Blogs Can Change Lives – PSPs for Hospitalized Kids

Kids are made for fun.

Their bodies are designed to tear through their childhood, kicking up a storm of chaos and laughter.

When a child gets sidelined with life threatening or long term illness, not only do they have to face pain, suffering and fears that no child should have to endure, but they are trapped inside a body that denies them their natural state of play.

Fortunately, technology can bring a child who is sick a little bit of freedom.

Through their fingers and a 4.3” screen, they can run, jump, kick and scream – they can play unhindered in a virtual playground.

So, for this installment of Blogs Can Change Lives, we are partnering with PlayStation to bring PSP® (PlayStation Portable) systems to kids with life threatening or long term illnesses.

With your help, we are going to find TEN kids who are dealing with serious illness and periods of hospitalization and gift them each with a PSP Bundle.

When those kids touch their slick, new, portable pieces of gaming beauty, they will have something to jump up and down about.

Hey – they might even cry happy tears over their totally cool new toy. And, why not?

The new PSPs are insanely cool!

The PSP sets a new standard for entertainment on the go, with the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications — games, music, video, photo, Internet, wireless connectivity and more. You can even Skype on a PSP!!!

A PlayStation Portable will bring a sick child a ton of fun that they truly deserve.

Whether trapped in a hospital room or stuck home in bed, a kid can be a kid with their very own PSP.

What Each Child Will Receive

We have TEN PSP® Bundles to distribute to seriously ill children and teenagers who face extended periods of time bedridden and/or hospitalized.

Five of those selected recipients will receive the limited-edition Daxter™ PSP® Entertainment Pack.

The Daxter™ package, (which is rated “E” for everyone and is available for $199.99 MSRP,) delivers an all-in-one portable entertainment experience right out of the box, including:

  • A new “Ice Silver” colored PSP system
  • The action-packed “Greatest Hits” game, Daxter
  • The animated TV comedy, “Family Guy – The Freakin’ Sweet Collection,” on UMD™ (Universal Media Disc)
  • 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™

The other five recipients will receive the limited-edition Madden NFL 09 PSP® Entertainment Pack.

Centered on the 20th Anniversary edition of the popular sports franchise, the Madden NFL 09 bundle, (which is also rated “E” for everyone and is available for $199.99 MSRP,) showcases the multi-functional features of the PSP system, from gaming to videos and music, including:

  • An exclusive “Metallic Blue” PSP-2000 system (This is the only time that this special PSP color will be offered in North America.)
  • Madden NFL 09, NFL: In Just One Play UMD video
  • Beats™ PLAYSTATION®Network voucher
  • 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

Both of these bundles feature the exciting new PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system which has an enhanced design — a sleeker profile, thinner battery, video-out capability, and 64MB of system memory.

PSP brings an unparalleled gaming experience to a handheld platform, allowing users to enjoy 3D games, with high-quality, full-motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio.

And because of PLAYSTATION’s generosity – and YOU! – ten kids battling critical health issues will get to experience PSP action wherever life takes them!

So — How Can You Help?

We need to make sure these ten PSPs get into the right hands!

  1. Nominate
  2. Do you know a child or teenager who is battling serious or life threatening illness who could really use the gift of a PlayStation Portable system but, due to financial limitations, their family cannot afford one?

    If so, you can nominate them.

    To nominate a child/teenager, (your nominee can be your own child,) you can write your nomination post on your own blog and leave the permalink in the comment section. Or, if you don’t have a blog, you can just leave a comment with your nomination.

    Please keep private details (including names and financial information that may be too personal) out of your story. If you feel you need to email us additional information privately, you can reach us at 5minutesformom at gmail dot com. Please put PSP NOMINATION in the subject.

    We will select a number of nominations and then let help us with the final decisions.

    Before we announce the winners, we may need to talk on the phone with the nominator or parents of the child to confirm the situation. So if you nominated a child, please watch for an email from us.

    We will accept nominations through November 18th and then post the winners on Monday, November 24th.

    PLEASE do not let the child know that you are nominating them. As you can imagine, choosing the recipients will be heartbreaking and we do not want the children to be devastated if they are not selected.

  3. Spread the word
  4. We need to make sure people hear about this project so that we can get the PSPs to children who are enduring critical, long term health issues and can’t afford a gaming system.

    And, of course, the more bloggers spread the fantastic news about what Blogs Can Change Lives and PLAYSTATION are doing with this PSP project, the more lives we will be able to change in the future.

