not eating too many sweets, and keeping active. My 2 year old makes that pretty easy! 😉

  110. cathy says

    i am really trying to eat healthier and also to walk more like parking far away from the stores when I park (haha – that really wasn”t much of a choice this weekend!!! :)

  111. ria says

    I’m going to drink a glass of water about 1/2 hr before I eat and start with the salads taking care to go easy on the dressing

  112. DebbieKL says

    Yum – subway! My kids keep me pretty active year round, but I am hoping to do some snow shoeing when the snow flies.

  113. Sharon says

    I intend to stay fit during the holidays by chasing my toddler around and going to the park whenever it’s warm enough.

  114. kim says

    I have been doing a bit extra exercise and cutting back on the usual sweets. Subway would be a wonderful addition to my plan.

  115. Kenia says

    We have a big park in front of our house so we love going to walk while the kids play. I also plan to not eat any desserts nor overeat! Visiting subwsay along the way wouldn’t hurt either =] Thanks

  116. Robyn L says

    I will stay fit by using the Treadmill whenever possible and by walking the malls when


  117. Shannon B. says

    My plan to stay fit is to try and have just a little bit of all my favorites i.e. watch my portions. I also plan on trying to get on the treadmill a little more than normal!

  118. says

    I plan on walking to the grocery store everytime I need something. (only 1 mile away) It keeps me from buying too much junk food and gets me moving! Plus pushing the stroller is a workout for my arms too!

  119. says

    Well, I’ll stay fit by staying away from the candy–because I have to! I have gestational diabetes. :-( Oh well, teaches me good habits at least!

  120. says

    What a practical and great giveaway gift. Tonight I’ll be attending Zumba, yesterday I took the kiddos to the Y to workout together. That will be my way of combating extra weight this holiday! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  121. Rebecca C. says

    We plan on limiting the sweets at home during the holidays (which can be hard to do!). I hope to keep active by keeping up with the kids all day…I think I burn more calories that way than I would at the gym!

  122. says

    well, so far i’m not doing such a great job, I have gained weight anyway. But my intensions are to eat oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast, granola for snacks, a salad (or subway fit sandwich) for lunch, high fiber snack, and a very high protein dinner. Hoping to get some weight lost before March…

  123. destiny says

    I plan on staying fit by drinking lots of water, staying away from treats, getting on the elliptical every day and eating subway.

  124. Lisa Talberg says

    it is very hard with three boys and a husband to stay fit. Running around town it is easy to just grab a burger or chicken so having these will help motivate good eating habits.

  125. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I hope I’ll be able to walk regularly during the holiday and limit my consumption (sweets are my weakness). Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. Ginny G. says

    I will just stay on track with making smart nutrition choices, daily exercise, and reminding myself it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle.

  127. Megan Weber says

    Seeing that I just had our second daughter a few weeks ago, I cannot exercise as hard as I need to get in shape. I am right now starting off light, and doing brisk walks with the girls in our double stroller. (Add in lifting the two year old several times a day!) I am hoping to get cleared for exercising right after the holiday and start jogging and eating right obviously is key!

  128. Amanda F. says

    Yikes! I didn’t follow directions to answer the question in my previous comment : / I recently was diagnosed with a rare pregnancy related condition called Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. After a horrible delivery with a tragic outcome, I started getting on the treadmill every other day, doing yoga, and work out videos, along with obeying a very healthy diet. 5 months later, I have recovered full function of my heart! I plan to continue my workouts and eat delicious and healthy meals at Subway in hopes of staying healthy and having a much better round of pregnancy next year : )

  129. Laura JJ says

    Chasing after my 1 1/2 year old grandson who is at that stage where he is into everything and anything. LOL…keeps me hopping!

  130. zene says

    staying fit? whats that?! I like the le boot camp method of holding in your tummy…seemed to work last time I did it, you just have to remember to do it
    spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  131. Krystal says

    Being 8 months pregnant, most of my exercise comes in the form of chasing and playing with my two kids. But Ido intend to stay fit by watching out for (and not eating too many of) all the yummy goodies that I love to eat around the holidays.

  132. Aurora says

    I always try to have a great breakfast to start my day off on a good foot health wise- and luckily Subway offers a great option- I usually get a flatbread with egg white,cucumber and tomatoes. It’s delicious I highly recommend it:)

  133. says

    I write down all of my calories in a journal. I exercise every day. I weigh myself weekly. I have to do this or I will gain weight. I also will be cutting down my calories the week before Christmas so I can eat some treats.

  134. Kjersti Granberg says

    I aam going to dance. Dance with my daughter. I am going to dance with my daughter to christmas music!

  135. Hema says

    I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and joined the gym! Need to lose my post baby belly which still looks like it did pre baby! And eating right – subway helps as being vegetarian, their subs fit my bill and provide much néeded protein that’s hard to find at other places. Subway was also my first choice when I had gestational diabetes and had to keep my sugar readings down while not starving & eating healthy & getting my daily dose of protein!

  136. Jill Myrick says

    I offer a lot of alternate sides as well as traditional sides for our holiday meals such as various salads, steamed vegetables, and gelatin/fruit desserts.
    I also add an extra mile to my daily walk just to keep any extra pounds away.


  137. Diane F says

    I have just started riding my excercise bike and plan on sticking with it. I also will try to eat in moderation and drink plenty of water.

  138. Karen O says

    I need to lose about 90 lbs. I’ve already lost 17 just from improvements in the way I eat. Subway could really make a delicious addition to this effort.

  139. Megan Parsons says

    I try to cut back on my eating around the holidays and if we do go out I talk my husband into going to Subway because it’s healthy! I love subway!

  140. Lisa Garner says

    I intend to stay fit by keeping with my daily exercise but allow myself to have the foods I like in small proportions.

  141. Mary S says

    I will get outside, and get active as much as possible! I enjoy the cold weather, so I continue my walks all year round. We enjoy many winter activities outside also.

  142. Brandy Pierce says

    To stay fit this holiday season, I intend to exercise as well as watch what I eat. I think as long as you don’t go crazy with treats, you can indulge a little. When our family gets together we always have veggies, fruits, and salads before dinner so that the children and the adults can fill up on the healthier things first.

  143. says

    I am a vegetarian and plan to eat a lot more vegetables this winter than I normally do. Want to try to stay away from just potatoes and pasta like I normally crave in the cold months!

  144. Johanna says

    I just try to not over indulge and watch my snacks. One day a week I will allow myself to go a little overboard.

  145. Susan Bryant says

    I intend to stay fit during the holidays by eating in smallr portions & continuing my regular workouts! Thanks for the chance to win this….,my family LOVES Subway! I love that this month they have subs for $2.00!!!!! sbuttercup{at}roadrunner{dot}com


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