Ditch the Diaper Bag and Get Sylish This Holiday with Funktionmoms


I can remember being a young mom with a toddler and a baby. I always had slung over my shoulder the diaper bag, my work bag, my purse, and my toddler’s backpack. You can imagine what I looked like!

It wasn’t until I heard about Funktionmoms that I realized that I don’t have to carry all those bags around with me! I can put just what I need in my purse and look stylish without looking overloaded.

Funktionmoms was started by Ashley who absolutely loves fashion! I’ll let her share with you why she chose to start Funktionmoms.

After buying several diaper bags, I realized I loved my own handbags better and didn’t want all those baby bits to have patterns, polka dots, or giraffes! I wanted to carry a bag designed for me and not for my baby. So I ditched my diaper bag and went back to my favorite purse…I just couldn’t find those key mom and baby essentials that were cute enough to keep up. I hope that Mommassentials will fill that void for the mom who wants a little more style in her life.


Mommassentials is the fashionable kit that I was sent in the mail to review. I was impressed with the versatility of the pieces and how I wished I would have had something like this way back when!

Underneath the pieces that are in the box, is a description of each one and shares what each is used for. In the box you find:

  • The Grab Bag–this holds any dirty and soiled clothes or cloth diapers that you need to wash when you get home, or if you have a toddler, it makes the perfect carry pouch for whatever you need to bring along for them.
  • Bottle Holder–this snaps on to any stroller so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Paci Purse–everyone needs a paci purse! When the baby doesn’t have the paci in her mouth, you can put it in the paci purse to keep it free from germs.
  • Foldable Changing Pad–It folds up nice and neat and will fit in just about any larger size purse or bag.
  • Wipes case-Fits nicely in the front pocket of the foldable changing pad
  • Clutch–a place just for mom to keep her essentials; credit card, phone, money and whatever else.
  • Cosmetic Case–we always need to have our makeup handy, right girls?


Giveaway Time!
One lucky winner will be the winner of their very own Mommasentials pack from Funktionmoms. This would make the perfect holiday gift for any mom to be! Just leave a comment below telling us how the Mommasentials kit would help you.

This giveaway is a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway 2011. Please follow the link for more information, as well as for a complete list of all giveaways as they post throughout the month of November. Entries for all giveaways will close Saturday, December 3rd at 7pm CST. Winners will be drawn randomly and we will announce the winners Monday, December 5th. We will email winners at the address accompanying the winning comments.

Written by Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Mom Advertising and Communications contact, and author of the blog www.jennifersikora.com.

Disclosure: I was sent a Funktionmoms kit in order to write this review. All opinions stated here are my own.

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  1. kristal.p1982 says

    This would help me because I have four kiddos all under the age of six. I am also a college student and simply looking for a new way of lugging things around when I have to go to the Library and such to do research with all, YES all of my kiddos!

  2. says

    I would LOVE this! I went back to my regular purse, too, but I’m always digging for a nuk that is now covered in purse dust. Everything is just floating about willy nilly.

  3. says

    This would definitely help me out. I keep going from one bag to another for whatever I need for that day, and it drives me batty. With this kit I could just take what I need and GO. Love it!

  4. says

    oh man this would save me! i HATE my current diaper bag. it is like a black hole that sucks everything in and i can never find ANYTHING!!! these would keep me more organized!! love it!

  5. says

    I would love to have this, as it would help me to juggle my 2 toddler girls! I do everything I can to be organized but haven’t found the right product yet 😉 This looks like a fit!!

  6. Angela H says

    My mind is so scattered as it is, this is essential to me not leaving my head behind when I walk out the door as a new mom!

  7. says

    Oh my gosh! With 6 kids, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this would help me out! It would make the organizational freak I am all giddy inside.

  8. Jennifer C. says

    Being able to have everything neat and organized and not having to dig through my diaper bag to find everything I need because I have no clue where it is – very helpful! Also would be nice to just take what I absolutely need rather then the entire diaper bag!

  9. says

    I am pregnant with my second baby and this would be great. My old diaper bag is basically just one pocket and everything would get lost and buried.