    Grab a button and post!

    Thanks to Selene from iDesign Studios, (who won our button design contest last year for the UBP 08,) we have four different sized banners to choose from. Click here to see all the options and grab the codes.

    (You do not need to post a button to nominate or post about the project. We are just providing these buttons for bloggers who wish to help out spreading the word about Blogs Can Change Lives with a button either in their post or in their sidebar.)

  5. Comment
  6. Please leave a comment letting PLAYSTATION know that you are taking notice of them! We want to support the companies who support Blogs Can Change Lives.

    If you do not have a family to nominate, please read/visit some of the other nominations and feel free to leave some cyber support for these incredible kids and their families!

Changing kid’s lives through our blogs — yes this blogging thing is VERY cool.

So, go do your bloggy thing and LET’S CHANGE SOME KIDS’ LIVES!!!


  1. says

    I don’t have anyone to nominate but I am glad they are offering something like this! When my daughte rwas in the hospital after her heart surgery she was so bored! And that was only a week, I can’t imagine keeping a child entertained for WEEKS or MONTHS!

  2. says

    I would like to nominate Logan, a second grader in Florida. I met his family years ago when he was diagnosed with the same leukemia as my daughter. My daughter had 2 1/2 years of daily chemo and is doing very well…but Logan relapsed just a month off of his treatment on ly to have to endure another 2 1/2 years. Logan has been hospitalized two times for salmonella poisning and for a spider bite on top of all his scheduled hospitalizations. He has just finished cranial radiation and has just had one heck of a time. I am nominating him as I know he would be truly grateful. You can read more about Logan at his site:

    It is very sad to know that there are so many litte kids suffering :(

  3. says

    What a fabulous idea. I will try and get around to that soon but I’ll comment for the moment in case I don’t get around to the blogging [dental surgery tomorrow]

    I’ll exclude myself [my children] from the running as we are fully ‘wired’ already but I’m sure I can come up with lots of people who would love this [although I’ll have to check ages ]

    Well done you!


  4. Tammy says

    I typed out an entry but I’m not sure if it went through or not? I don’t see it. I’m at work and don’t have much time but just in case it didn’t go through, I’m going to post again.

    I nominated Jophie and included some information about him but it was lost in my last attempt. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about him. His mother could also answer any questions you might have. I can supply her email if need be.

    He’s a very deserving little boy who spends more time in the hospital than any child should. He has a very guarded life expectancy. His last hospital stay was nearly a month and its not uncommon for the stays to be 5 to 6 months at a time.

    If for some reason this posted twice please accept my apology and feel free to remove the extra post.

    Please consider Jophie
    Tammy(One of Jophies Nurses)

  5. says

    When I read this post my thoughts immediately went to a second grader in my daughter’s 2nd grade class who was diagnosed with leukemia just two weeks ago. I don’t know the family personally (because we are new to the school) but I do know that the child’s father is a custodian at the school and that the family has limited financial resources. Just this weekend I was wondering what we could do to encourage this little boy. A PSP Entertainment Pack would be an awesome gift to give.

  6. says

    I don’t know anyone personally, but I know there are a lot of children suffering out there who could use a little bit of fun in their lives. Very neat idea and I’ll be adding the button to my blog!

  7. says

    With my daughter just 6 1/2 months out of treatment for Leukemia, we know plenty of children who would deserve something like this. But I can’t just pick one, LOL. What about donating this to a Children’s Hospital where it could be shared? In the mean time, I’ll go through my list and see if I can narrow it down to a couple of kids or so.

  8. says

    What a wonderful thing Sony is doing! I don’t know of anyone to nominate, but I have known children in the past with CF and other illnesses who would have loved this. I know what something like this can mean to those kids. Thank you Sony!

  9. says

    This is wonderful! Thank you, Sony!! This will make such a difference for those kids. I know from experience.

    I was in a bad car accident shortly after turning 18. During my recovery there was a stretch of time that I was living from morphine dose to morphine dose and not allowed to consume anything by mouth. Then the strong antibiotics I needed to fight internal infection caused psychosis.
    They were able to bring in an entertainment station from the pediatric floor to help distract me from the pain, both physical and mental. This cart had a TV, VCR and a game system. I passed many hours playing Tetris and it made a HUGE difference in my recovery.

    I know these kids will get even more out of these PlayStation system.

