Banner Codes for Blogs Can Change Lives — PSPs For Hospitalized Kids

Do you want to help spread the word about Blogs Can Change Lives — PSPs for Hospitalized Kids?

Posting about our PSP project helps us to get the PSPs to ten children who are enduring critical, long term health issues and can’t afford a gaming system.

And, of course, the more bloggers spread the fantastic news about what Blogs Can Change Lives and PLAYSTATION are doing with this PSP project, the more lives we will be able to change in the future.

So, if you want to help spread the word, grab a button and put it in your sidebar or add it to a post about Blogs Can Change Lives – PSPs for Hospitalized Kids.

THANKS so much! We really appreciate your support! :)

(You do not need to post a button to nominate or post about the project. We are just providing these buttons for bloggers who want to use them to help spread the word about this Blogs Can Change Lives project.)

Thanks to Selene from iDesign Studios, (who won our button design contest last year for the UBP 08,) we have four different sized banners to choose from.

Here are the button codes if you would like to include any of them on your blog:

THANKS again for your support and for being a valuable part of 5 Minutes for!


  1. Gena Rogers says

    I would love to nominate Kyler Young for the PSP. He so deserves it with all the hard times he has had throughout his life. His e-mail address is


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