  10. says

    Too bad they didn’t have this out when I was pregnant, it’s very chic! My Sis In Law would love this! She is a trendy Latina who has two children, a newborn and a 1 year old. This would match her lifestyle, while also making traveling with 2 young children easy.

    Twitter: @MsLatina
    Blog: http://latinaonamission.com

  11. Kristen M. says

    I would get most use out of the bottle holder and clutch. I dislike having to carry a large diaper bag for quick trips out of the house.

  12. Niecey Docherty says

    It would help me because I have 5 kids and don’t have a great system for keeping all my things together.

  13. Aura says

    I’m not a big diaper bag person I really dislike having to search for things at the bottom of a big heavy bag. We use little things that attach to the stroller leaving my hands free and having my stroller carry all the essentials. I know I would appreciate the mommassentials kit and I’m sure one of my friend would as well

  14. says

    The clutch alone would be fantastic! On the rare occasion when I don’t need a diaper bag, I have to dig through the diaper bag to find the things I need for my purse. Sigh. It’s a lot of work. :)

  15. says

    This would definitely help me keep myself, a newborn, and a 7 year old organized. It seems like I forget something every time we go away or I lose things at the bottom of my bag.

  16. says

    Love different sizes, for different purposes … could divvy up a system between my husband and I, as we each have days when we’re on baby duty!

  17. Jeannette rodriguez says

    I dont normally carry a huge purse like most moms but this product offers a little bit of everything you need when dealing with two kids! I have a 3 year old and a baby that will be born in january! I looove the functionality it offers especially that you can attach it on stroller and not having to stop everything to reach into a heavy diaper bag! I dont mind that its so stylish either :)

  18. Missy says

    It would be nice to have everything I need on hand, instead of taking things out of my little purse because they don’t fit and then realizing I need them later.

  19. Dena Kimball says

    I LOVE the idea of being able to pack everything I need for an outing with my lil guy, in my OWN purse! I HATE my diaper bag, and can never find anything in it. I cannot tell you how many times I have been caught without my wallet when I was alone, because I had forgotten it in the diaper bag! I have started to carry 2 wallets, which can get very confusing! I would love to try out this solution! Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. rebecca says

    Are you kidding me? My word, with a toddler and a baby, this sounds like it would be a great help! I hate not being able to carry my purse around with me. I would love something that would work for all of us.

  21. says

    Wow this is soo what I need. My purse has broken from stuffing it . I don’t like using a diaper bag and carrying around so many things. I have more times than I can count had to wash my purse because of a spilled bottle and a place to put soiled clothes or diapers would be a life saver. (my grandma doesnt like them in her trash) Enter us Please.


  22. ACMommy3 says

    This kit is amazing – it would help me in my goal of simplifying my life with little ones to life can go smoothly as possible. :-) creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  23. D Schmidt says

    I never seem to be able to find anything in my bag because carrying around supplies for two young children is chaotic! This would help me become organized.

  24. Melinda Ciaccia says

    It’d help me stay organized! I’m like you, I have a diaper bag, purse, and my own backpack to carry around half the time.

  25. Catalina B says

    How would this help me? Oh My God … it would save me from carrying multiple bags + baby. I’m truly keeping my fingers crossed! 😉

  26. Mendi says

    I love the look , my wife would love this and her bag would not be such a BIG MESS !!! Lol please pick us we need it with 3 children

  27. Tiffany O. says

    Just the thought of the mamasentails excites me! I can only dream of the days where I am organized and not in a frenzy.

  28. says

    i would love , love , love this kit , being a young mother with a 2 year old and a 2 month old baby , it can be very stressful carrying twice as many things in the diaper bag , this kit would help me so much by being organized , and only take what i need and not take extra things !!

  29. says

    It would help my daughter in law since she’s got a 3 year old and a baby on the way in a matter of weeks…she needs all the help she can get to carry everything around! lol Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter this giveaway:-) xo

  30. Gretchen Gerth says

    Boy have diaper bags changed since I had babies! I would love to give this to my daughter who is expecting my second grandchild. Since not only have diaper bags changed so have all the essentials of traveling with baby. Seems to me we just brought a few diapers, change of clothes, and a couple of bottles of milk! But then again I am old so maybe my memory is fading.