  10. Ken says

    I am nominating KORIANN a 13 year old girl who has been diagnosed with AML (Leukemia). Koriann has been at Hospitalized since Sept. 28th and her infection fighting blood counts are too low to allow her to return home or to school for several more weeks. Koriann’s Mom has taken 3 weeks off from work without pay as she just recently started working again. Her Dad works part time doing painting. Because the family is struggling to keep up with their mortgage payment I know the family is unable to purchase any type of gaming system for Koriann. A PSP would be great for her.
    Thanks for this opportunity to share Koriann’s story with you. Pastor Ken Shady

  11. says

    Have I told you, again, how much I adore this project? Let me know if I can help out in any way, m’kay?

    I’m nominating the son of my best friend from high school, Derek. He was born with a fluid on the brain, and is now about 16.

    He has spent the majority of his life in Detroit’s Children’s Hospital having surgery after surgery to correct the two shunts in his brain that control the fluid balance.

    My frined Danee, has two other kids- one in college, one younger than Derek. Her husband has spent most of his time split between working FT, the hospital and home with the other two. Financially, God has provided for them, but it’s been really rough on them.

    Derek has had issues with headaches, behavioral, etc which is all to be expected with what he’s been through. Whenever I’ve called Danee, and she doesn’t answer I always end up calling Children’s and there are there. Usually having just had another surgery. Sometimes, he has multiple surgery one after the other as they try to resolve the issues with his shunts.

    They have stuck together with God as the glue through all thi. It’s been almost 20 years.

    I know this would be a huge lift for Derek.

    Thanks for considering him!

  12. says

    WOW! Holy cow!!

    I have a child to nominate…of course…did you think I didn’t?

    Brooke Martin is almost 6 years old, she completed cancer treatment for leukemia in May of 08 and a month later she relapsed. She has spent over 130 days in the hospital receiving treatment, fighting illness, in and out of the ICU for infections, and is getting ready to head into full body radiation and bone marrow transplant.

    She’ll be spending more than 150 days in isolation and at the hospital during BMT.

    Her family could never afford to give her a PSP and would never ask, but I WILL.

    Her caring bridge page is

    Thanks, Susan and Janice, for continuing to make these awesome opportunities happen.

  13. says

    I second the nomination for Brooke Martin. She is such a tremendous little girl! Her family is a pillar of strength and faith, and Brooke is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl, with big bright eyes, and a smile that lights up her whole face! She has to spend so much time in the hospital, and being a mom of an active child with Leukemia, I know that it would be such a releif for Brooke to have something special to help pass the hours and hours and days and days of boring hospital walls.

  14. Beverley says

    I too am nominating Brooke Martin for the PSP. She’s been through so…much already & somehow stays smiling. She’s just remarkable!!

  15. Catherine KingChuparkoff says

    My friend Sarah has 5 children, and her 5 year old was hospitalized for 3 weeks with MRSA that had gone into his hip bone…he had to have surgery to have the hip bone irrigated, but 4 blood clots developed behind his knee as a complication from the surgery. He is home now, and is getting the port in his chest removed on Monday. He is now able to get around with a walker or cane, but was wheelchair-bound for a month. He has been so incredibly strong through this horrible ordeal and has the needle marks and scars to prove it. I thank God everyday that he is so strong and continues to fight against the adversity of it all. This would be such an exciting gift for a little man who has been through so much!

  16. says

    This is something very dear to me. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Children’s Hospital with Noah, but not nearly as much time as many families. Those extra treats and surprises to pass the time are SO helpful and I can imagine how much this would mean.


  17. says

    Fortuneately I don’t have anyone to nominate, but I did want to comment and say that I think this is an amazing thing you’re doing. :)

  18. says

    This is wonderful! Not only am I going to put this button on my blog, but I’m going to do a post about it to on Wed. October 29th with the hope this will help further on the message! Great job ladies!!

  19. says

    I would like to nominate a 9 year old boy (M). He has “short gut syndrome” and spent the first two years of his life in the hospital. Now, every time he gets an infection, he has to spend a mandatory 14 days in the hospital. (He goes an average of about 6 weeks between infections—as little as 2 weeks, but one he went almost 6 months). The hospital is 3 hours from home, so visits with his parents and siblings are rare.

