Dolphin Organics Hair Products Review and Giveaway

In an ideal world the harshest things to ever touch our babies would be kisses, kittens and rainbows.

In the real world, though, toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients abound, and are all too easily absorbed through our children’s sensitive skin. As parents, we do our best to keep exposure to a minimum, especially with the products we buy and use every day.


Dolphin Organics provides natural and organic baby products that are hypoallergenic, vegan, and contain no harmful chemicals. Their innovative labels proudly display exactly what is in their products– and what is NOT:

There’s plenty to love about Dolphin Organics–

  • family-owned, and based in the USA
  • packaging is made with post-consumer recycled material
  • products are never tested on animals
  • a portion of every purchase to is donated to Friends of Karen, a charity dedicated to supporting the families of critically-ill children.

But does it work? We tried Dolphin Organics shampoo and conditioner: fragrance free, tear free and formulated with a healing organic aloe leaf juice base. Both are very light in fragrance (a HUGE plus in my book). The shampoo creates a really satisfying amount of suds and the conditioner is thick and rich, but both rinsed out incredibly quickly– great news for those with kids who hate water being poured on their heads. My long, thick hair was a little more challenging to comb out than usual, but my hair had a ton of wave and bounce when it dried: a sign that it wasn’t weighed down by residue.


That’s right, I tried it myself first. Since I’m the one washing little kid hair, the products need to be gentle for their sake, and for my own! I have tremendously sensitive skin, and tend to break out in hives and itchy patches when using soaps and cleansers that aren’t incredibly gentle. I’m happy to say Dolphin Organics passed my DIY litmus test with flying colors.


Remember, there are over 75,000 chemicals out there in commercial use in the world today, and only about 1,500 of them have been tested for carcinogenicity. When it comes to the products you use on your child’s skin, it’s best to stick with something pure, gentle and sourced from nature– for the health of your child and for the health of the earth.

Win it!

One lucky 5 Minutes for Mom reader will win a Dolphin Organics shampoo and conditioner in an eco-friendly tote bag. Just leave a comment letting us know how your child feels about bathtime to be entered!

This giveaway will end on November 14, 2011 at midnight ET and a winner will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday in the weekly Around The Blogosphere. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.


Robin Elton is a real food advocate, wilderness champion and Honey Badger Mom of three. She blogs about the life non-toxic at simple. green. organic. happy.

Disclosure: I received complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner for review purposes and will be compensated for my time. All opinions, however, are my very own.


  1. says

    My daughter loves bathtime, my son on the other hand… he loves to play in the bathtub but cries once it’s time to wash up and wash his hair :)

  2. ivy says

    My daughter LOVES bathtime. She’s just getting used to shampoo (has always feared getting it in her eyes – even the ‘no tears’ stuff irritates her eyes), so anything that is gentle on the eyes (if it should happen to get in there) is a huge plus!

  3. says

    My son (8 years old) had such a fear of water for a long time. He now loves his bath and we love products that are kind to his allergy prone skin!

  4. Kimberly Holen says

    My 3 youngest boys have ear isssues so bath time and washing hair can be a battle. This would be a lovely thing to try to see if perhaps their fears would be eased.

  5. Erin B says

    Both my kids, age 3 yrs & 4 months, love the bath. I usually have a clean floor due to all the water on it every night!

  6. Jennie W says

    My daughter struggles with eczema – especially on her scalp and shoulders. Hair and shower products have always been challenging because of this problem. Most products dry her out so badly which makes the eczema worse.

  7. says

    My daughter can take an hour or better bath. Fill the tub with ponies and princess dolls and she’s not going anywhere until I drag her wrinkly little self out. I would love to try this organic set for my daughter and think she would love getting some beauty items in the mail like mommy does!

  8. Suzanne R. says

    My 2yo is going through a phase where she doesn’t really like bathtime. She LOVES bubbles but I haven’t found a bubbly-bubble bath that is free of all those icky chemicals. Would love to give Dolphin Organics a try!!

  9. Carole M says

    My youngest loves bath time more than anything, the oldest usually fusses about having to go in, but then never wants to get out.

  10. Erin says

    We have to make bath time fun…or else! It can’t be just about being clean. We have to keep it interesting: play, have new things to do, and interact.

  11. says

    My baby boy LOVES bathtime … although he doesn’t get alot of actual “bathing” done. Being new to the standing up/almost walking scene – all he wants to do is stand in the tub and play with this toys! Funny. Wild man. Makes my back ache every time … hunched over, ready to catch him once his slippery little self falls … 😉

    Both my kids have sensitive skin – I’d love to try the Dolphin products!


  12. says

    My baby boy is a wild man in the tub! He loves bathtime dearly, although the little stinker likes to stand up …

    I’d love to try these Dolphin products – my kids have sensitive skin.


  13. McKim says

    My little grandson loves bathtime. In fact when he hears the water running in the tub he starts to get himself undressed.

  14. Kristen M. says

    My 8 month old is enjoys bath time. However, he is so busy that baths don’t last long before he is trying to climb out of the tub!

  15. Melissa N. says

    My son is almost a year old, and loves bathtime! He’ll spend an hour in there if we let him, h’es such a waterbaby.,

  16. zmansmamma says

    loves bath time. sometimes when it isnt bath time he rounds up all his boats and goes to take a bath telling me its pirate time

  17. Ashley Tintinger says

    My kiddos love bathtime! They love everything about it, even washing up. Well I guess they like everything except the getting out part, lol!

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