  31. says

    I’m constantly changing bags and never remember if i changed the right stuff into the one im carrying until it’s too late. This would ssssoooo keep me organized!

  32. Amberly says

    I would love to give this to my sis for xmas.. She has a 4 yr old and twin one yr olds.. She could use this big time..

  33. Sally Garrick says

    This set is really neat. I would give the set to a good friend of mine that is going to have twins early next year. My kids are 6 and 8 and I wish I would have had the for them.

  34. Rachel H says

    Love this idea. Its also why I chose to buy a Coach Diaper Bag instead of carrying around the “traditional” baby brand. I love the wipes case and paci purse here!

  35. Jill says

    My little sis is struggling with thinking she has to give up fashion and she joins the ranks of motherhood. Maybe this would be a nice surprise for her.

  36. says

    We are constantly on the go with field trips, errands, around the town adventures and weekly church activities. Some of these items would come in especially handy such as the paci-purse and bottle holder since my little guy has decided its fun to “throw” these items when there is no water source around to rinse them off.

  37. Melody Seiley says

    I have back problems following 3 back surgeries. I have a 6 year old and 2 month old. Carrying their gear….and mine is always a challenge!

  38. Jessica Barcelou says

    This would help me so much, I have a 2 year old and all her things I take everywhere and a baby on the way to add more. I think this would be a huge help for all the essentials.

  39. Ang Alford says

    It would help me be a little more organized so I don’t spend most of my time either looking for or washing off , belensmama at gmail dot com

  40. says

    I have 5 little boys, including 10 month old twins, with 3 kids in diapers. So I’m toting around a diaper bag everywhere and this would be great helping keep everything organized and giving me a place for my things.

  41. Trista says

    as a previous teacher, this would be the absolute best because I still rely on my agenda to get stuff done! love organization

  42. says

    Excellent idea! Moms come up with the best inventions!

    I have a 2-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a baby on the way…so there’s no doubt that I’d make good use of the Mommassentials Kit.

  43. says

    Ahhh! I have three small kidlets and I’m currently carting around EVERYTHING. This would be so much better! Then I could have my hands free for, oh, I don’t know, my KIDS. 😉

  44. Sharon says

    I’ve been wishing that I had a purse that had a place for everything so I could readily find them. Keys, check. Credit cards, check. Grocery store loyalty card, check. I think this would help me tremendously!

  45. Kim says

    Would love love this for my daughter – new mom-to-be. She is working and in school and anything that can help her be organized would be wonderful.

  46. karen Medlin says

    Love the cute wipes case, very nice to purchase to give to new mom with a pretty cover for the wipes…. I can fill my purse for those quick trips and not look like I have baby supplies in my purse.

  47. says

    The grab bag is a good idea to have handy! I always have dirty clothes in my diaper bag that I don’t know what to do with. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  48. dana a says

    it would help that i don’t need to carry a diaper bag…i can just buy a stylish big bag and then just add to it the Mommasentials kit.

  49. Angel K says

    As a new mom I constantly feel like a pack mule when we go out,AND I can never find anything! This would help me get organized!

  50. says

    Well I don’t really need it, but my cousin is having her second baby. She just had a baby in March. Her babies will be about a year apart! she’s doing to need both of her hands to handle all that! This would help a ton!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  51. mali says

    I have OCD and this would take ALOT of stress out of my day and allow me to relax a little more and spend less time reorganizing

  52. Krystal says

    The momessential kit looks amazing! I love the wipes holder, and the idea of the Paci Purse and the Grab Bag. Something like this would keep me much more organized! :)

  53. Alicia Anderson says

    This would absolutely help a co-worker of mine who is expecting unexpected. She’s a young one so I’m going to help her out with a baby shower so she can get it together. Thanks for the opportunity.

  54. Shakara says

    I don’t usually carry a purse when I have my daughter’s bag, so this could help me keep us both organized with what we need while we’re out.

  55. says

    Being a mother is the hardest job of all, because you will carry your baby for 9 months and after that you will taking care of your baby until your baby grow old and can walk and stand him/her self. This blog here is really inspiring for mother! Thanks!


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