  20. says

    Thankfully, I do not have anyone I need to nominate. I’m blogging about this anyways, because it’s a fabulous idea and I want to get lots of support for you :)

  21. says

    I am nominating Kyler. His story is amazing. His will to live inspiring. Most of all, the mother who raises him lifts and inspires women everywhere through her blog. HOORAY KYLER!!!!

  22. says

    I just posted on my blog. I want to nominate my son Kyler. He has a heart defect, new lung issues right now and kidney failure and is on dialysis. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

  23. Lacey Nielson says

    I nominate Kyler Young. He is like a younger brother to me, and I love him. Hope your health improves Kyler, we are praying for you.

  24. Twylla-Dawn Davis says

    I too, would like to nominate Kyler Young! I have never seen this kid without a smile on his face. He is such a wonderful loving big brother and an amazing young man!
    We love you, Kyler!!

  25. Patty Palmer says

    Kyler Young is a wonderful young man from a wonderful family. Many, many people love them all dearly. He definitely deserves to be nominated. I honestly hope he wins. It would make it a wonderful day for tons of us to see him happy.

  26. Candy Hanis says

    My vote is for Kyler. He has had a rough few months ( and years) He will definely enjoy playing new games.
    Aunt Candy

  27. Amber says

    I vote for Kyler Young. He is one tough kid with such a happy and fun personality. He spends so much of his time tied down, anything to make that time a little more fun would be great!

  28. Mindy (soon to be cousin!) says

    I nominate Kyler Young as well!!! He’s a fighter and life wouldn’t be the same if Kyler wasn’t here to talk to us and keep us on our feet!

  29. says

    I would like to nominate a very special little boy named Jaxon. He is one of the strongest little boys I’ve ever met. Jaxon had cancer because of the cancer he needed a liver transplant. The first liver wasn’t perfect for him so he had to have another one. Jaxon and his family is amazing. I couldn’t think of another little boy who deserves it more.



  31. Sherry Brunette says

    I would like to Nominate AND Vote for Kyler. He is an amazing young man that is completely deserving of this. He has had a battle all of his life with his health. He is such a good guy and such a fighter! Go Kyler!!

  32. Michael, Kyler's cousin says

    My vote DEFINITELY goes out to Kyler Young! He has definitely been such an inspiration to me over the years! Littleman definitely deserves the PSP package as it would help him through the long boring dialysis visits! KYLER YOUNG FOR PRESIDENT 2012!

  33. Bryan Peterson says

    My vote also goes to Kyler. For the fourteen years I have known Kyler his generosity and dedication for the people around him has always blown me away. Even through his trails he has always stayed positive. If anyone deserves this it’s Kyler!

  34. Charlene Adams says

    I vote for Kyler. He is worthy of this terrific gift and our prayers for complete recovery. He brings so much joy to his family and friends a little joy in his life would be wonderful.

  35. Cindi Kavadas says

    I would like to nominate my 6 yoa granddaughter Kaya. She’s been diagnosed with T-Cell ALL Leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She has moved from the intensive phase after 1 year of treatments(chemo 1x/week augmented w/cranial radiation and chemo oral meds)and is now in the maintenance phase of chemo 1x/month via her port and/or spinal tap and oral meds daily. She has endured so much and is still staying strong, continuing with treatments for another 2 years as long as she doesn’t relapse. This game system would be wonderful for her! While having her treatments, or when at home not feeling well – this would be wonderful for her.

  36. says

    Hi Girls! First of all I can’t thank 5 minutes for Mom enough for the Life Changing they did for my Husband. janice and Susan ya’ll are amazing. Richard is loving his laptop and I haven’t forgotten about posting pictures. I will as soon as Richard will allow me to take some. The rash is really bad still but now that he has quit the treatments it should start to lear up and I will get those to you asap.

    Now for my nomination for the PSP.

    Kyler is the strongest willed kiddo I know. Kelli is dear to my heart as she always has something uplifting to say. I do hope you will pick Kyler as he is most deserving of such a gift.

  37. Jill Hansen-Luke says

    My vote is for Kyler Young. I have known this kids since he was 3 years old, and he is amazing. He deserves this as much as his mom does. An amazing son from an amazing mom!!

  38. Amber Gibson says

    I have been blessed to know Kyler Young for over a decade. I cannot think of anyone whose smile lightens up the room the way his does. Lets give him a reason to share that smile in a time when we all can use it.

  39. Julie LaVergne says

    Kyler is a wonderful young man who everytime I see him he has a great big smile on his face. He surely deserves to win.

  40. Baba Hanis says

    My vote is for Kyler Young. Kyler has been such a joy to me since he joined our family. He’s one tough guy because he goes through so much and still comes up smiling.

  41. Conan Kempf says

    I nominate Kyler Young also. I work with his dad and know how special he is to him. He is a great kid who deserves this as much as anyone.

  42. Shelly Alia says

    My vote is for Kyler Young. He is an inspiration to all of us that go through our daily life without physical limitations. He continues to press on with a smile and a great attitude.

  43. Kandi Renard says

    I am voting for Kyler. He is a real trooper who has lived with medical conditions his whole life. He reminds us how important it is to not take health for granted. We love him and pray for him. We know that God has a plan we wish we knew what it was.

  44. says

    I vote for Kyler Young as well. He is an awesome kid and deserves to have some good things happen for him in the face of all his health problems. Very deserving.

  45. says

    Josh Pack is who I nominate……….his spirit is incredible and he is an inspiration to all that are around him. It all happenned on a summer day at the lake and he has since been hospitalized, changing his life and that of his family’s forever.

  46. Aura says

    I lost a child to a heart condition and I know what it’s like to live in a hospital. Why not donate it to childrens hospital to use in outpatient surgery unit. The wait is so tedious it’s horrible. I would also like to nominate my friends son who was born with gastroschisis and now has short gut syndrome and lives in and out of hospitals. She is barely able to make ends meet but always has a smile on her face. You can read up on Rafi at

  47. says

    Hey, what a fabulous thing to do!!!!!!! I nominate my daughter, Mandy Willis. Mandy was born with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 1. This means her body lacks a tumor suppressor gene so tumors can grow at any nerve ending. She has spent numerous weeks in the hospital in her 8 years and is currentlyin a chemo regimen slated to last at least another 18 months.

    Her chemo is once a week for about three hours a day and she would LOVE to have this to keep her occupied during those tedious hours.

    This a great way to support all the kids who are such courageous heroes who fight battles every single day.

    Thank you!
    Natalie Willis

  48. Pat Hanis says

    I nominate Kyler Young. He’s a fantastic kid that has gone through much in his life. I concur with the other nominations for Kyler.

  49. Katie Sue Peterson says

    My vote is for Kyle Young. I wish all the kids who are struggling well. Our prayers are with all of you.

  50. MILO WIEBE says

    My daughter e-mailed me about this program & about this young man KYLER YOUNG. I would like to nominate KYLER. Many children with health difficulties seem to take things in stride and make the world a brighter & better place. Then there are those who seem to have everything going for them and don’t know how fortunate they are. KYLER my stetson’s off to you!

  51. Katrina Young says

    My Vote is for My cousin Kyler Young. He is such a wonderful young man and very deserving of this prize. I nominate Kyler Young!

  52. Peggy Anderson says

    What a nice thing to do! I’m voting for Kyler Young to win a PSP for sick kids. Seems he has been through a lot since the day he was born!! Good Luck Kyler…..Peggy Anderson

  53. says

    I would like to nominate my son for one of these. He has been hospitalized 21 times in the past 24 months, undergoing 5 major surgeries and countless complications and illnesses.

    If you need more information, feel free to contact me.


  54. Sam Tramontana says

    Our vote is for Coleman Scott Larson. He is battling Medulloblastoma and the family just found out that the last several rounds of chemo hasn’t helped, and his cancer has spread, pretty significantly. You can check out my wife’s blog: to read more about him or how to get on his Caringbridge Care Page. This kid deserves this more than anyone I know and we have pledged to make enough to buy Colemans twin brother a PSP too if we win for them. Coleman’s brother, Caden …. is amazing and he’s always there for Coleman — never complaining. Please give Coleman a chance.

  55. says

    Kyler is an outstanding young man and is very social and out going. I rarely hear him complain about his health until lately when he is so anxious to get on with his life like a normal healthy person, I vote for Kyler and would vote a million times if I could.

  56. Mike Renard says

    Kyler is my vote. I’m sure there are several kids who deserve this, it’s too bad there has to be one. Kyler is my nephew, I am truly speechless at times as to what this young man has gone through in his short lifetime. He does not complain. He just keeps going. He is the energizer bunny.

  57. Peggy Hanis says

    Just another vote for Kyler Young – my step-nephew who’s been through a lot his entire life. A very nice teenager who takes the time to play with his much younger cousins at family get togethers.
    I also vote for Tacoma Children’s Hospital who did so much for my niece and my grandson when he needed surgery.

  58. Lorraine Mead says

    My vote is for Kyler Young. I still vision Kyler as a very young child. Time passes so quickly, yet it is amazing to see the little boy growing toward manhood. Hang in there Kyler, you are so loved, by so many that you may not even know.
    I wish well to all of the people will conditions needing help like this. God Bless!

  59. Belinda Sillito says

    My vote is for Kyler Young. He has has years of health issues that threaten his life. I’ve known you since you were born and watched you grow and struggle. Best smile around! Hang in there Kyler!

  60. Tracy Pratt says

    I am good friends with Lorraine Mead and she thinks Kyler is so awesome. She is so awesome, to share his story with us and have the opportunity to vote for him. Kyler our prayers are with you on this journey. Our family votes for Kyler Young.

  61. SGT Adam L Small says

    Hi there. I was wondering if you would consider an adult with serious illness. I am US Army and my wife has MS which has been progressively worsening over the past months and causing some serious impairments. The hospital is like her 2nd home and she is there monthly for a minimum of 13 days. She recently was at a Rehabilition Hospital for 4 weeks as she had lost use of her left side and they were trying to improve that as well as her cognitive and reactions so she spent a lot of time in therapy with the Wii which has been known to help people with problems. She enjoyed it and I would love for her to have a PSP to keep her mind going, keep her fingers functioning (something some of us take for granted) and it would also lift her spirits. We are currently stationed overseas in Germany and hospital stays aren’t fun due to language barrier which also goes for TV so she is usually bored to death and because I am in the fields a lot she is alone with no interaction until I get to visit. We have so many expenses I can’t buy one so winning would be great! If you could select an adult, please consider her. It would be appreciated. Our mailing address is still USA but I can always pay shipping. If not, I still think this is a wonderful giveaway.

  62. says

    My sister has been tossing up whether to get her son a PSP or a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas…not knocking Nintendo but after reading this, I will definitely be letting her know about the wonderful things that Playstation/Sony is doing here and give her my 2 cents about which to buy ;)….I am going to add the button to both of my blogs and I will also blog about it in a day or two…ty for making so many kids lives a little more “normal”….God bless!

  63. Kelly Hargrave says

    I would like to nominate my daughter, who is 6 1/2 years old. She has a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II.It is a degenerative disease. She cannot walk or stand. She uses a wheelchair to get around. The disease weakens her respiratory muscles & she gets really sick from just the common cold. When she is sick she needs to stay home from school to have extra respiratory treatments, sometimes for a week or more. She has been hospitalized 4 times in the last 3 years for pnuemonia. She gets really bored there especially because she is usually in the ICU or on precautions that don’t allow her to leave her room. Trying to keep her entertained through her treatments is hard, she is very social & creative so being stuck in a bed is hard. Even when she is not sick she has physical therapy several times a week & uses a standing frame everyday. These are painful activities for her & the only way to get through them is to distract her. The older she gets the harder that is, she is not as enamoured by bubbles during therapy anymore :)
    There are also times when she is out & cannot participate in everything her friends do so it’s nice for her to have a special activity for herself. Having a PSP would mean alot to her because there are so many situations where she can’t do what she truly would want to do & must sit & watch others. Or she is too sick to do anything else & needs something fun to pass the time. This is something we would love to do for her but medical expenses take up a major portion of our budget & this is not something we can afford for our sweet, beautiful girl. Thank you.

  64. says

    My son Blake would love this. His brother has a video game. And he wants to play it all the time. They have to share. But if blake had his own he would feel so good. Blake is in a wheel chair. Has cp doesnt like very many toys.

  65. Jodie Larsen says

    I would like to nominate Kyler Young for the PSP award. He is very deserving and is such a good young man who has had a lifetime of health issues.

  66. says

    I would like to Nominate Zoe at She is currently waiting for a heart transplant, but even once she gets it there will be long hospitals stays and much time for healing! She’s having to wait in the hospital and is in pretty sad shape!

  67. Jill says

    I am honored to nominate my son, Daniel, to win your very generous donation of a PSP. Daniel is 11 years old and is medically fragile. Having had 17 surgeries in his short life, there are more procedures on the horizon for him. He has spina bifida, a brain stem malformation, is paralyzed from the waist down and as such some of his internal organs are paralyzed requiring daily uncomfortable procedures like urinary catheterizations five to seven times a day and rectal stimulation. I could write a novel on Daniel’s strugges, but I know you will receive many worthy nominations and am respectful of your time. I do know this, however: this gift could not be bestowed on a more grateful child in Daniel.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Daniel’s incredibly proud mother

  68. says

    You know what, I thought this was a good idea but didn’t think I had anyone to nominate, so let it go. I would post this on my blog, but I think the family would prefer I not do that, so I’ll be pretty careful what I say. My husband works with a man (they teach together at a Christian school) who has a son with a serious illness. I’m not even sure exactly what it is, but he’s wheelchair bound for life. He has a little sister (1st grader) who seems to be developing typically. He has a baby brother who has recently been diagnosed with the same thing he has. This baby (1 year old) looks like nothing is wrong. The family all knows that soon enough they will have two sons in wheelchairs for life.

    This kid is the sharpest thing I’ve ever seen. He has a great attitude and spunk. I think this gift would really be a boost. They have recently moved to where we live and are still in the process of adjusting to the locale and community. Anyway, thanks for thinking of him.

  69. says

    I would like to nominate a friend’s daughter. Bailey is 17 years old and lives in Tulsa, OK. In October of this year she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She has been going through chemo and has already lost all of her hair. She has two younger siblings, ages 4 and 6. The last month and a half has been very difficult on the entire family. I haven’t posted this on my personal blog because I haven’t been able to discuss this with their family first. My heart goes out to her and I would enjoy seeing her smile. Thank you for considering Bailey.

  70. Noralee says

    I have a great nephew I’d like to nominate. He is six years old and a great kid. He was born with Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children. A person with CF has a defective gene that produces a protein that causes the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus. This mucus clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections this mucus also obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food.

    He is a very active, happy child. He relates well to others and enjoys playing with his extended family (he is an only child.) This is his first year to attend school and he loves it.

    Because of the digestive problems associated with CF his is small for his size and has to be fed suppliments through a feeding tube into his stomach. He has a machine that he wears several times a day to break up the mucus in his lungs.

    He travels about 100 miles to see his attending physician at a Children’s Hospital for regular check ups and sometimes has to stay in the hospital for several days. He averages around one hospital stay a year. This can be an anxious time yet he is a real trooper. All of the hospital staff love him and he likes the attention.

    At the time of my writing this he is in the hosptial for pnuemonia. Today his mother said that he has improved enough to be transfered from PCU to a regular room later this week.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway. It will make the day for 10 children. My thanks to Playstation also. What an awesome company!!!

  71. christine Deeths says

    I would like to nominate my friend’s son M, age 6, he has been hospitalized 6 times this year and had 3 surgeries for bleeding in his colon. A few months ago he had to have his entire colon removed and now has an ostomy to stool out of. His doctors were hoping this would fix his problems but it has not entirely and he has been hospitalized several other times. He is facing several other surgeries next year. His brother has Autism and the hospital where he has been hospitalized is 120 miles from thier home. This year has been very difficult for the family because of the travel and hospital stays.

    I would also like to nominate my daughter Becca. Becca has Cystic Fibrosis. The hospital where she is cared for is over 100 miles from our home and we need to go there at least once a month. Becca was hospitalized 120 days last year and 45 days so far this year. I am a single parent and have missed alot of work the past two years to care for her and be with her in the hospital. It is very hard to keep her busy and happy during the long car rides and long hospital stays.

    If I can only nominate one of the children I would rather nominate my friend’s son because he would really enjoy the PSP alot and it would make a big difference for him. His family has been through alot and really tries hard but with 2 special needs kids has a really hard time.

  72. says

    I would like to nominate my son who is 5 and has ADHD and ODD. He loveS things like this. He is really a hyper child and can be really hard to handle for me. (I have Bipolar and ADHD) Right now we’re trying to find something that will keep him busy and from being mean to his sisters.

    He gets on my desktop and finds his way online watching Transformers and Mostly Cartoon Network cartoons. He is so smart. I never once showed him how to use the computer or even how to open the browser to get on youtube. LOL

    The PSP would be really great for him to keep him busy.

    Thank you!


  1. PSPs for Hospitalized Kids…

    With your help, is going to find ten kids who are dealing with a serious illness and periods of hospitalization and gift them each with a PSP Bundle. click here to read more and to nominate someone

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